Jun. 29th, 2008

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So my random allergic reaction to my parent's dog is not stopping. I've completely stopped touching the dog, sitting in any room she sits in, touching anything she touches and yet still I get worse. I feel like Quasimodo. So I figured that perhaps I should go to the doctor tomorrow... only to find my fraking health card has expired. So I'll be renewing that tomorrow and possibly spending Tuesday morning (Canada Day) in the ER so I can get a shot or something to make this stop. Then I'll have to book allergy tests so I can find out exactly what this is and how to treat it.

I am lucky to have a great brother who not only makes awesome Veronica Mars jokes but has said he'll come keep me company in the ER because my dad's working and my mom will have just come back from working out of town so she won't want to do it. So he's being cool and will keep me company. His girlfriend gets less cool points because she's told him she's pretty grossed out having to share a bathroom with me right now. Newsflash, allergies are not contagious. So I look icky but it's not any risk to her health or appearance.

I'm so not good with having allergies. I've spent much of my life being allergic to nothing and then now I get a huge allergy like this out of nowhere. Apparently the world has decided that I get to have all of my allergies at once. Fabulous :S


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