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I've left this post open instead of friendslocking it so if you know anyone who is looking at ordering from Geeky Clean please feel free to direct them here and also to their Facebook page where negative reviews have started to go up as well. Buyer beware with this company.

I have done the impossible, I'm even less impressed with Geeky Clean than I was a couple of weeks ago.

The backstory to this is I made an order from them on Oct. 13th (exactly ten weeks ago.) Their site says 4-6 weeks for international delivery. That's pretty standard. But I got no confirmation of shipping or any notice at all from them after 4 weeks and so around the 5 week mark I started trying to reach them through their website to see what was going on with my order.

I recieved no reply to either of the two messages I sent into them about a week apart.

Then a friend who has used them for wholesale orders for her own business gave me the wholesale contact email to see if I'd get a response from there. I did. They had 500 emails backlogged (from what I was seeing online by then I bet most of them were concerns like mine - ordered in October and by December had no soap and emails were going unanswered) and the guy reminded me that they were a small company (husband and wife) and so things were very busy for them.

I understand that. But they're not so busy that his wife can't post on Twitter multiple times a day but somehow manage to leave out an update about them having a backlog of orders. They've also updated their site a few times, added new soaps and updated their Facebook, all without addressing the fact they had orders from October, both domestic and international, that were not being shipped due to difficulties on their end... but they were still taking new orders.

In fact they did a Black Friday special with fast delivery promised (I believe it was in time for Christmas but I didn't note it) and recently had a "order by Dec. 14th and have your order by Christmas" shipping promise on their site.

Really? Because I ordered 2 months earlier and I am not getting my soap by Christmas so how is that even possible?

Not only that but the response I got said that international orders were going out on Friday December 10th. I figured okay, I would not do a chargeback, they could still make it in time for holidays and this company seems to be trying to make things work so I'll be upset but wait for the soap to arrive.

My order just shipped, Dec. 22nd, with no word from them about the additional 12 day delay but now it certainly won't be here for Christmas and I've been left with a few days to scramble and find a way to replace the gifts until they arrive in January.

I sent them an email letting them know that it wasn't their products that have made me decide I would not be ordering from them ever again but it was their lack of customer service. I also said I'd be passing on this information to people who I knew so heads up - currently I'd recommend finding another place to order soaps from until they get themselves sorted out.

I think they're nice people with good intentions but they're in over their heads and until they learn to actaully communicate with their customers about actual shipping times and the delays that are happening then they're not worth ordering from.

They also made no effort to actually deal with the issue - I ordered many soaps, if it was just a few that were out of stock they could have emailed me to ask if I wanted it shipped in seperate packages (actually the shipping notice I recieved today said it might be in seperate boxes anyway so why they couldn't have sent some things earlier is a mystery to me. Unless they had none of what I ordered when their site said that it was all in stock.) They also could have emailed to say the order was going to be delayed to see if I still wanted it knowing it wouldn't arrive in time for the holidays. There was no offer of a refund, no offer of throwing in anything extra to make up for the lengthy delay, no offer of shipping it express to ensure that it arrives as soon as possible. Nothing to even indicate that they understood that they hadn't lived up to their end of the purchasing agreement.

I think it's entirely unreasonable for me to order a product that's listed as being in stock in Mid-October and for it to not even be shipped until 3 days before Christmas. Also I should note that this cost me $50 in shipping fees, so it's not as though I've paid $10 and am expecting a rush order.

**ETA** They also deleted the comments on their Facebook page about late orders. That makes me have less faith in them actually addressing the issue at all.

**ETA 2** Last night the reviews tab came off of their Facebook page. Not great. I understand it's tough to see people who are unhappy with the product and who are talking about wanting their money back but hiding the issue just means the next batch of customers go in unwarned without having a chance to see the feedback.

**ETA 3** I was contacted by Jess privately and she's asked that I keep the communication private. But I will say that she's trying to deal with the issue that I had which is a good thing to see.
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