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Woot! I've finished off my Christmas with two awesome gifts that are both perfect for me. Jo got me a Wizard of Oz day by day calendar which I am putting on my desk at work since it's sadly lacking in Oz stuff :) Then tonight Dell told me she got me the second part to a book I'd leant to her but I couldn't remember what book I'd leant to her at all. Turns out it was The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor which is a fantastic spin on the Alice in Wonderland story. I had no idea a sequel had been written! Fantastic surprise and I can't wait to read it! I've done 2 books already and am into my third of the year and it's a good page turner so I hope to be on to the Alice (or Alyss if you will) books by this weekend :) I love my friends :)
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[livejournal.com profile] willow_kat talked about keeping track of the movies she watched in 2008 and since I do tend to watch a lot of movies I thought I'd give that a go along with my booklist.

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Since we're at the beginning of the month I have to post my mini monthly resolutions to make sure I do them. I just have 2 this month, for $20 each because I don't think I'll have lots of spare cash this month as I recover from the holidays ;)

1. Leave the house on time for work every day. I usually leave 5-10 minutes late and since I am only 15 minutes away from work it doesn't make a huge difference. When it took me 40 minutes to an hour to get here I was way better at leaving on time. So I want to get back into that habit.

2. Bring lunch to work every day instead of buying it. I don't cook much at home as the kitchen is really my roommate's domain, and I'm also lazy when it comes to cooking if I'm just cooking for myself. But I'm sick of foodcourt food and it's really not good for me anyways even the "healthy" stuff. So unless we have a team potluck lunch or something I'm bringing lunch to work every day :)

So far on day 1 of these tasks I'm 2 for 2 :)

Today's going to be busy busy busy. I have regular work, a tutoring session and a party to fit in. Not bad just busy :) Everyone at work is back from their holidays now. I've been entertained by hearing people complain that other people must have been sitting at their desks. Nothing like a good morning whining session to know that everyone's back. ;)
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A tally of my books read in 2008

-Books read and reviewed numbers 1-92 )
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What's to come in 2008? This article is good for a giggle this morning :)
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So the time to actually make resolutions is upon us once again. I liked the ones I made last year so I'm keeping them and coming up with some new ones.

So here are the big ones, on the first of the month I'll pick out my little monthly resolutions that I'm going to reward myself for completing :)

In 2008 I resolve to... )
To everyone on my friendslist (and also to those who also just stop by here randomly to read) I wish you all a fabulous 2008!
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Woah LJ must be really excited about [livejournal.com profile] amy_vic's birthday since I just got a reminder about it 11 times! Speaking of LJ they made another update saying they were going to fix some stuff but could not comment when it was fixed, and in further comments they've gone on to insist that it's not that they "won't comment" it's that they really "can't comment." I get a little worried when they can't comment on updates and changes which are being made. I would like to know why they can't and that's not being shared either. The idea of leaving LJ and starting a journal somewhere else (insanejournal most likely) is daunting but I'm not liking what's going on here.

Gah my hotmail account was hacked. If you got a weird email from me from there just ignore it please. I've changed my password now so it should be okay.

I dislike people in the Golden Materials community who insist the movie is great but have never read the books, yet insinuate that others are closeminded who didn't think the movie was great. I just got one of those comments today to a comment I made where I said the books were better, I never said the movie was bad just that the books are better. Which in the majority of cases, including this one, is true. I think that sometimes a great movie can live up to a great book. I think the Harry Potter movies have done that. A lot of stuff has to be left out but they stay pretty true to the story and don't frustrate me when I see them, I've enjoyed all of them. The Golden Compass frustrated me because they had something so great to work from and the fear that staying true to the source would result in a box office flop was so great they wussed out of the whole thing. This is what I think resulted in the flop. If they'd gone all in with the story then I think the controversy would have made more people want to see it.

Anyways that's clearly making me ranty so I'm moving on to a survey:

New Years survey nabbed from imjunkieolivia )
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I just had a run in with the most monstrous family at the grocery store. They left their kids alone in line behind me. No idea where the parents went since they didn't come back to the cart with more groceries or anything. These two little boys around maybe age 9 and 11 spent the time playing around and bumping their cart into mine. I decided to not really care about that since it's not like it's my personal cart and these kids just looked like the type who probably got told off enough at home. Then the mom came back and she totally kept moving her cart up so it was bumping me! Rude. Then as I went through the check out there was someone still bagging his groceries at the end of my line so I had the cart in the aisle by the cash and was loading my groceries there. This woman kept hitting her cart against mine and I said that I could't go anywhere because someone was CLEARLY at the end of the row and was just finishing up and I'd move when he was through. Then her husband comes through, makes this man move his cart which slows him down more and then makes me move out to the end of the row which means I can no longer load my groceries so he can move the cart out and load his families groceries, all the while these children are running around and being in everyone elses way. Just not a great way to start my day. I was going to pop out to get milk but I think I'm being a hermit for the remainder of the day. At least at the end of the day that's not my family, those must be some miserable people.
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So the time for New Years Resolutions is drawing near. Eek I've got to make some of those :) Someone posted in the spotlighted New Years Resolution community about having 5 mini monthly goals and rewarding herself financially for those. I really like that idea. I think I'm going to do that as well as having a few big resolutions. I think that I'm going to keep the ones I made last year (that I remember at least lol) and will build on those.

Anyone else making fun resolutions this year?
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Christmas was lovely this year. My family apparently all decided to spoil each other. Some highlights for me were: my new homemade Harry Potter scarf (with my initials on it!), my brother giving me his old Nintendo DS system, lots of distraction there :), Getting both the Serenity travel destination postcards and the currency pack! ([livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 when you got these did you get 2 boxes? I've only opened one of mine and I'm not sure if the other is going to be the same or something different), the Christmas at Ivy Cottage book which I didn't know existed 'til this year, a stack of Buffy comics that my parents found at Value Village all in fantastic condition! and the Done The Impossible DVD. I surprised my Brother with an accordian (a small one) which I'd brought back from NYC this year. He'd been trying to guess what I'd bought him at the Royal Wood show earlier this year and he totally guessed an accordian and I managed to convince him that there was no way I'd have brought an accordian back from NYC. Hehe :)

On Boxing Day my Mom, Brother and I went out to see Sweeny Todd. Without spoiling anything I can say that it’s like Sondheim light. Not bad, I quite enjoyed it, but very much simplified. Johnny Depp was by far the weakest singer in the cast, but he held his own and what he lacked vocally he made up in acting which obviously is his forte. Helena Bonham Carter did really well, apparently she had to do a LOT of vocal lessons so no one would complain that she got the role just because she’s married to Tim Burton. Visually the movie reminded me of Moulin Rouge only darker and with that Tim Burton flare. My mom said it was like watching an opera. I’ve informed her that no, it was like watching a Sondheim show. She's trying to deny that she liked a musical.

There was one woman in the audience who was clearly not well, she would scream at the screen when the movie got tense. Whoever was taking care of her did a great job of quieting her down whenever she had an outburst but I kept thinking that if she reacts this strongly to stressful situations on screen then perhaps Sweeny Todd was not the best pick to see on the big screen, especially not when it's just opened and the theatre will be busy. That being said I was more annoyed with the girl who was there with her Mom just down the row from me who said "this is terrible, I hate it" after the first line Johnny Depp sang (which is all of 2 minutes into the movie.) I couldn't tell if she thought it was terrible because he's not as good as the people who are in this show on stage or if she thought it was terrible because she did not like musicals. I'm guessing the latter though. At least her Mom told her to get out right then or stop bitching and she shut up.

Then yesterday Viv came over and we did our gift exchange and chatted and played with Hermes (the cat) who was being a big suck all night lol.
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Whedonesque is open for people to sign up for new accounts right now. http://whedonesque.com/?signup=form. Go become a member :)
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Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it :) Happy day off from work to those who don't ;)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I have already had not one but TWO Christmas miracles this year! Firstly the exceptionally nice Harbourfront staff. I may actually want to buy tickets from them again if they keep that up lol. Secondly I was watching my yearly Christmas TV specials last night (Xfiles The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Amends) and my brother decided he'd just watch the Xfiles one with me and he NEVER wants to watch BtVS. Then after he decided he'd stay to watch the Buffy episode AND has decided that maybe Buffy is a good show after all! He's going to start borrowing my DVDs!

I hope everyone else is having great days as well. If you're being Christmassy I hope that Santa brought you everything you wanted and that your holiday is shiny :) If you're just enjoying the day off from work then I hope you have a great day and get to relax and enjoy yourself :)
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I forgot to post that I did a Christmas good deed on Friday night. As Andrea and I were going home after the concert we ran into these 3 teenagers, one of whom was totally smashed and was being taken home by her two friends. I gave them my water to try to help sober up their friend. Poor kid, we've all been there at some point but I'm sure she was really hurting on Saturday morning. Andrea pointed out that two years ago the city was all freaked out about SARS (except for me who thought the panic was ridiculous and who got a kick out of everyone who scored seats on the subway by faking a coughing fit) and now people are taking 3/4 full water bottles from strangers. At least I honestly was healthy, not even so much as a cold, so there was no harm going to come to her through that water.

Oh since most of you have been subjected to reading about the Passioneer Holiday Project on here for the past few weeks if you're interested in seeing how it turned out some pictures have started to be posted here: Passioneer Holiday Project thread

AND I managed to get a download of All I Want For Christmas because that is one of my favourite cheesy holiday movies and it was on the same night as the Friday Sarah Slean concert (no contest but I still missed my movie) so I'll have to burn that after work to take with me to my parent's house tonight so I can get my fill of cheesy Christmas specials before bed :)
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So this weekend in addition to being on a Sarah Slean concert high I was also productive.

I wrapped up all of my Christmas presents. Mailed the Passioneer Holiday Project goodies from the prize draw and mailed Ava and Julie's tshirts. Woke up early on Saturday and Sunday morning to watch The Magician's House (seriously part two Sunday at 7am, not the most fun ever!) Uploaded the photos of the card and did a little photoshop editing on the side for some friends and sent off some emails that needed sending.

Phew. I took a nap today and am still exausted! I'm glad it's just one day of work and then 2 more days of holiday even if they're busy days. There will still be a good amount of downtime for some relaxation :) I do have to remember to pack my Buffy and Xfiles Christmas specials so I can watch them tomorrow night :)
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Happy Brithday to [livejournal.com profile] blushingblaze. I'm posting this near to the end of the day so I'm hoping that your day was fabulous and that this next year is a fantastic one for you :)
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Hey look, it's another really long post. I'll cut the concert stuff when I get there :)

So yesterday was the second day of Slean concerts AND the day when Andrea and I put together the card for the Passioneer Holiday Project. Which means that Andrea spends a day being very arts and crafty and I spend a day helping when I can and not getting in the way the rest of the time ;) We ended up having 30 people participating this year. I was thrilled as it looked like we weren't going ot break 10 for a while there which was freaking me out. But it ended up better than well and the card looked amazing when it was finished :)

All was done on time and we made it to the venue in excellent time to meet up with lots of people before the show.

And on to the lengthy concert stuff:

Tim Baker (opening act) )

Sarah Slean )
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So two days of Slean have worn me out. However it was so worth it. Stories and such coming in my typical long winded fashion tomorrow. However I do have to say that the Harbourfront staff were actually really nice for these concerts. I'm impressed as I've really not had good experience with their staff at any show there. Yet at these shows everyone was polite and friendly and I am so going to have to write a good letter to Harbourfront for that. How's that for a turn of events?! I still don't want to give them my money next year for any concerts but I'm working on ideas to skirt around that...

Anyways I'm fully exhausted. Met lots of new people, only missed 1 person who I wanted to meet, the card was a success again and there should be lots of pictures for that coming soon. Thanks again to the people who read this who participated. You guys are awesome!
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Last night was the first of Sarah's annual Harbourfront shows. I have no love for the venue but I do adore seeing Sarah play live and last night was a fantastic show!

All of yesterday was good. I only had a 1/2 day at work. Then I made my way up to the CNIB to visit Mel and Todd and to get my camera and DVDs which I'd forgotten at their house.

Then Andrea made her way to my place and we did a Christmas gift exchange and OMG she got me such an awesome gift. A graphic novel of Haunted Mansion stories from Disney World. Two of the authors are Roman Dirge and Serena Valentino so you know it's good :) I read through it this morning and love it!

On our way to the concert we met up with Leanne (who we lost after the show but if you come by this review, hi Leanne) who we'd actually met at the first of these concerts 2 years ago and had given her a ticket to move up a few rows in the orchestra becase we had an extra. Usher who hated me didn't like that game as I remember it. Apparently good deeds weren't cool by her. But how fun is it that we met the same person again!?

Heads up, Warner is handing out fun little cards promoting the new album and that you can download Get Home on Sarah's webpage. I noticed that there were extras on the merch table so if you miss out getting one in the lobby then head for the table :) I was surprised at the degree that Warner is actually promoting Sarah this time around. I've never seen this much effort from them before. Which reminds me, for those of you on Facebook someone from Warner asked me to let people know that Sarah now has an official Facebook group. Type in "Sarah Slean" in the search bar and her official one is the first one that pops up. I'm a co-moderator on the second one that shows up, Passioneers (totally unoffical) join that too :)

The opening act was Tim Baker from the band Hey Rosetta, He was quite good, I'd be interested in seeing his whole band perform to see what the total sound is like. However solo he held up really well despite the fact that Hfront has possibly the worst mics ever. The main one kept shorting out unless the wire was in a certain position. Touch the mic and it died. Not the most fun game ever.

Then we had intermission and then the highlight of the night, the fabulous Sarah Slean!

Review and setlist are under the cut )
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I did the prize draw for the Passioneer Holiday Project last night and noticed that there were a couple of of my LJ friends who participated! *yay* You guys made me smile. You will make Sarah Slean smile as well ;) I'd missed the full list of participants as my partner for the project was also replying to emails but I've gone through them now and was happy to see that we got donations from all across Canada, one from the US and a good variety of people again this year :) We're up to 27 donations now :)

Pictures of the card and hopefully pictures of Sarah recieving the card, will be posted on the message board hopefully this weekend so you can see what the final product was. I will be linking to everything on my journal as well.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Dec. 18th, 2007 10:21 am
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1. It's the last day to get your info in to slean_holiday@yahoo.ca for the Passioneer Holiday card to Sarah Slean if you want to be included in the draw for prizes. You can still submit your info 'til the end of the day on Wednesday and be included on the card though.

2. My stomach is hurting a bit less today which is good since that means that probably it was just stress and not appendicitis or anything dramatic like that.

3. I am wearing my new R. Tam session tshirt today, hidden under a sweater so I'm work appropriate. I just couldn't wait 'til Friday to wear it. I think that everyone is designing shirts which are better and better, some of them are starting to look really professional and great. The Doctor Who ones from last weekend have convinced me even more that I need to watch the new Doctor Who series.

4. I am almost done my Christmas shopping *yay* I have a bit more to do but it's not that really. Some stocking stuffers and a couple of gift cards really :)


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