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It's been a madly productive weekend :) I made oodles of chocolate fudge, tres yummy :) Of course Saturday was humid so it took FOREVER to get it beaten enough to set again which left me with a blister on my hand. An injury from baking, how girly is that? ;)

Today Nomi and I got grocery shopping done and then I bought WAY too many DVDs. Darn Vortex having pretty much every box set I wanted. Excluding the Angel DVDs but I found 2 seasons of those at BMV so now I'm only missing season 2 and 5. Does anyone know when the Slimsets are released for Angel? I want to be sure to have my DVD's bought before then.

Then after buying far too many DVDs and eating yummy Amato pizza we went to buy a fishy! I ended up getting 3 who are as of yet unnamed but I'm working on it. I got an Australian Rainbow fish one of these guys and two rainbow tetras who look like these guys because I couldn't make up my mind and I have a bigger fish tank now so when I saw the little fishies I felt bad for only taking one. He'd be so lonely.

I also fixed our toilet that broke this morning which was useful :)

And tomorrow it's back to the work week :) Time keeps flying by!
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Woo, it's been a while between posts. Ergo I bring you 113 icons. Assorted Jossverse stuff, Sarah Slean (from her Sweet Ones video and from the Kingston show) and Veronica Mars (Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.)

Enjoy, comment, make me smile :)

there's good love out there just you wait.... )
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Icon post of Jossverse icons, Veronica Mars and Without a Trace. 80 in all. All of them are behind the cut.

My code word will be endurance )
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A huge icon post
I have iconed:

14 Serenity
27 Jossverse (Angel and Buffy)
38 Veronica Mars

She's my special lady friend! )
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14 Buffy icons and their blanks and one random Bring It On icon and it's blank, a total of 30 altogether. Enjoy

icons this-a-way )
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16 icons from the Jossverse and their blanks, also two Eliza Dushku icons with their blanks all behind the cut.

did you think I'd wake up and we'd go for tea? )
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100 icons total!
60 Jossverse
10 Rachel McAdams
28 Veronica Mars
2 Bones


Whole lotta icons behind the cut )
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55 icons. Mostly Buffy and Angel and a couple of Johnny Depp thrown in for good measure ;) They're all behind the cut :)

you think you know what's to come... )
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Lots of icons. Mostly Jossverse of course. A few Judy Garland, Nancy Drew and Rachel McAdams :)

check 'em out! )
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49 Buffy and Angel icons. The usual contest entries and such :)

whisper to a scream... )
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37 Jossverse icons :) From last weeks contests and such :)

I hope evil takes Mastercard )
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A HUGE Jossverse (BtVS and AtS) icon post, along with NON spoilery Harry Potter HBP icons (just the book cover, British/Canadian edition) and two Johnny Depp icons. Enjoy :)

you haven't even begun.... )

Icon Post

Mar. 28th, 2005 10:25 am
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Icon postage like woah. Lots of contest entries. Buffy, Angel, Idina Menzel and Sarah Slean, herself and her artwork, all behind the cut

I put my head back where it belongs up there in the clouds... )


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