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*sigh* You know what sound I don't want to wake up to on Polaris morning? Animal cruelty. A family down the street from me recently got a puppy. She's a high energy little terrier and is so adorable. She reminds me of my first dog so I understand that they're going to go through some stress with her in the early years. But some things are not okay. Example: the dog was left outside alone all night last night. It was a night full of fucking thunderstorms and the poor baby has been out there crying and yipping for hours. I've been up since 5 because of her. I went out just after 7 to see what house it was coming from and they were up and standing at the back door saying "shhhhh" to the dog. Fuck no. So I went to the front of the door and rang the bell. They turned off all of the lights and pretended to be not at home/sleeping. So I came back and called the Humain Society. The operator was really nice but said unless I had seen that they left no water out for the dog they couldn't really do anything but she did give me the number to call for noise complaints because she said that they would actually be able to send someone out to investigate where as they legally can't without someone having seen that the dog had no water and the backyard is fenced in, I can't see much in there.

The dog is still out there, the poor thing just sounds so dejected. I hate people sometimes. If you adopt a pet you are responsible for its well being. I'm not one of those who says your animal is your baby and should be treated like a human baby but I think that when it is pouring rain the dog should be inside. Plus they're pack animals, being locked out overnight is not in their best interest. It's a small dog, like Toto sized, it's not like it's too big to be in the house.

Sadly I can't make my noise complaint now because I'm leaving the house soonish and can't guarantee I'll be here to follow up and my parents both are of the mindset that they should leave people alone. I'm good with that to a degree but when it comes to people mistreating their animals I am not okay with that at all. The poor thing is doing as best as it can to speak for itself and they're ignoring him. I went back again to the house, could hear them talking inside, and still no one answers the door. They will be getting a piece of my mind when I see them next.


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