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Last night Viv and I went to see Stardust. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for months, as soon as I saw a preview I knew it had the potential to be great. I talked Viv into going, she had no idea what I was convincing her to see lol. We met up early and did some wandering around, shopping (I managed to buy only 1 book at BMV – Tales of the Slayer v. 2 – very impressive restraint for me), a massive sugar rush at Sugar Mountain, and a quick dinner at Amato pizza and we were off to Stardust.

full spoilers for Stardust the book and movie )

After the movie Viv bought a copy of Stardust to read and it wasn’t too cold out to hang out for a bit so we spent some time just chatting. I really like that I live closer to downtown now so I can start to see my friends at this end of town again more often! Then I was able to go back to my apartment and while there was no a/c to turn on while I slept it’s cooled down enough in the evenings that I don’t really need it. Hurray! Next summer I’m sure I’ll be not so pleased but for now all is well.
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Power is back on at my apartment! *yay* I get to move back home tonight which is always a plus. Downside is that the landlord came by on the weekend and saw that we and the people on the main floor all had air conditioning units which is not allowed as per our lease so all units must be removed immediately. Crappy. At least we're past the worst of the summer heat I think and Nicole picked up an extra window fan for me. Plus he's going to charge us extra rent for the months we had air conditioning in. It sure would have been nice if he'd actually gone into the basement apartment and flicked the breaker so we could have had power this weekend when he came by to scope out the house though. I think living in a building definitely has its' advantages as compared to living in a house. New life lesson for me :S

On the up side now that he's asking for extra money he'll be sending someone in to fix the wall in the stairway leading up to my room. It has a hole from when one of Miguel's friends was moving furniture out of the apartment but apparently the wall was damaged before, and looking at it it's not too well made... anyways, it's going to be fixed asap.
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I stopped off at my apartment briefly after work yesterday... still no power. So I just repacked my bag and crashed at my parent's house again last night. There's something here and I'm pretty sure it is the non allergenic dog, that I'm mildly allergic to. Apparently I decided to develop an ironic allergy.

However what was fun was that because I was in this end of town and it was one of Viv's days off I got to see her :) We watched Pulse which was HORRIBLE but at least we got to laugh a lot. It was a cross between a trashy horror movie and an art film. But it didn't work at all, the attempt was to be all arty, it came off as just no one knowing how to light a scene. Also it wasn't really scary. Things popped out and made me jump but none of it stuck. The ending was also just odd, lame, I understood where they were going but it was heavy handed and not well done. There were many opportunities to make fun of KBell though, that's a plus ;)

On the bill for tonight: Stardust :)
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The power blew at my apartment on Saturday morning as I was getting ready for my first summer wedding. Not the most fun ever. I had the directions for meeting up on the computer, glad that I had read them once earlier in the morning so I remembered them alright. The wedding itself was lovely, just the sort of small casual thing I'd want to do were I to get married.

Still no power by Saturday night (the apartment is in a house, breaker is in the basement apartment, that tenant rarely is in the city on weekends) so I split and came to crash at my parents house. They're on vacation 'til tomorrow so I took their room and watched some Farscape with my brother (who is now 1/3 of the way through the first season and is hooked *yay*)

Today there is still no power in the apartment. I dropped by briefly to pick up my pass for work and am crashing at my parent's house again today. The problem for me with no power in the summer means I can't even run a fan and I get heatstroke. My room is on the third floor, heat rises yadda yadda yadda and I'd be too sick by Monday to fathom going to work. Ergo I'm chilling out here. Going to grab a slushie and then I think watch some Babylon 5 :)
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I have moved!

The day took MUCH longer than was planned but that's always the way. My roommates are gone for the weekend (thought they'd avoid the moving madness (me in their old roommate out)) and that was probably for the best as I ended up with stuff EVERYWHERE. The movers we used were FABULOUS if you're moving in TO Toronto City Movers were definitely good movers. Fair prices, they were only 30 minutes outside of their estimated timeline and that was partly due to some of my furniture not fitting up the stairs and then us not having the right tools to take things apart... but in the end everything is in my room, I'm on the internet already, and my TV is picking up more channels now due to the location change :)

the whole day ... long version )
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I love spring. So far I've lost 7 pounds *yay* for coming out of hibernation! Of course tonight Nomi decided that since it was the series finale of Gilmore Girls we needed candy (and let's be honest I wasn't going to argue that) so we set out to walk and get candy. I'm so sugared up right now! On the way back we got caught in an awesome storm. I was soaked through on my front but completely dry on my back because we were walking against the wind. So much fun, I've not been out in a storm in forever!

Gilmore Girls was a fantastic finale, I won't spoil at all, it was just great. Even if you've been avoiding watching the past few seasons because they werne't so great the finale has made up for it.

In other TV news the reports are starting to come out that Veronica Mars has been cancelled.... it's still too soon to tell for sure for sure but It's looking good for cancellation which, since I saw the commercial for tonights episode and it had both my roommate and I absolutely appaled, cannot come soon enough. Honestly, with what they've done this season I can't even buy the DVDs for the few decent storylines. The rest is just offensive.

Oh and other great news, I think I have my apartment stuff figured out! Such a happy day :)
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Quick LJ update. My friend Jo is looking to either find either: a summer roommate, someone willing to take over her apartment at the beginning of june/someone wanting to be a summer roommate for now who would want to take over the lease in the fall.

She has a fantastic two bedroom apartment very near to the downtown core of Toronto (Jarvis and Carleton) with a gym, pool, games room and security. Her roommate is moving out on her and not giving notice and so she's stuck between a rock and a hard place figuring out what to do with a two bedroom place by herself.

So if anyone reading this is either looking to move around then or knows anyone who is looking for a place drop a comment here and I'll be sure she sees it :)
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I'm starting my search for apartments soon so if anyone in the TO area hears about a good place let me know please :) Oh, and I'm potentially having Jo stay with me for a couple of months so especially if you hear of a really affordable 1 bedrooom apartment that is not a crack house do let me know. Otherwise I'm pretty much in the market for a batchelor which works fine for me, not so fine for having anyone live with me for a few months.
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Where did Saturday go!?

I ended up being not sleepy until late late late last night. Then got up somewhat early because we'd got a message that our buliding manager wanted to show our apartment today... we picked that one up last night, ask me how clean our apartment is? ;) But it was showable I guess, the guy who looked at the place didn't even check out closet size or anything, just took a quick walk through. So not too bad and I think he's taking the place so we won't have to have a lot of walkthroughs :) On the other side I have to work on finding a new place to live somewhat soonish.

I finished up my Buffy icon set I was talking about earlier this week. Only one season left to go! And the next time I decide I'm going to do a project like this just for the heck of it someone can kick me and then remind me of how long it's actually going to take lol. But for anyone who wants to see Buffy season six icons they're here in this post at [livejournal.com profile] rage_my_darling.

Hmmm now what to do for the rest of the day?
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I don't know what the hell happened in the apartment above mine but it sounded like they dropped a pipe, or their radiator or something at 5:30 in the morning, I almost fell out of bed! I have no idea what it was but I didn't hear any noise from up there which is odd because I think the kids who live there have the room above me. No clue, but it was loud.

And due to crazy interrupted sleep I managed some crazy interrupted dreams. Until the noise I was dreaming that I was on that show Boston Public (which really should be released on DVD) and then after I had some whacked out dream that the cast of House, Dell, her friend Sarah from school, and I (and like 1000 other people) were trapped on this Titanic sized ship that was slowly being attacked and sunk from the bottom level but everytime one level filled everyone just moved up. And Dell, Sarah and I kept taking care of this poor little kitten who had no kitty food to eat so we left the ship to buy food (and I bought some crazy Buffy soda, pear and lemon flavoured) and then we went BACK on the ship to try to work out what was happening with House and his team.

Clearly my brain has a. had too much tv and b. not enough sleep lol.
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For those of you who asked for it here's the apartment picspam :) We're still working on the unpacking thing but if you want to get an idea of what the new place looks like it's here:

entrez vous )
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We have moved :) (my roommate and I, not the royal "we")

The apartment is still a mess of boxes but slowly it's looking more and more as though people live here. And today the cable and internet were set up... there's a little more problem with the phone but we're working on it ;) MSN will be my main source of communication for the next little while.

I also put together an ikea shelf unit without quitting. Most often with Ikea furniture I have to quit half way through as it all falls apart and then try again many hours later, but I did this shelf in maybe 20 minutes AND with the wrong set of instructions lol perhaps that's why it worked easier ;)

I wont ramble on much about moving since it's not really interesting if you're not the one doing it BUT I will say, movers are totally worth paying for! I'm SO glad we had them, it made the day that much less stressful.

Thanks for all of the kind words from the people who commented on my last entry, there will be pictures as soon as we have less boxes everywhere :)
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Ugh it's already 28 degrees and that's rapidly going up today. Dear weather gods, I need to pack, my room is a little like an oven right now which does not help with that process at all, fix this! Actually I'm more afraid of blackouts since today we're supposed to be setting a new record for energy consumption and it's been this hot throughout North America so everywhere I'd guess we're streached pretty thin. However on the plus side if I get stranded at work I do have my bed set up in my apartment so I can get there instead of trying to cross all of TO.

I should get ready for work :) This week is going to be SO busy but I think that I can get most of my packing done... probably if I don't sleep on Friday night for very long it'll all work out ;)
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I got myself a digital camera today :) Oh how much fun are these! Firstly www.factorydirect.ca WONDERFUL store. Great employees and if you know your products you can order online.

I am now the proud owner of a Kodak Easyshare Z760, 6.1MP :) This one here actually :)

I am thus far quite pleased. I bought a memory card for it as well (1GB) and now I'm good to go :) I also read the entire instruction booklet while the battery charged (which is probably the best way to package these things, make people have to wait to use them) so I think I've got the basics and now I'm just learning to fiddle with the rest :)

In other news it's disgustingly hot and humid out and between going out camera shopping in the morning and then buying some odds and ends for the apartment this afternoon I feel like I just might melt. I was actually going to go for sushi with my brother tonight but I'm not particularly hungry and I'm feeling a little heatstroky so I decided to pass on the dinner out tonight. Instead I shall rest and then when it gets dark outside and perhaps a little cooler, I shall pack like a madwoman as I've not really started doing too much of that yet.... eep. I would like to move a good bunch of clothes over this weekend along with the new bedding I've bought and a drying rack.... and some nice floormats to go under my computer chair so it's not loud on the floors for the little baby downstairs :)

Oh Nomi I now have cutlery :) and a drying rack for dishes :)

Ooooooooh and while it's not really clouded over yet I just heard some really loud rumblings of thunder, always a good sign.
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I'm sleepy today. I woke up 45 minutes early (unpleasant) and then managed to drop off for about another 1/2 an hour but I don't like interrupted sleep that late in the night. I'd rather wake up at around 3 or 4 and then get a few more hours sleep. I always feel more tired when I fall back asleep for just a last little bit at the end of the night. Of course even though I know this there was no power on earth that was going to get me to get up 45 minutes early.

I went shopping with my brother last night. He was heading out to buy the new Mario game for Nintendo DS (which I tried out later in the night and even I love this one :D) However we ended up stopping by Winners to look for bedding for me. His suggestion actually, I always forget that we have a Winners now. Anyways I got a beautiful dark blue duvet cover and a nice ivory white body pillow (both of which have a very similar vine & flower pattern on them) and then I didn't get the nice matching ivory sheets (although I'm asking for them ;) ) but I found purple tshirt material sheets and those are so comfy and they were the last ones so I grabbed those instead. And yesterday I got a floor lamp with a purple shade :) My bedroom portion of the apartment is almost ready. Of course for kitchen stuff I have nil so I need to work on that like woah :)

Viv goes to Ireland today! Lucky her! Bon voyage to you Viv, don' t hurt your family ;)
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*yay* I got a futon yesterday :) I'll be setting it up on Sunday so I'll know how comfy it is then or if I'll be wanting another matress. So far it looks great!

There's a new little kitty in our neighbourhood who came to visit our house yesterday. As we were having dinner he just came right up onto our deck... of course we have a dog who was there as well, kitty is not so good at assessing situations. BUT he didn't run too far away and I went and played with him. His name (according to his collar) is Leo and he's so friendly! I cannot wait until Nomi and her kitty move in, I want a cat to play with!

Okay time for work.
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urgh I am browsing for stuff on Craigslist but I can't email the people on there if I send emails through my yahoo account they're bouncing back and I don't use outlook on my home computer and really don't care to.

Urgh has anyone on here used craigslist before and have any suggestions?

We painted Nomi's room this weekend and planned lots of fun decorating ideas :) 3 weeks to go!

Also it is way too hot, I am melting here.... probably going to have to sleep downstairs because my room is just not getting any less stuffy. Ugh.

What else happened this weekend.... Went to a partyish thing at Pia's house on Friday. Went to Pirate's again on Saturday (annoying talky people in the audience but they shut up eventually) Worldwide they're estimating that Pirates may have topped the 300 million mark this weekend source. Annnnnnnnnnd we made a Vortex trip today before Nomi and Nathan headed home.

I'm exhausted and must get some laundry done before bed. So that's all for now.

Oh and Nomi, I found a picture for the icon you want :)
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Can I just say how much I freaking dislike the fact that Toronto Hydro is not available during non buisness hours!!!!!!!!!!! I am at work while they're open and their customer service line is fully automated so I can't even get an operator there to ask about how I can go about setting up my account if I'm not available to call during their buisness hours. I emailed their customer service contact thinger but even that wasn't easy to find. Hullo, I want to give you money, please make that a little easier. The cable and internet people are next on my list and I've heard they're even more confusing and prefer you to set up everything online... and they've still not answered my online question that I send in a couple of weeks ago, ergo they're going to have to deal with me on the phone. Nobody wins :S

If I don't hear back by Wed. I'll have to either get to work super early to make a the call or just spend my break from being on the phone, being on the phone with Hydro. Also not cool but necessary if you know, I'd like to have power, and I do believe that's a necessity for me lol.
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mmmmmmmmmm I just got home from PotC: Dead Man's Chest

Here there be spoilers.... )

My Jack Sparrow posters must definitely go up on the walls when I move in.... which leads me to think that maybe I shouldn't paint my whole room if I'm just going to put up posters/paintings... maybe I'll make the closet purple or something just for fun. Do the borders...... I'll think about it tomorrow when I move some stuff in..... which means I should seriously pack some more stuff tonight :S
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hee it's Pirates this weekend! I have my ticket already for Saturday night :D Now I just have to stay unspoiled until then. And then in just a couple of weeks Clerks 2 comes out :D Clearly this is a fun movie month.

August shall be an entertaining month as well I think, Slean concert and SFX :) I have my tickets to both of those stuck to my walls (a trick from residence) so I wont lose them. I already thought I'd lost the Slean ticket once. That would have sucked.

I REALLY need to clean/pack. I am planning to move some stuff on Sunday so Saturday I'm going to pack up as much as I can to trek over... not forgetting that we paint the following weekend so I can't put a lot in my room because then I'll just have to move it out and back in.

I should go and get ready for work, yay Friday!


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