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So, did anyone else know that new comic book day is delayed by the holidays by 1 day? I met up with Justin last night and we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and meet up at the Silver Snail. *yay* new Buffy comic. Except it comes out today, not yesterday. I'll have to pick up my copy on Saturday. However, all was not lost as I still found a Conundrum mini figure who is now residing on my computer moniter along with Jack Sparrow.

We went for dinner at Dunn's Famous Deli which is the place that closed super early when we had a Browncoat dinner there. But I was sure I remembered them saying that when the theatres were open down there they stayed open later. As both theatres were running shows last night I figured it would be okay... yeah, totally not so much at all. They closed early again.

The evening was finished up with a trip through Chapters where I found a lovely hardback book for $4.99 and found that I had money left on my Chapters Giftcard, win for the day :) And I got to ride home in a SmartCar. I've never been in one before, fun :)

Dresden Dolls concert tonight :)
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I attended another lovely Browncoat Shindig last night :) This one was at the Denison Armoury which as a place is a wee bit intimidating but it was still cool. We got a tour of the place, and got to learn a lot about different types of mines and at the end of the night I got to shoot a machine gun (fake, it's lasers not bullets) that apparently is about 80% accurate to what the actual experience is. I personally never want to go shoot an actual gun but the idea of trying out a machine gun shooting at a movie screen was a neat one so I had to give it a go :) I really enjoyed myself, that's one of those experiences that one rarely gets so I'm glad I did it. Next time, jumping off of a tower :)

We also watched Serenity, the whole thing because we had to wait for a remote control before we could watch the Austrailian extras, and it was all good because who can complain about watching Serenity ;) Then we watched the extras, clearly I need the Austrailain DVD and a region free DVD player LOL and then we had pizza and watched Done The Impossible. It was sort of surreal to watch DTI and have all of these fans talk about how they met and had Shindigs and their fan experiences, while we were currently at a Shindig. Best Damn Fans ever.

I had wonderful musical conversations, and ran into a Toronto RENThead who was (well still is lol) a few years older than me so she had a completely different experience with seeing the show but it was so random because we've been to many of the same shows so I must have met her in line before. Just awesome :) It's actually great to meet someone like this now when you know I actually have a life. Seeing RENT while it was here and I was in highschool meant that was what I did. I had other friends and went to parties and all that jazz as well but RENT was something at the time that was a huge definition of who I was. Not so much anymore but I love the memories that came from that.

Anyways it was a great night, I got home much later than I'd planned but I got a ride from Tom which was so great of him :)

C'est tout :)


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