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Wow good things happen when one starts their day with the Enchanted soundtrack. Not only do I have insanely cheery music in my head but I arrived at work to find our Second Cup having a customer appreciation breakfast so I had a free coffee and piece of candy cane cake (best breakfast ever ;) ) and also a mint flavoured Lindt chocolate. So now I'm sugared up, full of caffine and singing Enchanted songs in my head. It's a very happy place to be if you're me... possibly not so much for people sitting near to me ;)

Random question, does anyone know a place to buy chicken bones (candy) in Toronto? I can't find any this year and that's something I get for my dad every Christmas. I can order it online but I'd prefer to get it locally and save myself the cost of shipping if I can.

Back to the good of the day, today we are 1 week away from the first of the two Sarah Slean concerts and I'm finally letting go of where they are and just looking forward to the music :) So *yay* tonight I also am heading out to see Giant Killer Shark the musical. I am so not kidding. It's supposed to be a fun show and my brother knows the people who created it I believe. Anyways we're having a bit of a Browncoat outing for that :)
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Our Canadian Browncoats are back from the Browncoat Cruise and ME Strike Day. There are going to be such great stories about the strike march. I looked through the photopage on Flikr which was posted up on Whedonesque when there were only about 300 pictures (I would hazard the guess that it's well over 1000 pictures now) and found a few of people I knew :) While I SO wish I could have been there I was still so proud to see people I knew marching in support of the strike and out there with the ME crowd and so I'm happily jealous. If it couldn't have been me there at least I know people were there who deserved and were appreciative of the experience. From what little I've heard so far (because I'm nosey and couldn't wait 'til Saturday for stories lol) it was a fantastic crowd of people down there and a great time was had by all.

Plus had I been there I would have been so freaking sick still and probably would not have been able to walk for very long at all so perhaps that's a sign that this was not the time for me to meet Joss. My time will come ;)
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Wow, you know it was a mighty fine shindig when it ends with breakfast at 6pm the next day ;)

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I've been having dreams full of Browncoats for the past few nights. Last night I think we were all in France. Why France? Who knows. There was some random dream drama of having to check in and out of hotels and having luggage not get lost and through it all we kept all randomly meeting up at this little restaurant which was no where near the airport or hotel which was causing us lots of trouble because we'd check out of the hotel and then go to the restaurant before the airport so we'd be trying to transport luggage... I dunno, my brain is weird.

Then the night before I was dreaming that Earth had been evacuated because it was going to blow up (you know, because that happens a lot) and was on the ship I was on and we all watched out a window to see the earth expload (my dreams clearly have neat special effects!) and then she suggested we start watching Firefly episodes which actully would be probably pretty appropriate for that sort of situation lol.

I guess my subconcious missed the last Shindig a lot lol. Either that or I'm just really looking forward to the marathon and tshirt shindigs which are both coming up very soon :)
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Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 hosted another t-shirt shindig at her house. As per the usual much fun was had and now everyone has more awesome tshirts, underwear, bags, jackets and pj's. There was some really creative stuff done and now I'm excited to try even more LOL. I'll spare you all from my long windedness. Any who want to see pictures can see them right here
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That long weekend just flew by! But I can't really complain, most of August flew by, so it's not just the holiday time that's going quickly. This weekend we had a Browncoat Shindig at the Armouries which as always was fun. We even got to taste Nathan Fillions recipe for bean dip :) It was very tasty, I hope we can convince Sheilah to make it again :)

After the Shindig a few of us went to Sue's bday downtown which was great. The bartender was making me these drinks that tasted like juice but I could feel the effect from drinking so they weren't all juice, they were just dangerously tasty.

Sunday was my brother's birthday and I also picked up my bus ticket to NYC (which was way less money than the Greyhound website says it is. I should know by now that their site is rarely ever right, schedules, length of time the trip will take, prices etc, not reliable. They must have someone who has no understanding of their system at all in charge of updating their site.) and the last two sets of Farscape DVDs that I needed to finish my collection. My brother is going through them super quickly now ergo it's justified because I can't lend what I don't have lol.

Monday I mostly stayed in. Set up the new internet connection on my PC only to have it reset itself last night so I couldn't get on. I have the passkey again so I'll be able to fix that after work. I also watched movies:

Sands Of Oblivion: (with Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin) HORRIBLE movie, it's convinced me that Morena can act in pretty much anything. I believed her even through the horrible dialogue, plot, and cinematography (seriously I don't even want to make icons from it) but the rest of the movie pretty much was just terrible.

The Simpsons Movie: Pretty entertaining, kept me amused enough for an afternoon :)

Mysterious Skin: Messed up but once again I'm more than impressed with Joseph Gordon Levitt's skill. He's brilliant!

On the menue for today, ordering Bway tickets!
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I'm trying to upload the Morena Q & A video for people who missed it last time BUT I need to find a new server to do so. Anyone have any servers they prefer to use for files larger than 300mb? It'll take a while, my internet isn't as speedy as it was, last night Megaupload was saying it would take 12 hours to upload... and then it froze an hour in. Any alternates to that site would be appreciated.

In other news I dreamt that I was on the Browncoat Cruise last night except the whole cast was there. I wanna go! I'd go with the people they have now. Ron Glass's laugh could amuse me for days!
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Hey all, I have my few photos from Can't Stop the Serenity posted here: http://laurentian.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2015180&l=8dbd4&id=158901505 Facebook tells me that you should be able to see that even without a Facebook :) Sorry there are so few. My USB drives weren't working again so I didn't think I'd be able to upload but apparently my camera USB is still working even though nothing else is. Oh my computer, it has such character.

I moved a few boxes today, checked out my new room again, I'm trying to envision how I'm going to fit all of my stuff in there, it's going to be tight but I think I can do it :) Bedtime again soon, I'm still tired even after my mini coma last night!
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Can't Stop The Serenity

I don't have pictures in this post, just a write up, pictures will come as soon as I see what other people have posted and save some of those to add since I didn't take many pictures.

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*yay* Can't Stop The Serenity day is finally here!

For anyone who is still thinking of going check out
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I know I promised a VM review for the latest episode... but then my computer ate it and I don't feel like re-typing. Ergo I sum it up in a spoiler free "SQUEE" and move on :)

Yesterday was busy busy busy but fun. I was up early, fought with my computer to burn a Bway CD for Jo and then was out the door to go to Viv's place :) I ended up waking her up but surprisingly she was cheerful about it :) The lucky girl is seeing Guster play tomorrow night! I so would go except it would wipe me out for work the next day and I just was sick on Friday and I don't want to have to ask if I can come in later so soon after that. Viv, I know you're lurking on here as of late but I'd love to read a review of the show :)

I also picked up my Firefly loaner set from her so Dell and Danny when you guys want to watch them I'll bring them by/you can pick them up :)

Viv and I also hit up Blockbuster as I was leaving and I got 4 really excellent looking films from Mongrel's Festival Collection:

The End of Silence, The Forest for the Trees, Things To Do, and Our Town. Much watching to do soon :)

Then I stopped off at the bank to order more cheques and then went to my parents place and chatted with my dad for a few hours before the Shindig :)

The Shindig downtown was fun (as they always are.) I met some new people and got so talk with lots of friends. I was still feeling a bit sore headed after the Friday migrane so I had to pass on the fabulous chocolatey brownie that was being shared (and cannot believe I missed an opportunity to slip in the Brownie song from Reefer Madness, darn!) but I did eat a fabulous bread pudding that tasted of rum and custard :) No complaints here. I also have borrowed the first season of Farscape from Tom which I hope to start tomorrow evening :) and a fabulous looking (and massive) graphic novel called Blankets which has come so highly recommended that I'm very excited about that one as well :) As ususal the evening was full of great conversations and Tom, Jo, Kevin and myself were the last to leave. That's somewhat the habit by now. Just as we were getting into the car to head home (thank you again Tom for the ride!) a homeless man came asking for help buying food so I gave him my leftovers from dinner. I hope he liked it :)

Today was much less busy, all I had to get done really was grocery shopping and cooking dinner. I worked on my Buffy icon set a bit, slept slept slept and watched the Grease "You're The One That I Want" Broadway auditions because even though it's reality it's also Broadway and so far it's pretty darn fun to watch :) Now it's time for Crossing Jordan and then bed so I can be somewhat coherent tomorrow for work... and hopefully have far less head pain :)
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I am so unimpressed with Universal's recent crackdown on fan merchandise. If they were selling the same sort of products or ANY products really I'd say they have a case but the things I saw... the fans were not overstepping any bounds, I'd compare their products to official stuff in the same way I'd compare fanfic to actual scripts (good fanfic, but nontheless, clearly not official.) One person is being asked (and I use that term loosely) for almost $9000 in retroactive fees, Black Market Beagles is shutting down just in case (mental note make order tonight) and it's just all kinds of not good.
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And now on to the Browncoat Shindig last night. First of all can I just say how much I adore Browncoats. I mean we're all a little bit geeky over our fandoms but everyone just are fascenating well read, well travelled, people. I had so many conversations last night which weren't relating to anything Joss Whedon related at all and got a lot of advice and stories and just had a ball!

We went to the Elephant and Castle on Yonge st. Made too much noise there calling out everyone's names, had to quiet down a little... and then I'm sure were still loud again after lol. I saw lots of people I remembered from SFX and then so many new people. Some actually new to the group, most just new to me. Food there was lovely. I had the castle stir fry (just veggies) and loved it! I had been starving all day so dinner was a fabulous idea. Conversation was, as mentioned above, wonderful. From Canadian TV shows, to teaching, to musicals....to dinosaurs having sex on Jason's head (pic spam coming soon) we covered a lot!

After dinner Tom and I took Rosie out to Tim Hortons as she's just come overseas to Canada from the UK and hadn't tried it yet. It took a while (and me getting mildly lost) to find one that was open late but we did and she's now discovered the double double and Timbits ;) Very Canadian :)

It was just a great night, I got in SO late and now I'm rushing like mad to get ready for the Slean concert but it's totally worth it!

PS NEW SLEAN ALBUM DUE OUT LATER THIS MONTH. Check out the messageboard at www.sarahslean.com in the articles section and it's there!
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Picture uploads

SFX: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r932uv

and clips from Juliet Landau's Q and A, they aren't fabulous quality but I took them mainly just to remember the difference between her speaking voice and the Drusilla voice because it just surprised me so!

Juliet's Q and A: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j1s28p

And I've found a site where I can host larger files for sharing so check back here tonight/tomorrow for Morena's Q and A :)

And now, the pic spam :) It's a LOT of Morena Baccarin and Christina Hendricks, not so much of the rest of the con lol.

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SFX convention, the long long written details.

In short it rocked, if there are guests who I'd like to see next year I won't hesitate to go at all!

The long stuff is all behind the cuts:

Day 1 - Friday )

Day 2 - Saturday )

Day 3 - Sunday )

And that's how the weekend went :) It was better than expected, I was afraid that the fans would be more intense (after my only other con experience from what... 11 years ago now that totally turned me off of the whole idea of them) but the fans, of all of the genres, were just great, everyone was pretty calm and organized themselves quite well. The only real surprise was how blown away I was by Christina Hendricks, when I'd heard the rumour that she was coming I thought it would be cool but I wasn't through the roof about it or anything but now if she were the only Firefly guest at next years con I'd go just for her, she was really really great! I also met so many awesome people, lots of new LJ people :) hello everyone :)

I'm now in that let down stage when it's all down and you're coming down from the high of the weekend and realizing that normal life sets in again tomorrow, no more seeing TV stars lol. However that's good for my wallet as I spent way more than I'd planned (but less than I was afraid I'd spend)

A picture post should be going up soonish... maybe tonight or tomorrow depending on how much photoshop and resizing I get done tonight :)
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*yay* it's the long weekend already! I'm spending it at SFX. It means I'm missing out on Dells cottage yet again (clearly I'm always doing that this summer) but it's supposed to rain so at least I'm not missing out on swimming that much. Next summer I should try to use some vacation time to cottage.

For now it's off to SFX and meeting many Browncoats and all sorts of fun. I have no idea really what to expect as the last con I ever went to was when I was 14 and had no idea of what to expect or really what was going on. But I got to jump the autograph line to meet Nicholas Lea so that was positive :) I'll have a huge review with pictures coming soon!

I hope everyone has a blast this weekend and gets to do something fun for the end of summer!


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