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Polaris Picspam :) They're mostly pretty big so this is not dial up friendly, sorry! I didn't take a lot of shots this weekend, I was busy most of the time and just didn't even take out my camera.

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Oooh fun Nathan Fillion's super secret project has finally been revealed!


He's been teasing about this on his Myspace for quite a while now so it's good to see the mystery is finally solved.

In other news I FINALLY started my Buffy Season 7 Moments icon set. I finished off making my blanks and made 15 of the icons so far. I sort of made a lot of blanks for some episodes, I'm absolutely terrible at limiting myself one per episode. C'est la vie.

Not much else to say for now...
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A small Buffy fan public service announcment:

If you're not a memeber of [livejournal.com profile] buffyversetop5 go join now, they're doing another round of rec's and the most wonderful stuff always gets showcased in here (I've not done much Buffy related recently, this is completely not a self pimp ;) ) go, read, join, see the pretties :)
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I bring to you my Christmas video. The BtVS episode Amends is my Christmas Eve tradition, which this year of course I forgot at my apartment so it shall be my Boxing Day tradition ;)

Oh and also if you're looking for last minute Christmas icons I have ones from last year here:

Buffy icons

Veronica Mars icons (scroll down a mite for the holiday ones)


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer icons

Happy holidays everyone!
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So as the year draws to a close I'm just going to sum up my strongest memories from each month. Simply because I can :)

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I feel spoiled :)

My major present is the one I knew about which is the Buffy Chosen Collection which is so pretty! I even held off on watching Amends last night (my Christmas Eve tradition) so that I could watch it from my new shiny dvds today :) Oh and my dad wrapped the box all cute. Instead of a bow he made a cross with a little stake and a piece of garlic attached to it! I want to frame it!

My brother's awesome wrapping job was a dime in a little metal tin wrapped in MANY layers of newspaper and then some wrapping paper which symbolizes that he will buy me a new hard drive. He rocks. In retaliation I wrote him a certificate for a sushi dinner and wrapped it around a half full water bottle and then put it into a box and then burried it with styraphome lol so when you shook it it sort of sounded like a snow globe. Next year I plan to use jello as a packing aid... mwahahaha :)

I also got lots of fun Harry Potter candy (no I will never grow up) and an awesome NYC tote bag which will be perfect for weekends of travelling. And a lovely assortment of books, and socks, and chocolate, and bath stuff and a little bit of money which will just help me pay for my bus pass and osap (I over shopped a bit yesterday but it was for presents so it was okay) this month :)

Holidays were not so bad this year. Also for the first year in FOREVER we did not have a Christmas where the presents were mainly from my parents to each other which is cute BUT eventually it gets boring just watching them open up presents from each other. At least put more than one thing into a box you know? lol.

Just dinner to get through and it's regular turkey tonight (which I'm still not eating but I'm also not revolted by it so that's a bonus ;) )

ps my brother got some little gameboy/nintendo thinger (it has a touch screen and is red... that's all I could discern about the thing) so I don't think I'll be seeing him for a few days lol.
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17 Buffy icons from Amends and their blanks, 34 total.


They can be seen here in my new icon journal

if anyone here has this journal friended just for icons feel free to go friend my icon community. Don't join it please, it's just a place for me to post icons :) Thank you :)
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icons icons icons

Just a couple from Buffy (Earshot) and then a LOT of Veronica Mars icons. A few from My Mother The Fiend and the rest are from One Angry Veronica. From OAV I made a lot of seasonal ones as well as episodic :) Enjoy.

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Woo, it's been a while between posts. Ergo I bring you 113 icons. Assorted Jossverse stuff, Sarah Slean (from her Sweet Ones video and from the Kingston show) and Veronica Mars (Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.)

Enjoy, comment, make me smile :)

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Icon post of Jossverse icons, Veronica Mars and Without a Trace. 80 in all. All of them are behind the cut.

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A huge icon post
I have iconed:

14 Serenity
27 Jossverse (Angel and Buffy)
38 Veronica Mars

She's my special lady friend! )
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14 Buffy icons and their blanks and one random Bring It On icon and it's blank, a total of 30 altogether. Enjoy

icons this-a-way )
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16 icons from the Jossverse and their blanks, also two Eliza Dushku icons with their blanks all behind the cut.

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100 icons total!
60 Jossverse
10 Rachel McAdams
28 Veronica Mars
2 Bones


Whole lotta icons behind the cut )
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55 icons. Mostly Buffy and Angel and a couple of Johnny Depp thrown in for good measure ;) They're all behind the cut :)

you think you know what's to come... )
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Lots of icons. Mostly Jossverse of course. A few Judy Garland, Nancy Drew and Rachel McAdams :)

check 'em out! )
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49 Buffy and Angel icons. The usual contest entries and such :)

whisper to a scream... )
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37 Jossverse icons :) From last weeks contests and such :)

I hope evil takes Mastercard )
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A HUGE Jossverse (BtVS and AtS) icon post, along with NON spoilery Harry Potter HBP icons (just the book cover, British/Canadian edition) and two Johnny Depp icons. Enjoy :)

you haven't even begun.... )

Icon Post

Mar. 28th, 2005 10:25 am
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Icon postage like woah. Lots of contest entries. Buffy, Angel, Idina Menzel and Sarah Slean, herself and her artwork, all behind the cut

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