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Woot! I've finished off my Christmas with two awesome gifts that are both perfect for me. Jo got me a Wizard of Oz day by day calendar which I am putting on my desk at work since it's sadly lacking in Oz stuff :) Then tonight Dell told me she got me the second part to a book I'd leant to her but I couldn't remember what book I'd leant to her at all. Turns out it was The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor which is a fantastic spin on the Alice in Wonderland story. I had no idea a sequel had been written! Fantastic surprise and I can't wait to read it! I've done 2 books already and am into my third of the year and it's a good page turner so I hope to be on to the Alice (or Alyss if you will) books by this weekend :) I love my friends :)
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Christmas was lovely this year. My family apparently all decided to spoil each other. Some highlights for me were: my new homemade Harry Potter scarf (with my initials on it!), my brother giving me his old Nintendo DS system, lots of distraction there :), Getting both the Serenity travel destination postcards and the currency pack! ([livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 when you got these did you get 2 boxes? I've only opened one of mine and I'm not sure if the other is going to be the same or something different), the Christmas at Ivy Cottage book which I didn't know existed 'til this year, a stack of Buffy comics that my parents found at Value Village all in fantastic condition! and the Done The Impossible DVD. I surprised my Brother with an accordian (a small one) which I'd brought back from NYC this year. He'd been trying to guess what I'd bought him at the Royal Wood show earlier this year and he totally guessed an accordian and I managed to convince him that there was no way I'd have brought an accordian back from NYC. Hehe :)

On Boxing Day my Mom, Brother and I went out to see Sweeny Todd. Without spoiling anything I can say that it’s like Sondheim light. Not bad, I quite enjoyed it, but very much simplified. Johnny Depp was by far the weakest singer in the cast, but he held his own and what he lacked vocally he made up in acting which obviously is his forte. Helena Bonham Carter did really well, apparently she had to do a LOT of vocal lessons so no one would complain that she got the role just because she’s married to Tim Burton. Visually the movie reminded me of Moulin Rouge only darker and with that Tim Burton flare. My mom said it was like watching an opera. I’ve informed her that no, it was like watching a Sondheim show. She's trying to deny that she liked a musical.

There was one woman in the audience who was clearly not well, she would scream at the screen when the movie got tense. Whoever was taking care of her did a great job of quieting her down whenever she had an outburst but I kept thinking that if she reacts this strongly to stressful situations on screen then perhaps Sweeny Todd was not the best pick to see on the big screen, especially not when it's just opened and the theatre will be busy. That being said I was more annoyed with the girl who was there with her Mom just down the row from me who said "this is terrible, I hate it" after the first line Johnny Depp sang (which is all of 2 minutes into the movie.) I couldn't tell if she thought it was terrible because he's not as good as the people who are in this show on stage or if she thought it was terrible because she did not like musicals. I'm guessing the latter though. At least her Mom told her to get out right then or stop bitching and she shut up.

Then yesterday Viv came over and we did our gift exchange and chatted and played with Hermes (the cat) who was being a big suck all night lol.
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Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it :) Happy day off from work to those who don't ;)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I have already had not one but TWO Christmas miracles this year! Firstly the exceptionally nice Harbourfront staff. I may actually want to buy tickets from them again if they keep that up lol. Secondly I was watching my yearly Christmas TV specials last night (Xfiles The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Amends) and my brother decided he'd just watch the Xfiles one with me and he NEVER wants to watch BtVS. Then after he decided he'd stay to watch the Buffy episode AND has decided that maybe Buffy is a good show after all! He's going to start borrowing my DVDs!

I hope everyone else is having great days as well. If you're being Christmassy I hope that Santa brought you everything you wanted and that your holiday is shiny :) If you're just enjoying the day off from work then I hope you have a great day and get to relax and enjoy yourself :)
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I forgot to post that I did a Christmas good deed on Friday night. As Andrea and I were going home after the concert we ran into these 3 teenagers, one of whom was totally smashed and was being taken home by her two friends. I gave them my water to try to help sober up their friend. Poor kid, we've all been there at some point but I'm sure she was really hurting on Saturday morning. Andrea pointed out that two years ago the city was all freaked out about SARS (except for me who thought the panic was ridiculous and who got a kick out of everyone who scored seats on the subway by faking a coughing fit) and now people are taking 3/4 full water bottles from strangers. At least I honestly was healthy, not even so much as a cold, so there was no harm going to come to her through that water.

Oh since most of you have been subjected to reading about the Passioneer Holiday Project on here for the past few weeks if you're interested in seeing how it turned out some pictures have started to be posted here: Passioneer Holiday Project thread

AND I managed to get a download of All I Want For Christmas because that is one of my favourite cheesy holiday movies and it was on the same night as the Friday Sarah Slean concert (no contest but I still missed my movie) so I'll have to burn that after work to take with me to my parent's house tonight so I can get my fill of cheesy Christmas specials before bed :)


Dec. 18th, 2007 10:21 am
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1. It's the last day to get your info in to slean_holiday@yahoo.ca for the Passioneer Holiday card to Sarah Slean if you want to be included in the draw for prizes. You can still submit your info 'til the end of the day on Wednesday and be included on the card though.

2. My stomach is hurting a bit less today which is good since that means that probably it was just stress and not appendicitis or anything dramatic like that.

3. I am wearing my new R. Tam session tshirt today, hidden under a sweater so I'm work appropriate. I just couldn't wait 'til Friday to wear it. I think that everyone is designing shirts which are better and better, some of them are starting to look really professional and great. The Doctor Who ones from last weekend have convinced me even more that I need to watch the new Doctor Who series.

4. I am almost done my Christmas shopping *yay* I have a bit more to do but it's not that really. Some stocking stuffers and a couple of gift cards really :)
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Hi Slean fans!

I know you're out there ;) There is just under a week left to particpate in this year's Passioneer Holiday Project :) So far there are just 10 people who are taking part and I want to see a lot more names on the card.

All you have to do is go out into your community and do something good, and really this is an easy time of year to do that. Once you're done you can email myself and Andrea at slean_holiday@yahoo.ca and your info will be on the card which will be given to Sarah Slean next week AND if you get back to me on or before the 17th you will be in the draw for our prizes :)

You can read the full details here: Passioneer Holiday Project
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Nomi is home :) *yay* We did a late Christmas yesterday, my last gift of Orphan Music has been given, time to restock for birthdays ;) She got me two wonderful books, which will be perfect as my goal this year is to read 100 books, I think I can make it. Also she got me Heathers on DVD! I actually didn't have the DVD of this one yet so I was overjoyed to receive it!

It's ridiculously warm still. It's supposed to be 12 degrees tomorrow! That's insane for January! Hello global warming, not so fun. Nice for now, not so much when the next ice age hits.

January is already filling up with things to do, and right at the end there's a shindig :) Those are always such fun. And then I get to go to the Kingston show at the beginning of Feb... so much to do, I think this month is going to fly!
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I just got back home from my trip to my parent's place for Christmas. It was a nice weekend, I'm so tired now, but it was good fun while I was there.

I'd tried the Wicked lotto with Jo on Christmas Eve, we didn't win, but I still went and bought my green Oz glasses (I totally caved!) and am pleased with them :) We also saw the recently released Wicked snow globe which plays Defying Gravity and is just gorgous! It also was $75 so we had to walk away from that one. After a very pleasant day I headed home for a fun fondue dinner and last minute stocking stuffer wrapping :)

Christmas day was great. I got some very lovely gifts and gave some great ones this year. I LOLed because I bought my brother something I'd have loved for myself, the Firefly DVDs and a Sarah Slean tour poster (which wasn't bought sadly) but he loved both things :) It was just muchly amusing that he now likes many of the same things as me.

I spent much of Christmas day reading (Little Women) and watching Firefly and then other assorted Christmas goodies until dinnertime (a Christmas goodie in itself) and then we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol in the evening as Dad had to work today so we had to watch it early.

Fun to be a little spoiled, and fun to do a little spoiling :) Now I'm back home and taking care of Nomi's kitty Zion. He attached himself to me for about 45 minutes as soon as I came in the door. He only really could be convinved to seperate for some nice wet cat food ;) He must have missed having company.

But both he and Spec (my fish) have survived the holidays quite nicely :)
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I bring to you my Christmas video. The BtVS episode Amends is my Christmas Eve tradition, which this year of course I forgot at my apartment so it shall be my Boxing Day tradition ;)

Oh and also if you're looking for last minute Christmas icons I have ones from last year here:

Buffy icons

Veronica Mars icons (scroll down a mite for the holiday ones)


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer icons

Happy holidays everyone!
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Christmas has crept up on me. I only have a wee bit of shopping left to do but the season itself has really been evading me so far. I was all seasonal when I did most of my gift shopping but now I'm just back to regular again. Mostly happy but not really feeling Christmassy yet. Perhaps it's the SPRING weather...

Also, I realized that I've forgotten (once again) to plan for New Years. So if anyone is having a party or wants to offer to be my midnight kiss let me know ;)

I am determined to enjoy my holiday time though, and to relax while I can as last weekend was my vacation which was so not relaxing. Much fun, no relaxing. I actually finally took a nap today after work and now FINALLY feel ready to crash. That only took me what, a week to come down from whatever high I was on ;)

I've started re-reading Little Women for the umpteenth time (seriously I've been reading this book over and over since I was maybe 8 or 9) I'm on my second copy of Little Women but it's falling apart now :( I'm putting off buying a new one just because I really want a nice complete set of Louisa May Alcott books... but I think I may have to cave and pick up another copy to see me through until then.

Oh and if anyone I know on my flist has Rogers Home Phone instead of Bell (or any other ones) they just introduced FREE long distance calling between Rogers customers in Canada, so let me know and I can call you. That's pretty sweet :)
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Christmas meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2

ding dong merrily on high... )
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Squee! Sarah Slean concert tonight (the first of two) I shall be posting my looooong review as soon as I can. I'm just so excited. This night is the one Harbourfront didn't screw up so we have many Passioneers all sitting together (how novel) in the front row :D joy joy joy!!!

I still have a ton of things to do toda before I go and get overdressed for the evening (I love dressing up for Slean concerts, I figure if she can get dressed up to perform I can dress up to attend.) I feel all Christmas morning-y I couldn't sleep in at all today, I just bounced right out of bed. Clearly I shall regret that later but for now meh.

Oh and I had yesterday off from work (as well as today and monday... I was supposed to be in NYC this weekend... I'm actually glad to not be in New York, how the heck did that happen?!) so I did some Christmas shopping finally and got right into the spirit of it, have already spent too much money, and am still loving every minute of it :D I still have a few more things to get but I know pretty much what they are :)

Fa la la la la la la la la....
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I bought a cute little outfit today.... possibly for the Slean show in August.... but there are still two months to go before that show so I'm sure that I'll go through a multitude of wardrobe choices before deciding :)

It was father's day today :) Yay for Dads everywhere :) I am very lucky to have a Dad who is supportive of me and of my crazy adventures lol. He was the one who first helped me get to NYC after my Mom had said there was "no way in hell a daughter of hers was going to that city" (in his defence he never knew she said that until after my trip was organized lol) but my point is that he always helps me out with those things which are important to me which my mother thinks are useless (hello Artshow anyone? ;) ) and he also has helped me to keep going through the tough times life brings. I'll stop now before I go all greeting card on you ;)

Random funny image of the weekend... Viv and I were walking back to her place at sometime after 10pm on Friday night and see this car parked with people in it. At first we though they were just hotboxing the car but then we realized it was these two middle-aged ladies sitting there and as we got closer we could hear they were blasting some gospel music. I guess they were rocking out in their own fashion, but I still had to giggle :)

Also apparently it's Christmas in June, I saw Home Alone on TV today.... well the end of it. LOVE that movie. And also I've been enjoying listening to What Child Is This by Sarah Slean.
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I feel spoiled :)

My major present is the one I knew about which is the Buffy Chosen Collection which is so pretty! I even held off on watching Amends last night (my Christmas Eve tradition) so that I could watch it from my new shiny dvds today :) Oh and my dad wrapped the box all cute. Instead of a bow he made a cross with a little stake and a piece of garlic attached to it! I want to frame it!

My brother's awesome wrapping job was a dime in a little metal tin wrapped in MANY layers of newspaper and then some wrapping paper which symbolizes that he will buy me a new hard drive. He rocks. In retaliation I wrote him a certificate for a sushi dinner and wrapped it around a half full water bottle and then put it into a box and then burried it with styraphome lol so when you shook it it sort of sounded like a snow globe. Next year I plan to use jello as a packing aid... mwahahaha :)

I also got lots of fun Harry Potter candy (no I will never grow up) and an awesome NYC tote bag which will be perfect for weekends of travelling. And a lovely assortment of books, and socks, and chocolate, and bath stuff and a little bit of money which will just help me pay for my bus pass and osap (I over shopped a bit yesterday but it was for presents so it was okay) this month :)

Holidays were not so bad this year. Also for the first year in FOREVER we did not have a Christmas where the presents were mainly from my parents to each other which is cute BUT eventually it gets boring just watching them open up presents from each other. At least put more than one thing into a box you know? lol.

Just dinner to get through and it's regular turkey tonight (which I'm still not eating but I'm also not revolted by it so that's a bonus ;) )

ps my brother got some little gameboy/nintendo thinger (it has a touch screen and is red... that's all I could discern about the thing) so I don't think I'll be seeing him for a few days lol.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

My parents now get up earlier than my brother and I lol it's probably some sort of parental payback for when we were kids and would want to get up really early. I had to set my alarm and everything today lol.

Oh Viv, I don't see anything yet... I have a guess as to what you got me (but I could be way off so I'm not saying), but nothing is here yet that I can see anywhere lol.
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Happy Christmas eve eve everyone :D One more day of work today and then it's time for holidays :D I feel I should buy myself some wine...

oh but I must remember to buy the Danny Michel tickets today. That's important. And tomorrow go shopping with Viv and finsih my stocking stuffer presents. Then je suis finis.

Side note my brother KICKED ASS with his present wrapping this year. I absolutely cannot guess what he got me. Seriously, even I cannot outdo this one.... although I'm going to have tor try now...
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10 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer icons and their blanks, 20 total


The rest are here in my icon journal
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17 Buffy icons from Amends and their blanks, 34 total.


They can be seen here in my new icon journal

if anyone here has this journal friended just for icons feel free to go friend my icon community. Don't join it please, it's just a place for me to post icons :) Thank you :)
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Sunday I pulled [livejournal.com profile] eskimo_jo's hair (-5 points). Last Monday I stole [livejournal.com profile] i_love_dragons's purse (-30 points). In September I didn't flush (-1 points). In August I gave [livejournal.com profile] orangeisburning a kidney (1000 points). In January I pushed [livejournal.com profile] nealj in the mud (-17 points).

Overall, I've been nice (947 points). For Christmas I deserve a pony!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

bwahahahaha I'm a terrible terrible person but apparently I donate organs ergo PONY!

"I want world peace and a pony"

"that doesn't sound very peaceful"

"where's my fucking pony!?"


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