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Okay firstly Bell Sympatico is crap. I'm aware of that, it wasn't my choice to use it and I'll be getting rid of it as soon as I can. In the meantime neither Jo nor I can get our computers online and we've spent over 5 hours today on the help line. My mood is not good.

SO computer people if you have any suggestions I welcome them all. Bear in mind we've done all of the basic stuff (resetting modems, computers etc) several times already.

Yesterday we installed our secure modem. Sympatico sent us a new one and insists that we use it. We hook it up, internet works on all 4 computers albeit that Jo's computer (laptop w. Vista) doesn't work quickly.

Today no computers will connect. Nic called them, after 90 minutes of playing around with the system they have her hook her laptop with XP into the modem and change the channel of the modem. All works (we're not sure about on Jo's computer as she wasn't home) the Mac desktop, XP laptop and my XP desktop all worked. An hour later my computer froze (as it so often does) and when I restarted it, no more internet.

Jo came home, she had no internet. The other two computers still are working fine. Now here's where we spend from 8:30-11pm on the phone with Bell, are hung up on twice, speak to several people who all put us through the same few steps before getting stuck. Speak to people who claim they are supervisors who all seem incompetent (to the point where I know more about computers than they do) and who also sounded mostly afraid of both Jo and I. While I was impatient I wasn't yelling or being rude. Neither was Jo. We both explained that the level of service we were getting was not acceptible and that after 5 hours on the phone with them we do expect to be offered new solutions. Seriously it was bad.

So after all that they hung up on us for the second time and still there is no internet for our computers (except for now I'm stealing internet from next door - thank you next door people, I promise not to upload or download on your line beyond checking email and such)

Any suggestions as to why 2 computers suddenly won't work. I can connect to our access point (router) but it won't connect to the internet. Jo actually had her laptop plugged in to the modem and yet it still wouldn't connect. They had her reset her connection 3 times (each time refusing to believe it had been done before) and it would not connect to the internet.

Our thought now is there may be something with the actual router or something that says only 2 computers may be connected at once. We're not sure how to explore or how to fix that.

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Computer help needed.

I was given a DVD player today (as my computer does not like playing DVDs without freezing when I use the internal player) and of course my TV is too old to hook a DVD player up to properly and even after some playing with the wireing I was only able to manage to have audio, no video. So I rethought my plan and realized I could just hook the DVD player up to the computer and it wouldn't be using the RAM and freezing the computer BUT now I need a program with which to view the movies.

I have one called Sonic which came with ShowBiz for when I want to rip info from a DVD or VHS or whatever I hook up to the computer but the preview screen is very tiny, not so good for putting on a movie to actually watch.

Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to watch media that is coming from outside of my computer?

I have a feeling I'm wording this question really poorly, hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about LOL
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Soooooooooo busy!

This weekend we had the meeting for the volunteers for the Serenity Screening. If you haven't heard of these already go here: http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com/ and find a city near to you. On the 23rd of June (and possibly on dates near to that in some cities) Serenity is put back on the big screen to celebrate Joss's birthday. All proceeds go to support the charity Equality Now. The TO one this year is going to be fantastic. We have grab bags, and tons of stuff for sale (hint if you want a tshirt preorder OR show up early!) and we're also having door prizes and an auction! Bring cash (it's all cash only) and have fun!

Sunday I bought way too many DVDs. I found season 7 and 9 of the Xfiles the regular sized boxes not slimsets so I bought those. Now I just need 4, 5, 6, and 8. Not too shabby. I also picked up season 2 of Joan of Arcadia and season 3 of The 4400 and then Bring It On (as if I didn't have that one already!) and My Summer of Love. Busy day, I love BMV and Vortex. I had to not go back into HMV as they were having a massive sale as well. Eep. If you're looking for Dead Like Me (both seasons) or How I Met Your Mother (season 1) they're 50% off of the already discounted prices.

Then I got sunstroke feeling and crashed at my parents house for a bit and then went home. Missed most of the Tony awards, boo urns.

Today my brother came over and installed my wireless card so I can get hooked up to the internet in my new place when I move at the end of the month :) and I got a call to let me know people want to come look at the apartment tomorrow. Frell. I just did a mad cleaning spree. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. And it's all I could get done.

I also introduced my brother to Farscape. We watched the pilot. He's not as hooked as he was by the Firefly pilot but he thinks he'll like it, so I sent him home with the first box to play with and I'm betting once he starts them I'll be getting calls insisting that I bring him more lol.

Now I'm exausted and have just enough time for a shower and then sleep!
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ARGH! Zion (roommate's kitty... now my foster kitty I suppose) was walking on my computer keyboard last night which I think is his fun way of waking me up in the middle of the night. It definitely works. But last night I had my computer on when he did it and now it won't recognize any USB device that I plug in. This of course includes my new external harddrive with all of my music and fun stuff on it AND my new DVD burner that I've not even had the time to try out yet! FRELL!

Ideas anyone? I know I'm probably going to have to take the computer into a shop somewhere but it's not under warentee anymore and the idea of trekking a desktop all over town is not a happy one at all.
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I started this morning with cleaning up my computer somewhat. Just trying to organize the F: drive since I'd just dumped everything on there in no particular order which was driving me crazy. So what (to my delight) did I just uncover? The Farscape soundtrack! Clearly I rock, no idea why I got that in the first place but I'm happy I have it now :)

I also met up with Tom last night and got borrowed the first 2/3 of the Second season, and then we watched the first two episodes :) This clearly is my new TV obsession. Cannot. Stop. Watching. Also, Farscape fans rock for being fabulously quiet about spoilers. Cookies for all! The worst people for spoilers are the actors in their commentaries which I love listening to but I've had to develop fast reflexes everytime they mention an episode title I haven't watched yet... then it's hands over my hears and singing to myself for a moment or two until they're done LOL.

And now I'm off to work on more BtVS icons (I'm up to season 4 in the icon project) and continue pondering Farscape fan projects in the back of my mind :) I'm attempting a fabulously relaxing weekend :)
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First things first, my computer appears to be fixed, at least the D:drive has been removed and so far so good :) I did manage to save almost everything from the drive due to it healing itself half way through the recovery process. Odd, but I won't complain. My brother came over last night and took out the drive. He's also decided that he quite likes our apartment, he hadn't been over since we still had boxes all over so it's quite a change.

So now with the fixed computer I must catch up on LJ.... that's my assignment for tonight.

Oh for Slean fans reading this there are some new tour dates and appearances posted on her official site: www.sarahslean.com
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Well, clearly I didn't use up all of my embarassing moments in highschool. Drat. Today as I was walking through the mini mall thing that runs under my office tower my friend suddenly points out to me that not one but two buttons on my blouse were knocked open by my purse strap and I'm flashing full cleavage at everyone who was walking by me. Oops. On the plus side my bra matched my top so maybe it could have been mistaken for a really slutty fashion style ;)

However in fantastic news my computer is healing itself again. The D drive which was totally shut down yesterday, is now letting me open it and move files off of it directly without using a recovery program (which was what I'd been doing all last night.) I still think I should take the physical drive out of my computer. After this I wouldn't be saving anything important on it anyways in fear that it was just a matter of time until the next crash, but this is making it SO much easier to get files back.

[livejournal.com profile] amy_vic This means that I have the 10 year file again *yay* but I've not ever seen the 5 year one and would still very much love to. If you're doing uploading for your whole Flist I can up the 10 year one for you if you know of a site that will host it.
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And I think the D drive has bit the dust :( Not good as it was running so slowly that I didn't manage to get more than 1/3 of my stuff transferred off of it. Now everytime I try to open the drive I get the "this drive has not been formatted, would you like to format the drive?" message. Hell no I would not because then everything is gone. Does anyone have any idea as to how to get around that?

Sooooooooooo many movie/music files are going to be lost now. Le sigh. I'll be posting wish lists as soon as I can do a run down of the important things which are gone.

For now I'm off for the day to do something that does not involve my computer for a while. I heard my roommate get up around 10 and went out to say hi to her as she was having breakfast and she was all "oh you slept in finally!" (as I looked like I'd just fallen out of bed I'm sure) and I had to tell her that no, I'd been up since 7 as well as getting up several times in the night to try to transfer more files. To which she replied "oh... then you look really really tired." Clearly I need a break from all things computer until tonight :)
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So I have bought a new hard drive, an external one was recommended to me and I was lucky enough to know someone who works in a computer store who hooked me up with a great hard drive on sale. 250 gigs! That's more than my two harddrives put together. It also was the easiest thing ever to install. We're talking "plug in, turn on, use" sort of instructions.

So now it's the long process of moving everything off of the dying drive and keeping my fingers crossed that it can hold on for long enough for me to get everything off of there. Thanks for all of the good vibes sent my way yesterday, keep them coming, I think it's going to be a loooong night.
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Just when I was thinking that I was going to be SO good with my finances this month... my computer is looking like it's about to die.

It was running slowly so I rebooted it and the message I get now tells me to immediately back up my data and replace my hard disk drive as a failure may be imminent.

There is nothing about that warning that makes me feel the least bit calm.

If I seem to disappear from here for a while then you'll all know why. Poor poor computer, it just was reformatted last year :(
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My poor poor little computer. My brother was working on something for Windows...and managed to install a virus or spyware... or just something not so nice. So everything's been reformatted again. BUT on the plus side he's now fixed my soundcard and my video card so I can see the screen in the resolution that I like and can listen to music on here again. Two necessities for me :) And I hadn't set up too much stuff so the little I'd started with can be redone again this weekend.

And since it's after 12, HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!!!!!!!!!!
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wooo, for as many problems that appear on LJ, they do often rock. I kept postponing renewing my paid account.... no idea why, I am just a last minute person... and then of course I forgot to do it until my notice that my account had expired showed up in my email tonight. Le boo, so I of course bought the paid account again thinking that I was going to have to upload all of my userpics again but they hadn't disappeared yet. Ergo today LJ is my friend :)

My computer and I, however, are still at odds lol but some things are getting worked out. I have photoshop installed again but with the resolution being all wonky still I can't tell if I like what I made tonight... my brother said he'll fix it this weekend so I'll find out then ;)

I'm picking up the keys to my (and Nomi's) new apartment this weekend, painting in a couple of weeks, moving a couple of weeks after that. I'm so not prepared yet oops. However I had the art of packing for school down to the night before leaving for residence so I should be able to get everything packed to move. Especially as I'm planning on just boxing and leaving a lot of my books here until the next move in a year, no point in moving all of them twice.
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My computer seems to have eaten it's sound card.... or you know, something more technical than that which leaves me without my music.

Woah, annoying telemarketer. Usually when I say I'm not interested in getting your accident insurance or whatever the creditcard company is peddling this time they go away...but no this one would not shut up. Eventually I had to give up on being nice and hang up because I didn't want to continue to be told that no one plans for accidents but I could be hit by a car or fall down the stairs. Ummm morbid much? Yes, yes that could happen but currently I'm not insuring myself against my own clumsyness.

In other news gofugyourself is doing a week of Spelling related fuggings in honour of Aaron Spelling who passed away last friday. It's highly amusing. Check it out http://gofugyourself.typepad.com/

Oh my computer has also eaten my photoshop installer, boo urns, I have icon inspiration and now it's going to be a while before I can get back to the icon making stage. It's a small thing but it's something I want to fix asap as well.
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Computer is half way to being fixed I think :) I've reformatted the C: drive and now get to begin the process of putting everything back on there. Oy. But that's doable. My brother wants to fix a few other things as well... but it is up and running. One glitchy thing is that if I put it into a higher screen resolution (as opposed to 800x600 the edges of my screen are cut off. So everything looks a little too big for me right now lol. I was having trouble choosing icons in icontest to vote for LOL

but for now my computer works and I'm happy to have that much going on :)
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found from [livejournal.com profile] ozma914

You Are Jean Grey

Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).
Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!

Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

In other news, summer is here. My computer overheated twice yesterday and once this morning. Swell. I need to buy a second fan for my room again so I can work on setting up a cross current. SOOOOOOOOOOOo stuffy in here already. And I'm already sleeping less lol Oh summertime, I love a lot of it but I would like air conditioning.

Oh well time for work :)
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I just finished reading TWoP's review of the Xfiles Movie. Oh awesome. My song is a shout out to the Xfiles, first fan vid I ever saw! That show had it's genius moments and I will own all of the dvds one day even for the crappy Mulderless seasons. All to try to understand what the hell was going on those last few years!

My brother is buying my new harddrive tomorrow. He had to open up my computer today to check out the format or something and OMG is it ever dusty in there. Compressed air is a must. Also I can't be anywhere near him when he installs the thing. I freak out about people touching my computer. Seriously I'll need to be in a waiting room taking shots or something lol.

The Liberal party called me today :( My dad told me next time to just promise my support cuz now they're going to keep calling and sending me crap. Hello politicians, stop calling me. Seriously, I don't care. Choosing between the Liberals and the Conservatives is just a choice between two evils. I don't like either of you and won't vote stratigically, thanks.

It seems Sarah Slean found a place way out by where she stayed in the caban that had either illustrations, or whole books with awesome illustrations from some of my favourite kids books. Oh I want to go there and see what's left but Neal says it's very far and probably not so busable. I need to find a place like that here. W.W. Denslow artwork, my inner book collector is having a swooning moment. (this new info came from the press release for the art show, don't get too excited now, I found it online, www.louiseupperton.com at the bottom of the page, it takes a while to load but it's a great release. I'm so excited to see this artwork now!)


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