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Last night was the first of Sarah's annual Harbourfront shows. I have no love for the venue but I do adore seeing Sarah play live and last night was a fantastic show!

All of yesterday was good. I only had a 1/2 day at work. Then I made my way up to the CNIB to visit Mel and Todd and to get my camera and DVDs which I'd forgotten at their house.

Then Andrea made her way to my place and we did a Christmas gift exchange and OMG she got me such an awesome gift. A graphic novel of Haunted Mansion stories from Disney World. Two of the authors are Roman Dirge and Serena Valentino so you know it's good :) I read through it this morning and love it!

On our way to the concert we met up with Leanne (who we lost after the show but if you come by this review, hi Leanne) who we'd actually met at the first of these concerts 2 years ago and had given her a ticket to move up a few rows in the orchestra becase we had an extra. Usher who hated me didn't like that game as I remember it. Apparently good deeds weren't cool by her. But how fun is it that we met the same person again!?

Heads up, Warner is handing out fun little cards promoting the new album and that you can download Get Home on Sarah's webpage. I noticed that there were extras on the merch table so if you miss out getting one in the lobby then head for the table :) I was surprised at the degree that Warner is actually promoting Sarah this time around. I've never seen this much effort from them before. Which reminds me, for those of you on Facebook someone from Warner asked me to let people know that Sarah now has an official Facebook group. Type in "Sarah Slean" in the search bar and her official one is the first one that pops up. I'm a co-moderator on the second one that shows up, Passioneers (totally unoffical) join that too :)

The opening act was Tim Baker from the band Hey Rosetta, He was quite good, I'd be interested in seeing his whole band perform to see what the total sound is like. However solo he held up really well despite the fact that Hfront has possibly the worst mics ever. The main one kept shorting out unless the wire was in a certain position. Touch the mic and it died. Not the most fun game ever.

Then we had intermission and then the highlight of the night, the fabulous Sarah Slean!

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As I posted earlier today my brother took me to the Royal Wood concert tonight. *sigh* that man (Royal) is amazing. I don't think I've met a single person who does not find him handsome, even my straight male friends had to agree on that one. So already it was going to be a great night. Then I'm chatting away with my brother and randomly see Kevin Fox walk by (not so randomly actually as he played in the show... and as he's generally at at least half of the shows I go to in TO lol) but I made a note of it because both Kat and Andrea would be amused to know it :)

Then I was back to chatting away and I hear a familiar voice, turn around and it's Sarah Slean :) This is extra odd because I was having a dream last night just before I woke up that I was at a concert of hers and was chatting with her about something. So *yay* surprise Sarah :) I said a quick hello and introduced my brother and apparently we look alike.. I still don't see it lol.

The concert itself was fabulous. I really must buy his albums. Not only was it just fabulous in general but I had a special highlight. Royal Wood had the audience harmonize to one of his songs... I'm not sure what it's called.... "there's no place like home" (does anyone see where this is going?) So we're harmonizing away and he sung a verse from Somewhere Over the Rainbow! So for me, who requests Sarah sing that song ALL OF THE TIME, I got about as close to that request as I think I ever will, and way closer than I ever expected to get since I was sitting about a row over form her singing along to the song. It was a happy fangirl moment :)

Anyways now I'm high on music. Royal Wood put on a show you could just soar to, fantastic! And I have to manage to get some decent amount of sleep today so I can survive work tomorrow. Goodnight all!

***ETA*** I found the song that Somewhere Over The Rainbow was worked into. lyrics behind the cut )
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Well the Sarah Slean concert last night was fabulous (was there ever any doubt?) It had been so long since the last Slean concert that I'd forgotten how her shows just make me feel so happy. I totally would run off to the one in Peterborough tonight if I had any way to do so. But alas I don't so I'll have to wait for the Hfront shows where happy becomes a bit more complicated. But none of that now, last night was amazing, setlist and such is behind the cut.

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I've cracked out the determined looking Sarah Slean icon, this can only mean 1 thing... Harbourfront concerts. I'm so happy she's doing 2 TO shows again and that they're only a couple of months away but I know I really dislike the venue when the first thing I thought that came into my head when I heard the news was "crap."

I've been eagerly awaiting any news of a Slean show since it's been a while since I've seenher perform at all, and it'll have been just over a year since I've seen her perform her own material. BUT it's Harbourfront, which means a potential fight for tickets, dealing with untrained staff... I'm trying to give people that work there the benefit of the doubt and say that they're just not given all information about the shows that play there. The one last year that I dealt with at the box office was just not a nice person, there was some amount of twisted pleasure there in making sure that the people in line didn't get the tickets they were waiting for...

Anyways *yay* shows :) I'll be there for sure. I'll be happy to be inside seeing the show. I cannot wait to hear the new material! I'm less than thrilled when I realize I have to deal with getting tickets from this venue again.
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Two Slean shows in a row! Much fun. I'm feeling entirely happy... well I do have more complaints about the service at Harbourfront BUT the shows themselves were an absolute delight!

Oh the first part of Tales of the Baroness (the animated film Sarah worked on) premiered this week but for those of you who missed it you can catch it next week:

May 19 A-Channel Victoria at 6 pm local time
May 19 A-Channels Ontario (London, Barrie, Ottawa) at 7:30 pm local time

And now on to the concerts:

Art of Time Ensemble: Songbook )
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Quick update on the Sarah Slean Art of Time shows at Harbourfront. There are still tickets available for tonight's show so if any of you have been sitting on the fence about buying tickets it's definitely worth it. Wonderful musicians and of course Sarah was just stunning as per her usual.

The staff, of course, were a little bit annoying as per their usual. We were ushered out of the lobby very early after the performance and almost before we had a chance to speak with Sarah... and then as we were speaking with Sarah the same usher again told us that we had to leave. So annoying. So as per my usual I wrote another letter to Hfront and am generally not impressed with their level of service.

However, the show is still worth seeing.
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It's only 7:30am, I went to sleep sometime after 2, not sure when.... and I'm awake and can't sleep.

Oh RENT surprise I'm teasing you all with will be a bit late, tecnical difficulties :S But I think Monday night it should all be a go :)

Last night I went out to a concert, the perfect thing after a HIGH stress day at work. I saw Tamara Podemski and Lucie Idlout and there was a new comer who played in between their sets but I didn't catch his name.

On to the night! )
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LOL Viv posted a list of things not to do at a Guster concert. We came up with this as we waited for the show to start/after the show. Worth a read, it'll make you smile :)

read here
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Well this has been an entirely enjoyable day off :) I went to see Guster in concert last night (AWESOME! thank you Viv for inviting me along to that one!!!!!!!) and so not knowing how late we'd be I booked today off from work, which allowed us to go out for pizza after the show :) Much goodness.

Today I got to sleep in which is always great. I then read one of the nicest emails which was completely unexpected and just made me grin all day.

Actually last night Viv and I were just talking about how much more at peace with most people we've become. I've only really had two people who ever managed to hurt me deeply and over the past year I've let the hurt they caused go almost completely. The email I got this morning somewhat related to one of them and really was a sign that all the damage that was attempted at the time has been repaired. So it was a very good email to wake up to indeed.

In celebration I baked croissants (from the Pilsbury tube, I'm not that much of a chef lol) and watched Fraggle Rock with my roommate (it's on every day at noon on BBC Kids!) and then settled in for some Farscape watching. I've now watched the last 4 episodes of season 2, still am in love with this show!

And during the day I managed to run a few errands and pay bills. Not so fun but necessary and good to do when I'm not feeling rushed.

Tonight is Veronica Mars, I'm not overly excited about it anymore but I'm curious to see if they can pull of a good end to the current mystery arc and I think I shall curl up with some italian wedding soup and watch it :)

Oh and beware friendslist I went through my parents old photoalbums and scanned pics of myself when I was younger so you'll get some random picture spams soon :)
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Today I went with Neal to go see Shaye perform at Winterfest... which meant outside in Nathan Phillips Square. I so wanted to see them play again, and then I promised Neal I'd go and didn't want to go back on that... so I braved the cold. I have had enough cold in the last two days to last me for at least a month! However Shaye are awesome, I shall be buying their new album :) Not only are they amazingly talented musicians but inbetween songs they're full of stories and jokes :) I enjoyed myself thoroughly the entire time. By the end of their set my legs and feet were in a TON of pain so Neal was great and didn't wait around to see if he could say hello to them, we went for coffee instead.

I'm about to crash, I was up early this morning and haven't stopped all day. Tomorrow shall be a much needed day of sloth (aside from grocery shopping) and I'll look forward to spending a day reading, watching television, and playing around on the computer. Just what I need :)
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The mass of long holiday weekends are over. I'll miss having the free time but I am looking forward to some semblance of routine for a couple of weeks :)

Time for the REALLY REALLY GOOD news! Sarah Slean is playing a show in Kingston on Feb. 2nd! One month away today! Not only this but it's the same lovely church venue that she played at last time she was there and that was just the best show I've seen from her. Clearly I am going (actually, clearly I almost fell over twice when I read the news, once as I was getting out of my desk chair to run for my credit card, and again running down the hall... I have no coordination when I first wake up in the morning.) Andrea (Flare) and I have already booked our room to stay which is at a charming B&B we saw last year when we were staying at the Super 8 which smelled of dead people and was somewhat sketchy. When we saw the adorable little place we decided to stay there should there ever be another Kingston show and now we have one :) I've just been flying on that news for the past couple of days :)

Other fun news, my icon muse has surfaced! It's been forever since I just sat and played with photoshop. I put up a set of The Secret World of Og book icons and a Veronica Mars set... and currently I have a Buffy project on the go. However I now do have to cut myself off and head to sleep.

Nomi gets home tomorrow!

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Here's my picspam from the Slean shows, mostly focused on the Passioneer Holiday Project card as that is my baby but there is a little randomness in here as well :) No photos from the show as Hfront doesn't allow photos and I'd fought them so much just to be able to be there I was not risking giving them the opportunity to kick me out.

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Sarah Slean: December 15th Harbourfront show

so catch your wind and fly )
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The Sarah Slean concert last night was brilliant! I'm going to do my usual long winded review later on, as soon as I have a moment to sit and write it all out properly. If you read this and you're going tonight you're in for a treat and a half :) The only really creepy thing we saw was as we were leaving the theatre someone had painted a streetcar shelter for Sarah, in French. Roughly translated it said "I love you S.S. You and me between the sheets." Now perhaps it's from someone who she actually knows in which case it could be sweet or funny. If it's a random fan thing it's creepy like woah.

The only concert related disappointment of the evening was that they'd forgotton the tour posters in St. Johns so I didn't get to buy one... or as the case woudl have been, many. I really REALLY want one since they're apparently of my picture and that makes me a wee bit giddy. But the concert was amazing and I'd much rather have the show than the poster any day. I'm still hearing songs in my head, the new material is fabulous!

And yes, I really am up this early. Actually I went to bed at 1 and woke up at 4:30 and have spent the past two hours tossing and turning. I think I'll have to try for a nap today at some point.
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Squee! Sarah Slean concert tonight (the first of two) I shall be posting my looooong review as soon as I can. I'm just so excited. This night is the one Harbourfront didn't screw up so we have many Passioneers all sitting together (how novel) in the front row :D joy joy joy!!!

I still have a ton of things to do toda before I go and get overdressed for the evening (I love dressing up for Slean concerts, I figure if she can get dressed up to perform I can dress up to attend.) I feel all Christmas morning-y I couldn't sleep in at all today, I just bounced right out of bed. Clearly I shall regret that later but for now meh.

Oh and I had yesterday off from work (as well as today and monday... I was supposed to be in NYC this weekend... I'm actually glad to not be in New York, how the heck did that happen?!) so I did some Christmas shopping finally and got right into the spirit of it, have already spent too much money, and am still loving every minute of it :D I still have a few more things to get but I know pretty much what they are :)

Fa la la la la la la la la....
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I went last night to The Beat show at The Horseshoe to see Tamara Podemski sing. Once again I was totally nervous, which was then compounded when I realized that much of her family was standing beside Nomi and I for a while. I actually think I saw this girl who would have been just a kid who I almost ran into (literally) after Tamara's last show in Toronto many years ago. Bizarre.

Let's go back to the beginning of the evening, some random creepy guy followed Nomi and I in from the bar to the back part where the show was happening. He would not shut up, and would not stop asking Naomi out. She shot him down about 6 times in a row and then it just got really creepy and I made her switch seats with me because she's just far too friendly whereas I can be a total bitch when needed. So I pulled out that attitude, told him off and he quickly departed. Just as well since he wasn't there for the show at all just there stalking Nomi. Creepy like woah. Which leads me into the rant of why do men think that persistance like that will work? Hullo, clearly you just get more creepy the longer you try to give your buisness card or ask for phone numbers repeatedly or try to make a date for the next night. If someone continually says no to you then the answer is no, move on to someone else.

Once he was gone that was far better, at least no one was around to yammer in our ears while Tamara played. Her set was really good, only 7 songs this time but it was a solid set and it was cute to see all of her audience interaction as she had her family out there :) After the show Naomi went to get her CD signed and was very pleased with that. I took my time getting brave enough to go say hi, which I don't know why I still do because Tamara is always so kind to me when I see her. Last night was no exception :) We chatted a bit as she got ready to leave and then Nomi and I bailed as well because we both were tired (I swear I've gotten old somehow in the past few years lol)

We actually ended up on the same streetcar with these students from Humber who think they are comedians but who really just aren't funny at all. We've ridden with them before, it's an annoying ride. This time at least we knew enough to sit as far out of hearing range as we could manage lol.
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Full out SQUEE!

While life is insanely busy and getting busier by the day, there are pockets of joy that keep popping up. Currently in Slean mode:

1. Warner has bought two of my photos of Sarah Slean for use on her upcoming album! I have no idea if they'll make the final edit, but as the album is out in less than a month I don't have too long to be curious about it :)

2. The new live (and Bside) Sarah Slean album, Orphan Music, is coming out on Hallowe'en. I love Hallowe'en and last years' got to be a Slean holiday (in NYC no less!) and apparently so does this year!) No complaints here :)

3. I have tickets to this show in the spring: http://littleslean.blogspot.com/2006/10/slean-tickets-on-sale-toronto-art-of.html To anyone who is going to order tickets. Harbourfront is apparently saying that row 7 is the best available. That's not so. They have this deal with Ticketmaster which in the long run I think hurts the Harbourfront box office, but that's just my opinion. Anyways, Ticketmaster has the rights to sell those first few rows of tickets when sales go online. However if you talk nicely to the box office people and let them know that you're fairly sure that there are better seats available then you should be able to swing a better seat. If anyone remembers reading my drama with getting tickets from this venue last winter it's exactly the same thing. I really did love the theatre but their ticket sale policy is definitely not my favourite.

But back to the good, add to this crazy fun that it's a lovely holiday weekend. I had a great homecooked meal and got a massage for my strained neck, and I plan to sleep in like woah tomorrow. It's all good :)
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A handfull of pictures from the Sarah Slean concert (I didn't use a flash so a lot of mine turned out blurry, hence I'm only posting the good ones)

I put my head back where it belongs up there in the clouds )
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Okay, and now it's time for the looooooooooooong review of the Sarah Slean concert last night.

...rage my darling rage... )


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