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Polaris Picspam :) They're mostly pretty big so this is not dial up friendly, sorry! I didn't take a lot of shots this weekend, I was busy most of the time and just didn't even take out my camera.

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Last day of Polaris... picture post coming next!

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Ron Glass is 62 today! In honour of that I'm getting on to the days where we saw him at Polaris.

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My Polaris convention report got rather lengthy so I'm going to split it into the three seperate days to make it a little more legible, with a picspam coming when they're done :)

So without further adieu here's Friday night which includes Buffy and Firefly panels and a lot of getting settled, not too long since this was just the evening.

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.... hmmm there is a Farscape con in Burbank next November.... that is VERY tempting. Very very very tempting.

Anyone else tempted?

info :)
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For those of you who didn't see the link in the yahoogroup. Here is the link to the uploaded Morena Q and A from SFX. A few people have had problems with downloading but I see 21 downloads and only heard from 3 that they couldn't get it to work so I think things are semi okay. If anyone knows of an easier online hosting site let me know, this was the 3rd one I tried last night, the other two uploaded 99% and then crashed. The file is 341 mb which is too big for yousendit, megaupload and all of the usual suspects for hosting.

This was from my digital camera, it's not completely steady, 49 minutes is a long time to hold your arm up. But the sound is pretty decent so you'll be able to get the jist of what went on :)

Anyways what you're waiting for is the link:


if you have troubles let me know and I'll try to send this to you via MSN or something....
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Picture uploads

SFX: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r932uv

and clips from Juliet Landau's Q and A, they aren't fabulous quality but I took them mainly just to remember the difference between her speaking voice and the Drusilla voice because it just surprised me so!

Juliet's Q and A: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j1s28p

And I've found a site where I can host larger files for sharing so check back here tonight/tomorrow for Morena's Q and A :)

And now, the pic spam :) It's a LOT of Morena Baccarin and Christina Hendricks, not so much of the rest of the con lol.

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SFX convention, the long long written details.

In short it rocked, if there are guests who I'd like to see next year I won't hesitate to go at all!

The long stuff is all behind the cuts:

Day 1 - Friday )

Day 2 - Saturday )

Day 3 - Sunday )

And that's how the weekend went :) It was better than expected, I was afraid that the fans would be more intense (after my only other con experience from what... 11 years ago now that totally turned me off of the whole idea of them) but the fans, of all of the genres, were just great, everyone was pretty calm and organized themselves quite well. The only real surprise was how blown away I was by Christina Hendricks, when I'd heard the rumour that she was coming I thought it would be cool but I wasn't through the roof about it or anything but now if she were the only Firefly guest at next years con I'd go just for her, she was really really great! I also met so many awesome people, lots of new LJ people :) hello everyone :)

I'm now in that let down stage when it's all down and you're coming down from the high of the weekend and realizing that normal life sets in again tomorrow, no more seeing TV stars lol. However that's good for my wallet as I spent way more than I'd planned (but less than I was afraid I'd spend)

A picture post should be going up soonish... maybe tonight or tomorrow depending on how much photoshop and resizing I get done tonight :)


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