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Jan. 3rd, 2008 08:34 am
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Perhaps I shouldn't watch Xfiles before bed. I had weird dreams for the last part of the night last night. Part of it was set up like a Malcolm in the Middle episode, it wasn't a plot that's been used on the show but it was the same characters and the same type of situations, so apparently my brain is making up random TV. Then I was dreaming that I was looking for a book I'd read when I was little and I was sure it had to be at my parent's house stored somewhere. My Mom pulled a huge box of books out of her closet for me but it was more recent books, nothing from when I was a kid. Randomly I apparently had 2 extra sets of Firefly still unopened. One of them was signed on the plastic wrap by Henry Winkler. WTF?! Sadly I never found the book. I remember the plot being something about a little boy who was bedridden, probably set in the 1930s-50s soemwhere. He had the ability to bring his toys to life by touching them and had brought some little green animal figurine to life. I don't remember what animal it was. While that plot is similar to many books I've read I'm sure it's not actually a book.


In other news when I was looking up the Alyss books by Frank Beddor that I talked about in my last entry I found that it wasn't just 1 sequel that had been written but 2 more books in the same series on top of that! I am so going to have fun reading those :)
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One would think that after watching Slither my subconcious could at least pull out a Nathan Fillion dream.... but no it had to go back to two nights ago when I was reading about the Are You Afraid of the Dark series and give me a nightmare about Zeebo the Clown. Yes apparently my mind has decided that my inner 10 year old needs to be freaked out. I am not amused!
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Well work today was stressfull like woah. By the end of the day I was so worn out and really looking forward to Grey's. Ahh Grey's Anatomy, you do not disappoint do you? A two part ep is definitely a great way to come back for the second half of the year. Without spoiling anything, I cried. Also Meredith looks like a freaking skeleton, if someone could spend an episode secretly hooking her up to a feeding tube or something that would be swell, or is that reserved for May sweeps? ;)

Thanks to everyone who rec'd books to me, keep 'em coming :) I'm on book 4 of the year now. Pretty much right on schedule, and enjoying myself greatly. I've also found someone who can outread me! [ profile] willow_kat will probably be able to go through 100 books in January at the rate she's reading :) I'm amazed and impressed :)

Last night I had such random dreams... the most I can remember is being at the Empire State building with Neal on New Years Eve 2000 and wanting to be up at the top for midnight. It was 11:40 and the elevators were packed, they also were operating like the Tower of Terror ride in Disney World (i.e. dropping) so I didn't want to take them and we ended up getting on some weird ski lift thing, like one that you hang on to and it drags you up, like that only different. So odd.

I figure this stems from when we did get stuck in an elevator together and I thought we were going to drop 29 stories and die while Neal thought we weren't even moving up beyond the 2nd floor. What a swell time for my brain to remember. It turned out well in the end though and makes for a charming elevator story ;)

Time to sleep and see what random nonsense my brain can spin tonight :)
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Why is Shoshawna Bean in the TO Wicked cast?

However I *knew* there had to have been a reason that I didn't buy my tickets a year early when Mirvish put them on sale ;) Perhaps she's improved greatly, still, glad to not be out that $100.

In other news I dreamt of Sarah Slean concerts all night. Some 4 night in a row series of concerts that appeared to be taking place at Disney World but it didn't look like Disney but they kept being mention of trying to see the 3pm parade. No clue what was going on. However, *yay* concerts ;)

And now it's time for work :) So much to do today! But Delly's coming over for some Grey's tonight so that's awesome :D
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I don't know what the hell happened in the apartment above mine but it sounded like they dropped a pipe, or their radiator or something at 5:30 in the morning, I almost fell out of bed! I have no idea what it was but I didn't hear any noise from up there which is odd because I think the kids who live there have the room above me. No clue, but it was loud.

And due to crazy interrupted sleep I managed some crazy interrupted dreams. Until the noise I was dreaming that I was on that show Boston Public (which really should be released on DVD) and then after I had some whacked out dream that the cast of House, Dell, her friend Sarah from school, and I (and like 1000 other people) were trapped on this Titanic sized ship that was slowly being attacked and sunk from the bottom level but everytime one level filled everyone just moved up. And Dell, Sarah and I kept taking care of this poor little kitten who had no kitty food to eat so we left the ship to buy food (and I bought some crazy Buffy soda, pear and lemon flavoured) and then we went BACK on the ship to try to work out what was happening with House and his team.

Clearly my brain has a. had too much tv and b. not enough sleep lol.
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Okay I just had the craziest dream (it is now 7am and I must type this up before I go back to bed because it was all too random)

Seriously, WTF? )
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Woah wierd dream. I dreamt that I was at Viv's house watching Veronica Mars in her sisters room except for that Steph was home, and not happy about us watching the show there so she complained a lot. And in the episode Veronica was wanted by the F.B.I. and when they caught up with her she swung a barstool at them and escaped out of a window and then ended up hiding in her apartment (smarter than no one right there)

But if I looked out of Viv's window I could see the whole thing happening lol

and I woke up as hellicopters started circling overhead.

too much TV for me I think.
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I woke up from a combination of the sweetest dream/a huge WTF. Hullo Veronica Mars dream. Can you tell there's only 4 episodes to go until the end, I'm slighly obsessed.

For part of it I was Veronica (with full snark powers ;) ) and for part I was just observing. However I was Veronica when Logan was hugging me in some randome class so I was muchly happy. On the other hand the teacher was trying to poison her students with pie. There in lies the WTF.

There was also some stuff with Logan's Hannah of the week, a pet fish (well 2 but one died) and a secret rendevous. Oh my!

This is what happens when I make the effort for a full night's sleep lol.
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MerClaire is coming to visit today and I'm missing it. :( Clearly I'm just going to have to travel to the East Coast as soon as I get a little extra cash. I have my day off tomorrow so it didn't quite work... le boo. However work is still fun. I'm being amused because now everyone will make the smalltalk along the lines of "what's new with you" and really... nothing is new, the 12 hour days pretty much keep everyone doing the same thing over and over lol But today I use my I hate my job icon NOT because I hate the actual job (that part is fun) but because I'm sad I'm missing out on visiting with Mer when I haven't seen her in years.

I managed to dream an entire plot for a silly teen movie last night. Seriously, beginning to end I invented one. My brain is so weird some nights.
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I dreamt that I was dating Jesse L. Martin last night. Where the hell in my subconcious did that come from? I haven't watched RENT since it was in theatres and no L& O recently either.... and by recently, we're talking months and months and months. So WTF.

However, it was hot.
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<td align="center"> Elizabeth Jamieson --

A person who is constantly high

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>


Anyways. Grey's Anatomy tonight rocked! I hyperventalated through the last 20 minutes. Sooooo intense. Plus I like crying at TV instead of at real life and this show is good for that.

I had some crazy dream about a cheating scandal at the Olympics when I took a nap this afternoon. Was there any scandal? I had it on while I was sleeping and I don't know what I heard that made me think someone was cheating. But the nap was good and much needed.

I think my dog hates having just my brother and I home. She's very sad. :( It can't be helped though, she's used to two more people around home, one of whom is home almost all of the time... so having just us two home means she doesn't get as much attention. Also she hates that we don't go to bed at 10 every night. I'm thinking the dog just thinks we're dumb and don't know how to go to bed when it's bedtime because she'll get all irritated after 10 and whine at us etc until she gets to go to bed...

Random question, why the hell have their been tons of Keanu Reeves movies on tv these past few days? Everytime I turn on the tv I can find one... Tonight was The Replacements though, which I like even though usually I don't do sports movies or Keanu movies lol but anyways, why is he on tv so much recently?
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We moved Neal into his new TO apartment yesterday. Today my back hurts lol. But the move went pretty smoothly with the exception of having to reassemble an Ikea bed. I hate putting together Ikea furniture to start with, it's always more complicated than it has to be and the last thing I put together had instructions that were so random! ugh. But we got it together... it took 6 of us to do it lol but it looks great now. This has however prompted me to realize I want to get rid of like half my stuff before I move. Also, maybe, hire some movers.... Although I think even doing that in the same city is very expensive... so probably I'll be doing what Neal did and having my friends help me. On the brightside some stuff could be done in stages because it's not as though my parents will only give me 2 hours to move out .. and I want to buy new things, like a new bed, which I can have delivered.

I do however think that my backpain gave me crazy dreams last night. At some point I was hanging out with the Olsen twins.. but when they were like 14 and they kept getting me into all kinds of trouble... seriously, not good people those too (I blame their appearance on the huge amount of Zombie Olsen icons that are out there lol) Then I was at a taping of SNL with my mother who was generally being miserable about being there. And Johnny Depp was the guest, and we were sitting in the freaking front row so I was very happy with that. And then I think maybe [ profile] madelineanne was supposed to be there with me originally but couldn't afford to make it because there was a sign that went across the stage saying "SNL misses madelineanne!" and I cheered for it and my mom got mad at me for cheering and caused a scene and then left. Then somehow I was hiding from some SNL cast members because there was some sort of plot thing going on and they wanted me to be the scape goat. Of course I got caught (even in dreams I can't be stealthy) so they sent me through this tunnel that led to a river that I guess led to Fraggle Rock because I ended up in there with Boober Fraggle but the poor little Fraggle got thrown around by the water currents and I lost him... and then woke up.

Somehow I think that I'm taking acid in my sleep.

Oh and currently I'm annoyed by someone who just posted about video bootlegs from Wicked in the fanfic community. Not only is that off topic like woah but it's also illegial and it's the sort of thing that gets communities shut down. I would have thought by now that Wicked fans knew that. Also the girl is 22 years old according to her LJ info... and she used a lot of netspeak and just bad writing form... How do people like that survive in the world? I mean typing like that just makes you look as though you're 12 years old... I was shocked to see someone typing like that who is supposed to be an adult.
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Okay so time for another weird dream blog....

I had like a montage dream last night. Bits and pieces that weren't really coherent but they all played in a row.

- Most notably the ghost of a dead girl in a green satin-y dress who was looking for a "Paul" and was not happy with me. Do I know any Pauls who know any dead girls? cuz gah that was freaky!

- Swimming in the ocean where there was a freaking giant octopus. I HATE a lot of undersea life. I don't hate that it's there but the idea of swimming near most of it really creeps me out. Especially things like squid and octopus and jellyfish and leeches...ugh they make me freak out. Even when I was a kid visiting Sea World and you go through those underwater rooms where you see the animals in the aquarium, the octopus one would freak me out, I'd close my eyes and just jet through the room.

- being on some weird vacation (which I think tied into the swimming) with someone elses family, but I was a little kid for part of it, then an adult watching myself as a kid.... odd.

For the life of me I can't think what brought that on lol I didn't even eat anything weird before bed or watch weird tv or read anything particularly odd... nothing out of the ordinary.
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Weird dreams the past few nights. Last night I dreamt that my brother was dating this girl from my old residence who walked around in her underwear all of the time (lol Erika you can figure that one out ;) ) and my mother didn't want him dating her so she kept trying to break them up and I kept getting stuck in the middle of the fight. boo urns.

The night before I dreamt I was at the Sarah Slean art show (yay) but Carma was there so I kept being distracted between paying attention to Sarah performing and paying attention to Carm. And at some point Tasha was introducing me to some cowboy guy with some serious leather fringe on his jacket lol.

My head is an odd place most nights.

Oh I forgot to write about the "shhhh" girl at the movie on Saturday. About two minutes into Brokeback Mountain Nomi and I hear "shhhhh" really loudly. And we (and everyone else in the theatre) starts to look for the shhh-er because we heard no noise to precipitate this. Then the girl notices everyone starting at her and shhh-es some people again who at this point aren't talking for sure because they're just looking at her like she's crazy. It turns out she was trying to get the couple directly behind Nomi and I to stop talking. Now I get annoyed when people talk during movies (I'm sure I've ranted about that before lol) BUT I didn't hear anything so if they were two feet from my head and quiet enough that I couldn't hear them I don't know how this girl was being bothered when she was sitting about 10 feet away... unless sound carries in a really weird way in that theatre lol. She was there alone and looked like the type of girl who is 17 and fell in love with this movie because "OMGZ THEIR LUV IZ SO EMO!!!1!!1!" but fortunately after her first disturbance she was good. It was just a little startling, I've never seen anyone look that fierce when there wasn't a problem to begin with.
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I had SUCH a weird dream last night.... I started off being somewhere in TO, no clue as to where though and I ran into Sarah Slean, grabbed her wrist (dream me is rude!) and then proceeded to tell her about the books that I want to recommend to her. But it turned out she'd read the second one and hadn't liked it because a French-Candian singer/songwriter had a song that was along much the same themes.... (wtf kind of song is my head inventing?)

Then I was in Dell's residence but in some huge common room type of thing and people were eating a HUGE strawberry custard cake... but we didn't know them. And Erika and Norma were there and Norma had this pink iPod but it was shaped like a pen insted of the usual iPod shape and it kept breaking and she was all upset.

Then we decided to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie but for some reason we had a bunch of kids to take with us and I ended up with this little boy who just screamed and screamed so I had to leave the movie right away... which sucked, but I did get to see that it was only Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth in the movie and they were together, no Orlando Bloom in sight. There's my pirate movie :) Anyways the screaming child and I left and got a refund.

Then I SWORE I heard my alarm go off and some lines of a song play "I'm just a girl, don't leave me broken hearted" which I googled and found nothing that matches... and so I'm lying there wide awake trying to figure out how I turned off my alarm because I couldn't remember doing so, until I realized that It was exactly 1/2 an hour earlier than my alarm was set for, which was the original time I was giong to get up... so I kinda dozed on and off for 1/2 an hour just to solidify my dream before I got up... also because bed is so warm and comfy, room is so cold.
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Okay, so clearly being awake until almost 3am, not the bestest plan ever. I had weird weird weird dreams again... I don't even really remember the first one but the second one started my being in some HUGE fancy hotel, and there was crazy danger outside and I seemed to be a target... why, who knows. Then I went to Value Villiage with Andrea and I found some freaking awesome Veronica Mars shirts (this I blame on the fact my TWoP shirt ships today!) and then I also found Wizard of Oz and Ivy Cottage dolls, still sealed in their boxes! But we had to leave everything behind to go to some place to talk to some people who were high up in this danger thing.... along the way I also made dinner reservations with a family I used to babysit for... wtf. THEN we show up at the place we were supposed to be and it's like a huge ware house with grizzly bears guarding it, also Spike & Dru... and an assortment of others, then the PCHers came out, apparenty I was meeting with Weevil so we did that, and I headed out to leave and Erica (from 3rd brown) came with us...

then I woke up.

What. The. Fuck.

Seriously, I need more sleep, less crazy poster work...
(tonight I'm going flyering and making posters this afternoon so clearly I am listening to myself.)

This week is going to be crazy. But I'm loving it too.
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Weird dream time again, and again there were VM characters, I didn't even rewatch last weeks ep so I dunno what that's about. Anyways it appears that my subconcious does not like the Logan Kendall storyline because I kept yelling at him for cheating on Veronica (eventhough clearly he is not cheating.) There was also some sort of Xfiles plot going on in the background that I wasn't totally following (that makes sense since I watched Xfiles right before bed) so it was all very scattered. Mostly I woke up feeling slightly freaked out and mainly angry lol, and this was a beginning of the night dream so I'm surprised that I remember it now.
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Again with the weird dreams! Last night it was me being in NYC. At first I was just hanging out in this huge house with a bunch of random people. For sure Dell, Nomi and Broady (Matt) were there and Broady kept hitting on me (weird!) Then we went to go see See What I Wanna See with Ava and Julie (apparently reality mixed into my dream lol) So we get there but there was no Ava and Julie. Also, randomly Kristin Chenoweth was in the show and kept trying to out diva Idina lol. Ava and Julie made it in time for act 2. Ava had broken her leg on the way to the theatre so it was in a cast... also her arm was in a pretty purple cast but that was from some earlier injury. Poor hurt Ava! :( then we all decided to go to some club that was on top of Dance Cave and to get there we were walking through a neighbourhood I know in the Beaches, although I kept saying we were around Shebourne and Bloor (and still we were in NYC, go brain!) and then we got chased so we had to run down this hill in the dark and keep hiding behind parked cars until the chasers passed us by.

So random!

In awake news, Sarah Slean is playing a show in Peterbourough the weekend after NYC... and Dell's getting tickets :D So I'm haivng two Slean weekends in a row methinks. And I get to see where Dell is living this year.

And for this weekend Olivia is in town so I'm getting to meet here finally :D Also I think I'm helping Dani Lee and Jess move if I manage to talk to one of them today/tonight.

Work soon, must go get ready.
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I had another random dream last night... I swear my bring has run out of normal things to think about. It was sortof VM related but not really. I was in a hotel somewhere, a really really nice hotel. And I think I was dating Cassidy (Beaver) from Veronica Mars. I guess since he was in a lot more of the episode, plus his fans online give him a lot of hype... I dunno. So he was there too but he was a psychopath so near the end of my dream I kept trying to get away from him and I just couldn't get out of the hotel. So weird. So I woke up feeling all rushed and freaked out.

I really don't like being awake early. It's still nighttime dark out at 7 (although it's now 7:30 and the sun is a rising :) BUT early in the mornings it's dark and cold. Who on earth had the bright idea of waking up early and starting the majority of people's day early? I'm such a night person. I actually really enjoyed the summer in second year where I fucked up my sleep schedule and was going to bed between 4-6am and sleeping until the afternoon (or until the cleaning ladies woke me up... that was the summer Istayed in Sudbury.) It was just awesome to be able to do that BUTmy job now is a daytime job so I have to keep working on getting to sleep early. I tried last night, I went to bed at just before 12 thinking I'd get 7 hours sleep if it took me 20 minutes to fall asleep. Nope. I was awake until about 1am, almost asleep though and then my brother came home and started playing guitar. Not so nice. I had to go tell him off. I don't know how no one else in this house can hear anything. I think either I must have VERY good hearing or they all have very bad hearing. I can be in my room and yell that the phone is for someone and they all say they can't hear me. But from my room I can hear my brother typing if it's quiet enough (like late at night) and for sure I can hear his music all the time unless I'm drowning it out with my own noise. So weird, but also annoying for me.
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Another weird dream last night: This was a mishmash of about 8 plots all tied together. The central theme was me trying to get a bus ticket to go to NYC and I think that the bus was leaving the next morning so I was in a rush and somehow I couldn't find someone who could sell me a ticket and get me a bus schedule. SO that had me running around all over. Then I was also half looking after some little kid who was actually an evil little kid who was killing people every time I left them alone. Which brought in the Veronica Mars subplot of that cast trying to solve the murders. Then just before I woke up I learned that the kid was a vampire and his last words were something along the lines of "at night time there are more of us than there can ever be of you" guh, not cool

I'm not sure what's causing such weird dreams. I'm not eating before bed at all because that usually causes odd dreams but I'm thinking now maybe I've been hungry? I dunno, it's just odd. Apparently my head is messed up.

In other news, today my dad went on a cleaning kick so we'd be ready for Thanksgiving dinner, of course the mess is all of my stuff. So we had to get into the problem of once again my having enough stuff to fill two rooms (including like kitchen-y stuff etc so it's not like it's just all junk lying around) and my one little room in which to store it all. This time though he was nice and gave me a shelf in the kitchen to store some stuff. Seriously I have no room. I don't even have a floor in my room. Not due to mess per sey but due to the fact that my bed is a matress on the floor and it takes up almost all of the room. I wish that I could have had my own room back. It was almost double the size of the room I'm in now, oh and it has heating which would be nice to have. I need to buy a space heater soon because it's getting awefully chilly in here overnight now.


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