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Busy busy weekend!

Friday night I was over at my parents' house sorting through all of my boxes of books trying to find anything that was related to witches/wizards/magic. That's our decorating theme for my department at work. My brother thinks we should win based on the amount of books I was able to find. The only way I could have possibly had more stuff would be if we'd done Vampires, I have enough BtVS/Angel stuff to do a lot of decorating.

Saturday I was at the wedding of two of my friends :) I just went to the ceremony so much of my day was spent in transit from one place to another and back again. The GO trains were running funny and I had to transfer to a bus part of the way there but I did make it and that was the important part :) The walk down the aisle was done to one of my most favourite versions of Over the Rainbow! Very sweet :) This is my third wedding in as many months so from here on out if I know you please don't get married for a while, my bank account nee

Then Saturday night I was over at a friends' house. I was there before her and let myself in and was reading Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff while I waited... that is SO not the book I should have been reading by myself in an empty house!

Sunday [livejournal.com profile] willow_kat was passing through TO on her way home so we went and did a little book and DVD shopping. Vortex had the full series of Xfiles in the full sized boxes not the slim sets which is exactly what I've been collecting... I needed 4 more to finish my collection so I was bad and bought the last 4 I needed. Totally pricey for the day BUT really the four of them came to what 1 season used to cost when they first were released AND the owner threw in a copy of Unholy (Nicholas Brendons' movie) for free. Not a bad deal at all. Now I have a full Xfiles set :) This is excellent timing because the Xfiles rewatch community has just started to cycle through and now I can keep up through all of the seasons :)

We also stopped by Toys R Us and got cute little Jack Sparrow play sets. I have to set mine up on my computer at work I think. They have some cool things there for Christmas! They have this moon light that you set up on your wall and by remote control you can control it to show the different phases of the moon, very pretty!
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Soooooooooo busy!

This weekend we had the meeting for the volunteers for the Serenity Screening. If you haven't heard of these already go here: http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com/ and find a city near to you. On the 23rd of June (and possibly on dates near to that in some cities) Serenity is put back on the big screen to celebrate Joss's birthday. All proceeds go to support the charity Equality Now. The TO one this year is going to be fantastic. We have grab bags, and tons of stuff for sale (hint if you want a tshirt preorder OR show up early!) and we're also having door prizes and an auction! Bring cash (it's all cash only) and have fun!

Sunday I bought way too many DVDs. I found season 7 and 9 of the Xfiles the regular sized boxes not slimsets so I bought those. Now I just need 4, 5, 6, and 8. Not too shabby. I also picked up season 2 of Joan of Arcadia and season 3 of The 4400 and then Bring It On (as if I didn't have that one already!) and My Summer of Love. Busy day, I love BMV and Vortex. I had to not go back into HMV as they were having a massive sale as well. Eep. If you're looking for Dead Like Me (both seasons) or How I Met Your Mother (season 1) they're 50% off of the already discounted prices.

Then I got sunstroke feeling and crashed at my parents house for a bit and then went home. Missed most of the Tony awards, boo urns.

Today my brother came over and installed my wireless card so I can get hooked up to the internet in my new place when I move at the end of the month :) and I got a call to let me know people want to come look at the apartment tomorrow. Frell. I just did a mad cleaning spree. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. And it's all I could get done.

I also introduced my brother to Farscape. We watched the pilot. He's not as hooked as he was by the Firefly pilot but he thinks he'll like it, so I sent him home with the first box to play with and I'm betting once he starts them I'll be getting calls insisting that I bring him more lol.

Now I'm exausted and have just enough time for a shower and then sleep!
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Blockbuster is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale now. Clearly I need to avoid DVD sales LOL. I found 4 movies I really wanted... which meant I ended up with 6 :)

Stick It
The Meaning of Words
Art School Confidential
Dust Factory
The Weatherman
Prize Winner

And last night I was in a silly mood so I went with 'Stick It.' Which is by the same creators as 'Bring It On' and I figured it would essentially be 'Bring It On' but with gymnastics. To a large degree it was BUT it centers more around a "Missy" type of character than what's her face that Kristin Dunst played. *yay* Also there were some neat twists along the way, the movie wasn't entirely predictable, it was just mostly fun. I so am going to watch that one again :)

I did see they had one of the Farscape Season 3 DVDs but it was in a blank box and I want the pretty box set. I'm shallow that way when I'm working on buying a whole series, I like them to match :)

This morning I woke up just fine with my alarm, switched it off and contemplated resetting it for later so I could sleep in... and fell asleep before I could finish that thought. Oops. I was lucky and woke up 30 minutes later which was pretty much when I'd have set the alarm for so I wasn't too far behind this morning, just a little more rushed than usual.
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Alas the weekend has departed quickly yet again. I was house/dog sitting for my parents which meant that I had a pretty quiet weekend. My brother got a new computer (Mac laptop... iBook?) which is pretty sweet. I'm not really a fan of Mac computers but I did enjoy the little remote control for while I was curled up on the couch :)

As I've been getting more and more addicted to Farscape I decided a Vortex trip was in order for today so my brother and I went out and visted HMV, BMV and Vortex (the usual at that end of town) and did quite well. I bought a nice bunch of books and both Shaye CDs (one was given to me for free - tres awesome!) I found the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls for Nomi which she has been searching for since she moved to TO :) For myself I finally got a copy of The Corpse Bride and Ginger Snaps 2 (so now I can watch the third one I've had for months now lol) and also Pitch Black because Claudia Black is in it and I've been told the movie isn't bad. Oh and I bought the last third of season 1 of Farscape and the Peace Keeper Wars (which I will not watch before I'm done the series it was just not too expensive so I went for it.) My Farscape DVDs are set up differently than the ones I've been borrowing. There are 4 seperate discs instead of two double sided discs. It's all the same to me though :)

I also lucked out and not only was I able to borrow the last third of season 2 from Tom today I also got a ride home from him so I didn't have to fuss with getting my bag with freshly cleaned laundry (perk of housesitting - free laundry) and new books and DVDs on and off of the streetcar :) So much nicer to do it that way.

Next week shall be more housesitting, with working autoshow and I get to see Dell for brunch *yay*

Now time to get ready for bed and then regular work tomorrow :)
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I know I promised a VM review for the latest episode... but then my computer ate it and I don't feel like re-typing. Ergo I sum it up in a spoiler free "SQUEE" and move on :)

Yesterday was busy busy busy but fun. I was up early, fought with my computer to burn a Bway CD for Jo and then was out the door to go to Viv's place :) I ended up waking her up but surprisingly she was cheerful about it :) The lucky girl is seeing Guster play tomorrow night! I so would go except it would wipe me out for work the next day and I just was sick on Friday and I don't want to have to ask if I can come in later so soon after that. Viv, I know you're lurking on here as of late but I'd love to read a review of the show :)

I also picked up my Firefly loaner set from her so Dell and Danny when you guys want to watch them I'll bring them by/you can pick them up :)

Viv and I also hit up Blockbuster as I was leaving and I got 4 really excellent looking films from Mongrel's Festival Collection:

The End of Silence, The Forest for the Trees, Things To Do, and Our Town. Much watching to do soon :)

Then I stopped off at the bank to order more cheques and then went to my parents place and chatted with my dad for a few hours before the Shindig :)

The Shindig downtown was fun (as they always are.) I met some new people and got so talk with lots of friends. I was still feeling a bit sore headed after the Friday migrane so I had to pass on the fabulous chocolatey brownie that was being shared (and cannot believe I missed an opportunity to slip in the Brownie song from Reefer Madness, darn!) but I did eat a fabulous bread pudding that tasted of rum and custard :) No complaints here. I also have borrowed the first season of Farscape from Tom which I hope to start tomorrow evening :) and a fabulous looking (and massive) graphic novel called Blankets which has come so highly recommended that I'm very excited about that one as well :) As ususal the evening was full of great conversations and Tom, Jo, Kevin and myself were the last to leave. That's somewhat the habit by now. Just as we were getting into the car to head home (thank you again Tom for the ride!) a homeless man came asking for help buying food so I gave him my leftovers from dinner. I hope he liked it :)

Today was much less busy, all I had to get done really was grocery shopping and cooking dinner. I worked on my Buffy icon set a bit, slept slept slept and watched the Grease "You're The One That I Want" Broadway auditions because even though it's reality it's also Broadway and so far it's pretty darn fun to watch :) Now it's time for Crossing Jordan and then bed so I can be somewhat coherent tomorrow for work... and hopefully have far less head pain :)
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It has been a blissfully relaxing weekend, just what I needed :)

I slept in on Saturday and then went over to Jo's house where we spent much of the day chatting and she hemmed my pants (THANK YOU!) and we watched Eurotrip (because I hadn't seen it... note to self Michelle Trachtenburg acting any older than 12 years old squiks me out... she's freaking Harriet the Spy... or Buffy's little sister, not some topless chick in Europe... however apparently she and the LoHo are fighting so I have to support that ;) ) and had a fabulous sushi dinner. By the time we were done I thought it was around 7 o clock, in reality it was 10:30, oops.

Then today the only thing I had to do was grocery shopping. I also have managed to deposit a couple of cheques *yay* and picked up 3 DVDs at Blockbuster with my giftcards (thank you Viv and work.) I bought:

Slither - which I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to buy but it kept being $28.99 in stores and while I thought it was absolutely hilarious I'm not about to pay more than $30 for a movie. So I'm very glad I was able to buy that one :)

RENT - I KNOW how many of you are shocked that I didn't have this one yet? Honestly after seeing the show SO many times I wasn't in a huge rush to own the movie, I knew it would always be there so it kept getting pushed back so I could buy other movies.

Akeelah and the Bee - one of the cutest movies ever. I saw this one in theatres (actually I've seen all 3 of these movies in theatres, neat) I just think this movie is so sweet and also it's quite a good film. A lot of family movies tend to be complete dribble that I'm not interested in. This one was well constructed and a joy to watch :)

And that's my day. Tonight I want to keep working on my Buffy icon series (season 3 now) and also to try to be asleep at a reasonable hour (how old and boring do I sound? LOL)
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One more day left until yet another long weekend :) I love having the vacation time but I'd also love to have the quiet time. This also throws my routine for work so I'm all out of sorts until I'm back in a regular routine.

A note to my roommate's cat. You're cuteness decreases by approximately 87% when you wake me up 25 minutes before my alarm goes off (this is 5:50 am) by purring beside my head and poking me in the head. Not my most favourite thing ever. Probably not his favourite thing ever now either as this results in him being pushed off of the bed.

Oh and a friend at work told me that WalMart was having a massive DVD sale (box sets 2 for $30!) so I went to check that one out by the WalMart nearest to me didn't have anything good really. I picked up The Craft and Center Stage both on sale though because those will be fun :) I was going to watch Center Stage tonight but it got too late, perhaps tomorrow night when I can stay up as late as I want to :)

Then I decided to walk up the road a bit to Chapters to spend my giftcard :) I bought Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris. I'm curious to read it before the movie is out and I have a soft spot for the Hannibal character... I also spent almost an hour wandering the store. One of the things I discovered to my absolute delight was that Five Little Peppers and How They Grew has been rereleased! I love that book, it was one of the dear dear ones from my childhood that I've read and reread over and over. I wonder if this means they'll put out the rest of the series? I had a moment of rapture when I saw that book was still around for kids to read :)

I'm actually almost through Little Women :) However I'm almost to the point where I cannot safely read it in transit (Beth) so I think I shall leave that one at home tomorrow and choose something else for the bus ride.

And on that bookish note I'm off to bed :)
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I went to bed early early last night, I was passing out by 10! I think it's because I strained my neck a little and then started feeling migraine pain again (eventually I'm going to have to go get this checked out, not so cool at all.) However, I had a great day anyways. I met up with Ashley and heard all about her trip to Japan! It sounds like for the most part she had a wonderful time :) And she brought me a PotC date book which has all of the Japanese holidays in it, so fun!

I also found the ONLY store in TO which carries my camera battery so I picked up my second battery :) No more "low battery" nonsense for me now!

We grabbed a quick lunch and then browsed Sam the Record Man (which keeps getting more and more overpriced for anything that's not currently on sale... I remember when it was the better place to shop) and HMV. I bought DVDs which was very bad, I should not be shopping, but I picked up the Roseanne Hallowe'en DVD. I don't know if I'm going to buy all of their seasons but their Hallowe'en episodes kick ass so I thought those would be fun to have this month. And I also FINALLY found Return to Oz which I realize now (after reading the box) is apparently only supposed to be for sale in the USA. Gee thanks Disney :( However this was an import and while it was a little pricey I bought it because that is one of my absolute favourite movies.

Then time to head home, watched more of The 4400 because my brother is anxiously waiting for me to finish with season 2 so he can have it. I find that so awesome, he used to avoid EVERYTHING I liked. TV, movies, music, books, if I said it was good he decided that he'd have nothing to do with it. Now he's been converted to Firefly, loves the Enders Game series, and is now hooke on The 4400 :) He also wants to take in a Sarah Slean show sometime in TO!

So now then today, I woke up early early early (6:30) due to going to bed early last night. Ergo I decided to get up and go take pictures of the sunrise down by the lake. There were actually a pair of professional photographers doing the same thing but they were all about staying near to their car and leaving their Tim Hortons coffee cups lying around on the ground, whereas I promptly climbed down the rocks. I think I got some pretty decent shots (pic spam coming soon.) As I was leaving I stopped to get pictures of the swans framed by the sunrise (not sure how they worked out yet) and I was so amused to see that after I left the pros went running for my spot.

And now I have showered (it was SO cold out this morning and damp, my feet were soaked through!) and I'm going to pack up some laundry and head on to my parents house for Thanksgiving.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone who is celebrating this weekend :)
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It's been a madly productive weekend :) I made oodles of chocolate fudge, tres yummy :) Of course Saturday was humid so it took FOREVER to get it beaten enough to set again which left me with a blister on my hand. An injury from baking, how girly is that? ;)

Today Nomi and I got grocery shopping done and then I bought WAY too many DVDs. Darn Vortex having pretty much every box set I wanted. Excluding the Angel DVDs but I found 2 seasons of those at BMV so now I'm only missing season 2 and 5. Does anyone know when the Slimsets are released for Angel? I want to be sure to have my DVD's bought before then.

Then after buying far too many DVDs and eating yummy Amato pizza we went to buy a fishy! I ended up getting 3 who are as of yet unnamed but I'm working on it. I got an Australian Rainbow fish one of these guys and two rainbow tetras who look like these guys because I couldn't make up my mind and I have a bigger fish tank now so when I saw the little fishies I felt bad for only taking one. He'd be so lonely.

I also fixed our toilet that broke this morning which was useful :)

And tomorrow it's back to the work week :) Time keeps flying by!
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I haven't made an actual update update in a while. SO here you go :)

This weekend was my first weekend in a while where I could just stay home and do nothing. It was so needed as I'd been having near migrane headaches all week. Nomi and I went shopping on Saturday, checked out Sherway Gardens. Even though I do not usually enjoy larger malls this one was not bad at all :) Their prices are marked up like woah though I was in their HMV checking prices on Angel DVDs (as I now have to buy the rest of the seasons before they slim size them :S) and their stuff was way more expensive than everything in the HMV at the Duffern mall.

Anyways we also hit up a bunch of the stores across the street, most of all Best Buy for their grand opening sale. I finally bought both seasons of The 4400 so I've got to get to watching those soon :) We also entered the dreaded Walmart for a boot tray (hello rainy fall) and some cooking stuff. They also had uber cheap DVDs, not good for me lol.

Oh and yesterday I was dizzy almost all day! I'd gone to bed Sunday night feeling like I had the spins or something which was bizarre as I'd not been drinking and I woke up still all spinny. I looked it up though and apparently if you get migrane headaches sometimes you get a completely seperate dizzyness. It wasn't really all that bad just sort of perplexing.

And now I'm off to work :)
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nabbed this from [livejournal.com profile] abbagirl

Your 2006 Summer Anthem Is

Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

"She's a lover, baby, and a fighter
Shoulda seen it comin' when it got a little brighter
With a name like "Dani California"
Day was gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya
A little loaded she was stealin' another breath
I love my baby to death"

Day two of the long weekend is almost over and it's soooooooooooo humid. Ugh not fun. I'm befriending my fan. I'm also befriending my dvds that I got at Jumbo Video on friday. They had a buy two get one free sale on.... and had marked down a lot of movies to $4.99 12 movies later I was done lol. My parents have already borrowed five of them to watch. Last night we watched Spanglish which was much better than I had though it was going to be. More than just cute, it's a damn good movie. And Tea Leoni now scares me more now than ever.

hmmm and under the cut a bunch more quizzes because it's hot and that's about all I have the energy for right now ;)

quiz quiz quiz quiz )
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Awww Angelina Jolie just had a baby girl, sweet.

Anyways, I saw Xmen 3 today. The dialogue was shit. Seriously just bad bad bad. I think originally Joss Whedon was commissioned to write the script for them and something didn't work out... they should have fixed that because they had a terrible script to work with.

Special effects on the other hand were freaking awesome.

Also, Ben Foster, got really hot.

Oh and I wont spoil anyone, but stay until the end of the credits :)

In other news, not so awesome was the guy who showed up half way through previews and then had half of our row move down two seats so he and his two friends could sit together. If you're late, you should take what you can get. Mostly because I totally turned my ankle and couldn't walk it off until after the movie and in doing so I totally fell on Viv. Fortunately for him it was before the Pirates preview or I'd have drawn blood.

Oh and Viv bought the Oozenator, most perverted toy out there right now. It's so disgusting and yet hilarious.

I found fun treasures today. Firstly, the 1984 edition of Edward Eager's "A Knight's Castle" that I'm missing to complete my collection. Even the site for these books online didn't have that cover image, I'll have to scan it and email it to them tomorrow :) Go BMV, they're children's section is looking up again.

And DVDs, hee. Joan of Arcadia season 1. I'd been thinking about grabbing this one at Vortex for about a month now, and never did, until I saw it was $70 in HMV and so I grabbed it for $30 while I could :) And the 1964 cartoon of Return to Oz which I oddly feel I may have seen on tv when I was little... it was on DVD and it's Oz :) yay. Also Princess of Thieves, which is complete tv Disney movie drivel but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Last but not least, the BBC complete Narnia series! I've been waiting for that one for a while as well. I don't even know what to watch tomorrow! I'll probably start with something tonight :) Oh and randomly an autographed Melanie Doane CD, hee, awesome.

What else today, oh I saw one of the most annoying children ever in Toys R Us. He walked to the front of the line and as Viv was paying put his toy up on the counter and pushed her stuff off. Now he was probably only about 4 years old but still that's just not cool. His mother kept sort of telling him not to do that but he obviously wasn't listening. I just let them go ahead of me because she wasn't stopping him and I wasn't about to deal with that. The guy behind the cash was shocked at the mother's behaviour, although I guess they must see a lot of bratty kids in a toystore. If I'd ever done that as a kid my parents would have just put my toys back and taken me home.

And in other news Jewel has a new album, when the hell did that happen?!
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Firstly, any TO (or near to TO) Firefly fans, do you want to go to the charity Firefly screening on June 24th with me? Everyone I know thus far is going to be out of town, darn summer vacations that I don't get to take lol. So if anyone thinks they may be interested leave me a comment :)

I got out of work super early today :) Well I put in a full day but I didn't stay my extra hour and I had gone in early, so I was out by 5 and treated myself with DVD buying :) I finally decided to pick up the Without a Trace DVDs that I always see in the Blockbuster by the Mod Club. They were still there (yay) and were marked at $39.99, oh and I also saw Dirty Dancing so I grabbed that one too lol and then when the total came up it was just over $34, my WaT DVDs were way marked down, $22.98 very sweet. I was reading through the booklet on my way home, oh the good old days of season 1 when the show rocked hardcore. I do wish they'd put out season 2 on DVD as well. Grrr.

Ugh I do not like early morning Subway travellers. There was a guy on the subway today who smelled so terrible, as in half way down the car it still reeked. And he wasn't homeless or crazy looking, he looked pretty average, but he stunk. I'd hate to be stuck working with him.

Oh and I found my dream neighbourhood. I walked down to College from Christie station and the houses are just amazing! I want to live there very much. It does look expensive of course. I remind myself of the Cordelia quote, wanting things "not because they're more expensive, but because they cost more" hee.
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Nomi came to town this weekend so we could wander through our soon-to-be new neighbourhood and check out where we might want to move to. We have it narrowed down a lot which is wonderful :)

Friday night when Nomi got in we went to the movies, and it is HARD to find a movie that is not Mission Impossible 3 especially for a later show, bah. But we ended up seeing Friends With Money which was quite good. Oh and before it was saw the trailer for A Prarie Home Companion which looks good EXCEPT for that Lindsay Lohan somehow ended up in a decent movie. Well I enjoyed Mean Girls and apparently Freaky Friday is fun... but I think that's more the other cast than her, so hopefully the rest of the amazing cast can outshine her because the movie did look fun.

Anyways then Saturday we walked ALL over Etobicoke. I think we were there for almost 4 hours. Some parts are pretty nice, some are very very sketchy lol. We have figured out some good possible neighbourhoods though :) I did like it, I think that's about as far from the city core as I'd like to go though, I'm a city girl through and through.

We ended up with a quick stop by Vortex where we both found Mother's Day presents *yay* I got my mom the dvd set of 21 Jump Street hee :) I also found season 4 of Little House on the Prarie which I had to buy. I loved that show and the books :) Much fun, I love having all of these old shows being brought out on DVD.

I also am consistantly loving the music on Grey's Anatomy, that music person rocks. I also really want to know what the song was at the end of the O.C. this week... I saw the last few minutes and the song was good :)
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DVD boxsets.

Nomi since you read this if you don't already have Wonderfalls, now is a good time: sale on Wonderfalls DVD box set

lol I may even consent to trying a few episodes of it again.... *may* MAY. lol I dunno if I can do it yet.

And Veronica Mars season 2 August 15th. Want now!


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