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The power blew at my apartment on Saturday morning as I was getting ready for my first summer wedding. Not the most fun ever. I had the directions for meeting up on the computer, glad that I had read them once earlier in the morning so I remembered them alright. The wedding itself was lovely, just the sort of small casual thing I'd want to do were I to get married.

Still no power by Saturday night (the apartment is in a house, breaker is in the basement apartment, that tenant rarely is in the city on weekends) so I split and came to crash at my parents house. They're on vacation 'til tomorrow so I took their room and watched some Farscape with my brother (who is now 1/3 of the way through the first season and is hooked *yay*)

Today there is still no power in the apartment. I dropped by briefly to pick up my pass for work and am crashing at my parent's house again today. The problem for me with no power in the summer means I can't even run a fan and I get heatstroke. My room is on the third floor, heat rises yadda yadda yadda and I'd be too sick by Monday to fathom going to work. Ergo I'm chilling out here. Going to grab a slushie and then I think watch some Babylon 5 :)
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Clearly I was introduced to Farscape at the right time because apparently it's coming back! My brother sent me this link this morning: http://www.premiumhollywood.com/2007/07/15/far-out-no-way-dude-far-in/

If this turns out to be true I'm going to be so happy!
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Polaris Picspam :) They're mostly pretty big so this is not dial up friendly, sorry! I didn't take a lot of shots this weekend, I was busy most of the time and just didn't even take out my camera.

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Mini pic spam - housewarming present (Farscape related) and kitties

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Soooooooooo busy!

This weekend we had the meeting for the volunteers for the Serenity Screening. If you haven't heard of these already go here: http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com/ and find a city near to you. On the 23rd of June (and possibly on dates near to that in some cities) Serenity is put back on the big screen to celebrate Joss's birthday. All proceeds go to support the charity Equality Now. The TO one this year is going to be fantastic. We have grab bags, and tons of stuff for sale (hint if you want a tshirt preorder OR show up early!) and we're also having door prizes and an auction! Bring cash (it's all cash only) and have fun!

Sunday I bought way too many DVDs. I found season 7 and 9 of the Xfiles the regular sized boxes not slimsets so I bought those. Now I just need 4, 5, 6, and 8. Not too shabby. I also picked up season 2 of Joan of Arcadia and season 3 of The 4400 and then Bring It On (as if I didn't have that one already!) and My Summer of Love. Busy day, I love BMV and Vortex. I had to not go back into HMV as they were having a massive sale as well. Eep. If you're looking for Dead Like Me (both seasons) or How I Met Your Mother (season 1) they're 50% off of the already discounted prices.

Then I got sunstroke feeling and crashed at my parents house for a bit and then went home. Missed most of the Tony awards, boo urns.

Today my brother came over and installed my wireless card so I can get hooked up to the internet in my new place when I move at the end of the month :) and I got a call to let me know people want to come look at the apartment tomorrow. Frell. I just did a mad cleaning spree. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. And it's all I could get done.

I also introduced my brother to Farscape. We watched the pilot. He's not as hooked as he was by the Firefly pilot but he thinks he'll like it, so I sent him home with the first box to play with and I'm betting once he starts them I'll be getting calls insisting that I bring him more lol.

Now I'm exausted and have just enough time for a shower and then sleep!
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Saturday night Tom, Jo and I got together to watch The Peace Keeper Wars (mini series that finished off Farscape) as I'd not yet seen it. It was a great way to wrap up my birthday stuff (yes I do stretch out my day lol) and now that I've seen it all I can offer many Farscape musings

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Just got back in from a lovely evening walk. It is so nice to have sunshine in the evening again and it's a lovely spring so far. A bit brisk but that keeps it nice enough to go for a walk and not feel like I'm melting. I'm a fan of that.

My Farscape musings are coming up shortly, they're long, and still only touching on the surface of a lot of things. What an intensely good show! I actually stayed up late and watched the last four eps of the fourth season through a migraine on Friday (I took drugs at the beginning so it was fading throughout) and was so excited for The Peacekeeper Wars that I was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. I could not get back to sleep. This of course ultimately resulted in my falling asleep for a while at Jo's place after the mini series. I sort of drifted in and out of the conversation going on. Oops, it was like in second year when I was half narcoleptic and since I wasn't sleeping regular hours at all I would just fall asleep whenever I had a moment to lol.

Slean concerts are at the end of this week! They snuck up on me again, life is so busy that suddenly the good things are at my doorstep.
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Another week is done *yay* My brain has apparently decided to finish with an almost migraine (I got some pills in me early enough to avoid the full thing) *boo*

However even being in some pain would not stop me from finishing up the Farscape series tonight for the movie viewing scheduled for tomorrow. I'm now a little in shock! I cannot believe people who were watching in real time had to wait two years for the movie! I'd have been so frustrated. It was all I could do to not just watch the movie tonight but I did 4 episodes and I feel that my eyes are ready to quit on me soon so that's a good deterrant.

Oh this week I saw Fracture with Ashley for a birthday movie. It wasn't bad but the writing wasn't great. I think they ended up with great acting with a very mediocre script which made for a decent movie but not one I'd make an effort to see a second time. Fun to visit Ashley though :)

Time for bed for me and see if I can sleep of the last of this headache.
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Your Birthdate: April 20

You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.
It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.
Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4

You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.

Hmm interesting ;)

In other news Halls with vitamin C and echinacea are so my miracle medicine. I was feeling aweful earlier this week and took my two of those per day and am now doing quite well :)

Oh I also watched the Season 3 finale of Farscape, and promptly just about died. How fantastic is this show?! Also, you Farscape fans are even more fantastic because you've all been great at not spoiling me at all so the entire show is brand new to me :)

I really really need to get my hair cut. I'm trying (yet again) to grow it out but it needs a trim sometime soon. Must find time... also must find time to buy my Dad his birthday present... might get to do that today :)
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The weekend is turning out to be quite splendid :) On Friday night I got a call from my friend Leigh who I'd not heard from in ages! I'm going to head out to visit her next weekend. She's now just over 5 months pregnant so I went out today to do baby shopping. I've been waiting for years for someone I know to get pregnant so I can do baby shopping! I love the little little things. I bought her baby 2 sleepers and a cute onesy (I just couldn't choose only one!) and then of course being me I had to go pick out a book. I wanted to get "I Love You Forever" but my assumption is that EVERYONE thinks of that book first so she probably already has it. But I did find a cute cardboard book copy of "The Velveteen Rabbit" which is another favourite so I went with that :) Much shopping all day but fun.

I also was trying to find "The Book of Dreams" by O.R. Melling and was highly disappointed to not find it. I found the 4 books in that series together in one volume which I considered even though I have the first three in a volume already. What almost got me is that the first book ("The Hunter's Moon") had been revised so I thought that could be neat to read. I started reading it in the store though and they've updated the references to be ones for the Lord of the Rings movies and that just doesn't do it for me so I passed on that. I'll have to find the stand alone volume on it's own somewhere.

Then I settled in for a quiet evening at home, did some dishes and cleaning, had a nice dinner and then was surprised by a phone call from Tom who was going to be heading by my place on his way home and had the third season of Farscape for me to borrow :) So he stopped by and we watched the first episode :) When I'm done the entire series and movie I'm going to have to do a full entry on my thoughts about this series, it's just brilliant and keeps getting better the further in they get!

So altogether the weekend is shaping up to be just lovely :) I hope everyone who's reading this is having a great weekend as well!
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Well this has been an entirely enjoyable day off :) I went to see Guster in concert last night (AWESOME! thank you Viv for inviting me along to that one!!!!!!!) and so not knowing how late we'd be I booked today off from work, which allowed us to go out for pizza after the show :) Much goodness.

Today I got to sleep in which is always great. I then read one of the nicest emails which was completely unexpected and just made me grin all day.

Actually last night Viv and I were just talking about how much more at peace with most people we've become. I've only really had two people who ever managed to hurt me deeply and over the past year I've let the hurt they caused go almost completely. The email I got this morning somewhat related to one of them and really was a sign that all the damage that was attempted at the time has been repaired. So it was a very good email to wake up to indeed.

In celebration I baked croissants (from the Pilsbury tube, I'm not that much of a chef lol) and watched Fraggle Rock with my roommate (it's on every day at noon on BBC Kids!) and then settled in for some Farscape watching. I've now watched the last 4 episodes of season 2, still am in love with this show!

And during the day I managed to run a few errands and pay bills. Not so fun but necessary and good to do when I'm not feeling rushed.

Tonight is Veronica Mars, I'm not overly excited about it anymore but I'm curious to see if they can pull of a good end to the current mystery arc and I think I shall curl up with some italian wedding soup and watch it :)

Oh and beware friendslist I went through my parents old photoalbums and scanned pics of myself when I was younger so you'll get some random picture spams soon :)
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Alas the weekend has departed quickly yet again. I was house/dog sitting for my parents which meant that I had a pretty quiet weekend. My brother got a new computer (Mac laptop... iBook?) which is pretty sweet. I'm not really a fan of Mac computers but I did enjoy the little remote control for while I was curled up on the couch :)

As I've been getting more and more addicted to Farscape I decided a Vortex trip was in order for today so my brother and I went out and visted HMV, BMV and Vortex (the usual at that end of town) and did quite well. I bought a nice bunch of books and both Shaye CDs (one was given to me for free - tres awesome!) I found the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls for Nomi which she has been searching for since she moved to TO :) For myself I finally got a copy of The Corpse Bride and Ginger Snaps 2 (so now I can watch the third one I've had for months now lol) and also Pitch Black because Claudia Black is in it and I've been told the movie isn't bad. Oh and I bought the last third of season 1 of Farscape and the Peace Keeper Wars (which I will not watch before I'm done the series it was just not too expensive so I went for it.) My Farscape DVDs are set up differently than the ones I've been borrowing. There are 4 seperate discs instead of two double sided discs. It's all the same to me though :)

I also lucked out and not only was I able to borrow the last third of season 2 from Tom today I also got a ride home from him so I didn't have to fuss with getting my bag with freshly cleaned laundry (perk of housesitting - free laundry) and new books and DVDs on and off of the streetcar :) So much nicer to do it that way.

Next week shall be more housesitting, with working autoshow and I get to see Dell for brunch *yay*

Now time to get ready for bed and then regular work tomorrow :)
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.... hmmm there is a Farscape con in Burbank next November.... that is VERY tempting. Very very very tempting.

Anyone else tempted?

info :)
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I was in an odd mood yesterday and was lying on the couch in the opposite way from normal and ended up still feeling somewhat restless and so slept upside down in my bed... and then cricked my neck. Oy! I don't think I was sleeping in a funny position for long though because it's already becoming almost not sore at all :)

In other news, there are not enough Farscape screencaps floating around out there! It's frustrating. I'll have to make some of my own eventually but it was just baffling to find a cult show like this and not find huge screencap sites. I'm used to firefly having Still-Flying and Buffy/Angel having Screencap Paradise... boo urns.

OH and in most fantastic news. Stampy has arrived. Stampy is what my roommate christened my cheque from Warner music at the point they were ignoring me and it became a point of principal to get the thing rather than being just funny. Clearly this is my elephant :) (Simpsons reference) I now must get it framed and up on the wall next to the poster :) I am very amused with this :)
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I finished watching Farscape season 1 tonight (why yes I've been having my own little marathon lol) and OH MY GOODNESS, that's definitely a great way to make people come back for season two! I get to work through some of the special features for the rest of the week and I've also decided that clearly I need Farscape icons but I can't look in icon communities because I'd be spoiled for anything beyond the first season, ergo I must make some :)

Much geeky fun to come ;)

and now I'm exhausted so it's time for bed.


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