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For those that have read and enjoyed it I have a set of icons made from the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson posted in my icon journal.


The full set is here in [livejournal.com profile] rage_my_darling :)

For those who are craving a little Mal/Inara action [livejournal.com profile] gilliebeans has a great story called Coming Clean . It's hot and beautiful and I think she does a great job with these characters. Go read and comment :)

Lastly (but not least) I joined [livejournal.com profile] whedonland and you should too! It's a challenge community with four teams (Whedonverse themed of course) and everyone is competing to avert the apocalypse :) I'm on team Firefly :)
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Wow, you know it was a mighty fine shindig when it ends with breakfast at 6pm the next day ;)

Firefly Marathon post  )
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Total Browncoat squee moment: more serious talk of a Serenity 2.

... this makes me want to buy even more of the Serenity DVDs. Alrighty then, Christmas gifts all around!
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Your Score: Half a Season

( 53 Costs, 40 Reception, and 60 Cult Appeal )

You were a show with a vision. You wanted to be something magical on the television landscape. You wanted to make art, and you weren't willing to spare the expense to make your vision come alive. And it was beautiful. You found people who loved your dreams and came along for the ride. But by and large, the rest of the audience just didn't click with you. Despite the efforts of your loyal fans, FOX couldn't justify the ratings and pulled the plug after just half a season. But even if your time was brief, you know that in the hearts of your followers, you will never be forgotten.

Link: The When Will FOX Cancel You? Test written by hashtable on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Hee :)
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Morena Baccarin's Q and A at SFX last summer - 341.39 Mb
password = firefly

I know a few people have been asking for this so above is the download link for the Morena Q & A at SFX last summer. My internet connection now takes FOREVER to upload things (that one took 16 hours) so feel free to share this, to upload it again for friends when the download runs out, burn it to CD, whichever :)
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Can't Stop The Serenity

I don't have pictures in this post, just a write up, pictures will come as soon as I see what other people have posted and save some of those to add since I didn't take many pictures.

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*yay* Can't Stop The Serenity day is finally here!

For anyone who is still thinking of going check out
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Title: Eavesdropping
Summary: Jayne and Kaylee overhear Mal and Inara fighting
Rating: mild PG
Word count: 1410
Characters: Mal, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee
Pairing: Hints at Jayne/Kaylee and Mal/Inara
Spoilers/Timeline: Takes place early in the series.
Disclaimer: They all belong to Joss, I'm just borrowing.
Author's Note: This fic was written for [livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 she gave me the prompt of "Mal/Inara, tea leaves and eavedsropping" and this is what came of it.

Malcom Reynolds! Don’t you ever knock? )
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Yes dear friendslist, I finally attempted some Firefly fanfic. The challenge at [livejournal.com profile] ff_friday was vampires and that paired with the 10th year BtVS anniversary gave me a plot bunny and I FINALLY wrote it down instead of just thinking up stories. So for those who may be interested, here's my attempt:

Title: Bright Lights, Blue Hands
Summary: River thinks about what vampires truly are.
Disclaimer: Joss is the genius, I'm just playing.
Spoilers: The R.Tam Sessions and Safe
Rating: G
Word Count: 321
** thanks to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 who was my beta for this story :) **

Vampires didn't live in the Black... )
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New to me news: a special edition of Serenity is being released in July! Freaking SHINY! Read the details atWhedonesque

and for fun here is Joss's comment about it:

Yes, fanlings, there is going to be a 2 disc 'Special Edition' released this summer. You know why? 'Cause the 1 disc 'Normal Edition' has sold so well -- so maybe a little self-back-patting is in order for you guys. Way to keep her in the air.

It's too early to be sure what the Special Edition will contain, but here are some things we're going for:


Cast commentary -- assuming I can get a decent number of them in one room. They're very busy people, I'm happy to say.


The region 4 goodies, obviously.

The Tam Sessions.


New Yub Yub, and Greedo shoots first. So does that kid outside the trading station, the pilot who destroyed Haven, and Kaylee. And Richard Dreyfuss goes INSIDE the mothership.


An alternate ending, if you turn it off early.

Proof of the existence of a benevolent higher power -- uh, I mean, new key art.


And honestly, what more do you want? Don't answer that, I already know and it's unseemly. But I'm pretty excited here. Back to work, -j.

Take my Yub,
Take Yub Yub,
Yub Yub tak the Yub from Meee...dichlorians....
joss | March 02, 00:00 CET
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Firefly meme under the cut

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Well neat, Michael Muhney (Sherrif Lamb from Veronica Mars) showed up to the Backup Bash; his LJ entry is linked to in Whedonesque: My night with the Browncoats. Veronica Mars' Sheriff Lamb tells all.

Also: http://forums.prospero.com/foxfirefly/messages?msg=33365.8

Morena Baccarin and Ron Glass were there last night! How wonderful is this cast. I had a feeling Morena was going to show up this weekend... due to the fact we heard Christina say she'd just bring her as her guest lol, but when everything fell apart I didn't know if that was still going to be on. Gosh what a wonderful weekend for Browncoats :)

And a quote from Nathan Fillion which was posted by skeezycheese on Whedonesque: Words of wisdom from Mr. Fillion, who valiantly left the safety of the window booth at above-mentioned secret locale (a booth which he was sharing with his fellow Whedonverse stars), to mingle with us flans, and was standing two inches away from me when he said to all the flans crowding around (and I paraphrase here): "The convention is dead, let's just accept that and move on. Because at the convention, you'd get photos, and autographs, and souvenirs, but those are all things that can be taken away. But this [meaning our memories of this event] can't be."

Honestly, this is my Christmas story for the year. It makes me so happy to read about the little guy triumphing in the face of adversity AND so proud to be a Browncoat. I think the SoCal Browncoats deserve a standing ovation for putting this all together. They must be working round the clock down there and I'm so impressed with them. They've put together more in a week (and I think much of it in the past 3 days) than the original organizers did in a year. With every update things just get better and better. Claire Kramer opening up her restaurant 2 weeks early for a Browncoat party?! Awesome! I can't wait to talk with people who I know down there to hear about what they experienced. But the way the cast and fans have worked together to make this weekend a great one just makes me teary eyed.
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I attended another lovely Browncoat Shindig last night :) This one was at the Denison Armoury which as a place is a wee bit intimidating but it was still cool. We got a tour of the place, and got to learn a lot about different types of mines and at the end of the night I got to shoot a machine gun (fake, it's lasers not bullets) that apparently is about 80% accurate to what the actual experience is. I personally never want to go shoot an actual gun but the idea of trying out a machine gun shooting at a movie screen was a neat one so I had to give it a go :) I really enjoyed myself, that's one of those experiences that one rarely gets so I'm glad I did it. Next time, jumping off of a tower :)

We also watched Serenity, the whole thing because we had to wait for a remote control before we could watch the Austrailian extras, and it was all good because who can complain about watching Serenity ;) Then we watched the extras, clearly I need the Austrailain DVD and a region free DVD player LOL and then we had pizza and watched Done The Impossible. It was sort of surreal to watch DTI and have all of these fans talk about how they met and had Shindigs and their fan experiences, while we were currently at a Shindig. Best Damn Fans ever.

I had wonderful musical conversations, and ran into a Toronto RENThead who was (well still is lol) a few years older than me so she had a completely different experience with seeing the show but it was so random because we've been to many of the same shows so I must have met her in line before. Just awesome :) It's actually great to meet someone like this now when you know I actually have a life. Seeing RENT while it was here and I was in highschool meant that was what I did. I had other friends and went to parties and all that jazz as well but RENT was something at the time that was a huge definition of who I was. Not so much anymore but I love the memories that came from that.

Anyways it was a great night, I got home much later than I'd planned but I got a ride from Tom which was so great of him :)

C'est tout :)
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I have that Firefly fanvideo I talked about on here earlier this week finished and uploaded. For anyone who doesn't regularly look into my icon (and now I guess video) LJ the links for youtube/download are here: http://community.livejournal.com/rage_my_darling/38387.html
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I'm sure most Firefly/Serenity fans have seen this already but if you haven't:

Dear fellow Browncoats-

It has been my pleasure to make and distribute the Jayne repro shirts to many of you literally the world over. Through great organizations such as the So Cal, San Fran, and South East Browcoats, our shirts have been used to raise money for charity at Comic Con and Wonder Con for the past two years . Today, I recieved a letter from Fox Corporate "asking" us to stop producing anything related in any way to the Firefly Series. We do not compete with them for any business, since the only thing Firefly related they sell as far as I can tell the DVD set. It is my hope to contact Fox to try to work out some sort of licencing agreement with them, but since they apparantly care nothing for the series or the fans that they abandoned, I am sceptical that they will allow us to continue in any fashion- if anyone knows of any other contacts that I can use to help negotiate with them, it would be appreciated, otherwise, I will go back to other business- They have given me 2 weeks to cease production, so if anyone is needing anything, please let me know as soon as possible...........


Alex bluesunshirts.com

Have I mentioned in a while that I really really dispise the Fox Network? No? Well yeah, I freaking do! If you don't support a show, literally force it off of the air, and then already make tons of money from the Firefly DVDs (those things still hit the best sellers list occasionally, that's huge for a show that's been off the air for so long!) why the fuck do you need to further put down the fans? In all honesty I can sort of see where the copywright boundry has been crossed BUT it's a slim line when one looks at the products, they're not like Firefly logos everywhere.


Hate Fox.
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So I have a great idea for a fanvid for the Firefly ep 'Objects in Space.' It's semi planned out in my head, I made a title screen and my credits screen, have the song picked out, and what does the video file I have do? Why it crashes movie maker of course! I even got adventureous and tried it in Adobe premiere, which it also crashes....

Apparently this has something to do with the fact that video files are being encoded differently and this crashes some media programs. I'm so unimpressed.

And this idea is going to be stuck in my head until I get it vidded out (just ask the Serenity one which has been in there since December and which I can't make until I get a song of of the upcoming Sarah Slean live album (providing of course that the song I want is on there.)

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Nomi and I just finished our Firefly/Serenity marathon :) 24 hours, 15 episodes, the R. Tam sessions and a movie. My eyes may fall out of my head soon. However I love the entire verse.

Upon rewatching the R. Tam sessions I noticed a movie spoiler.... )

I love Joss's entire 'verse. He created something so special there and it's a shame that more people still haven't seen it.

Also I am now fully ready for SFX and am buying a Jayne hat while there :) **insert noise of geeker joy here**
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Hmmm I have been in a huge Mal/Inara mood as of late and am highly tempted to get a ticket to SFX.... anyone going to this who wants company, or does anyone want to go?

In other news it's still grossly hot and since it's been so for a few days now it's begun to make me have more trouble sleeping and I woke up about 4 times last night going between being too hot, and then cold when the fan was directly on me, and then hot again. As a result I am sleepy and I think I'm going to have a lot of work to get through being that it was a long weekend so there was an extra day for stuff to pile up.

I seriously need to get packing. I'm going to try do do fall/winter clothes this week and just move them over because meh, I wont need them for a while and I need to move some stuff out of the way. I don't want to move anything valuable since I'm not actually living in the apartment for a little while longer, I just want to move small stuff that I can keep out of sight in the apartment but that I won't be needing here for the next month. Oh and my parents just bought a new car which, lucky for me, has a lot of storage space so I'll be able to move some stuff easily in there :)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is out this week! I'm seeing it on Saturday :D
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Hee I just got back from the charity screening of Serenity! I am SO glad I went to this. I even won one of the prizes after the movie!

My write-up is behind the cut, there are spoilers for the Big Damn Movie ;)

can't take the sky from me )

This has been a great week actually. I got to see Tamara Podemski in concert and got to see Serenity on the big screen. What more could a litlte fan girl wish for ;)

Random moments of today:

"Ummm did we just have a creepy CSI moment?"

Joanna is clearly my boss for a reason.


mmm chocolate boulder
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What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are quite expressive and thoughtful. You see the world in a way that others are blind to.

You are a very grounded, responsible, and realistic person. People may not want to hear the truth from you, but they're going to get it.

You believe that people see you for how you are, not how you look. But deep down, you know that's not exactly true.

Your near future is still unknown, and a little scary. You'll get through wild times - and you'll textually enjoy it.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.


And for anyone who doesn't know TOMORROW is the charity screening of Serenity here in TO. They still have tickets left, so go and buy, I may have to buy an extra for another shot at those door prizes ;)


Jo's coming with me and she's a Firefly fan! I'd forgotten that she's seen pretty much everything ;) well everything good anyways. So she'll get the story which is fab :D


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