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Cam and I took in the Dresden Dolls show last night. It was my frist concert of 2008 and it was a great way to start my musical year! I knew I had loved seeing them live the last time we went but I had forgotten some of how awesome they were. There was less circus in the opening acts this time, although we still did have a acrobatic hoop guy doing his thing when we got in. There were two opening bands. Friendly Rich and the Lollypop People who were really neat but only got to play a few songs (time contraints at the Phoenix because they turn into a nightclub later) and then Die Mannequin who were so full of energy and fun. Not really my style of music but enjoyable nonetheless because they put on a great performance.

The Dresden Dolls were amazing. Last time I saw them I really didn't know who they were. I actually had just agreed to go because I think A. I'd seen their lyrics used on a lot of Buffy icons so that indicated to me I might like them and B. I'm pretty sure Cam gave me a free ticket that time lol. This time I knew most of their songs and could sing along and loved the whole thing. A few girls shoved their way up to the front and tried to cut infront of me (which didn't happen) then infront of this girl who was shorter than me by a good 6 inches! Seriously there's no need to stand infront of someone like that, you can see over her just fine. I'm sad that I've grown older and don't feel right doing what I used to do at shows and take people out at the knees for that ;)

A few song highlights for me were 'Half Jack' and 'Gravity' which are two of my favourites. I think that tonight I heard every song that I would have wanted to hear again live which was unexpectedly amazing. They also covered Mein Herr from Cabaret which I videoed, haven't looked at it yet to see if it is watchable. I'm sure it's going to be shakey though. However for your enjoyment I have some photos posted here: http://laurentian.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2023747&l=f8ca6&id=158901505

The show was great, such great energy for the entire time. Cam caught me some flowers from Amanda's piano and I bought a cd and had it signed by both Amanda and Brian :) It was a fantastic night. I want to see them again now!

I used my concert high energy to finish cleaning the apartment, doing dishes and such as my roommates should be getting home today and woke up singing 'Bad Habit' by the Dolls :)
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So, did anyone else know that new comic book day is delayed by the holidays by 1 day? I met up with Justin last night and we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and meet up at the Silver Snail. *yay* new Buffy comic. Except it comes out today, not yesterday. I'll have to pick up my copy on Saturday. However, all was not lost as I still found a Conundrum mini figure who is now residing on my computer moniter along with Jack Sparrow.

We went for dinner at Dunn's Famous Deli which is the place that closed super early when we had a Browncoat dinner there. But I was sure I remembered them saying that when the theatres were open down there they stayed open later. As both theatres were running shows last night I figured it would be okay... yeah, totally not so much at all. They closed early again.

The evening was finished up with a trip through Chapters where I found a lovely hardback book for $4.99 and found that I had money left on my Chapters Giftcard, win for the day :) And I got to ride home in a SmartCar. I've never been in one before, fun :)

Dresden Dolls concert tonight :)
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Woot! I've finished off my Christmas with two awesome gifts that are both perfect for me. Jo got me a Wizard of Oz day by day calendar which I am putting on my desk at work since it's sadly lacking in Oz stuff :) Then tonight Dell told me she got me the second part to a book I'd leant to her but I couldn't remember what book I'd leant to her at all. Turns out it was The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor which is a fantastic spin on the Alice in Wonderland story. I had no idea a sequel had been written! Fantastic surprise and I can't wait to read it! I've done 2 books already and am into my third of the year and it's a good page turner so I hope to be on to the Alice (or Alyss if you will) books by this weekend :) I love my friends :)
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Christmas was lovely this year. My family apparently all decided to spoil each other. Some highlights for me were: my new homemade Harry Potter scarf (with my initials on it!), my brother giving me his old Nintendo DS system, lots of distraction there :), Getting both the Serenity travel destination postcards and the currency pack! ([livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 when you got these did you get 2 boxes? I've only opened one of mine and I'm not sure if the other is going to be the same or something different), the Christmas at Ivy Cottage book which I didn't know existed 'til this year, a stack of Buffy comics that my parents found at Value Village all in fantastic condition! and the Done The Impossible DVD. I surprised my Brother with an accordian (a small one) which I'd brought back from NYC this year. He'd been trying to guess what I'd bought him at the Royal Wood show earlier this year and he totally guessed an accordian and I managed to convince him that there was no way I'd have brought an accordian back from NYC. Hehe :)

On Boxing Day my Mom, Brother and I went out to see Sweeny Todd. Without spoiling anything I can say that it’s like Sondheim light. Not bad, I quite enjoyed it, but very much simplified. Johnny Depp was by far the weakest singer in the cast, but he held his own and what he lacked vocally he made up in acting which obviously is his forte. Helena Bonham Carter did really well, apparently she had to do a LOT of vocal lessons so no one would complain that she got the role just because she’s married to Tim Burton. Visually the movie reminded me of Moulin Rouge only darker and with that Tim Burton flare. My mom said it was like watching an opera. I’ve informed her that no, it was like watching a Sondheim show. She's trying to deny that she liked a musical.

There was one woman in the audience who was clearly not well, she would scream at the screen when the movie got tense. Whoever was taking care of her did a great job of quieting her down whenever she had an outburst but I kept thinking that if she reacts this strongly to stressful situations on screen then perhaps Sweeny Todd was not the best pick to see on the big screen, especially not when it's just opened and the theatre will be busy. That being said I was more annoyed with the girl who was there with her Mom just down the row from me who said "this is terrible, I hate it" after the first line Johnny Depp sang (which is all of 2 minutes into the movie.) I couldn't tell if she thought it was terrible because he's not as good as the people who are in this show on stage or if she thought it was terrible because she did not like musicals. I'm guessing the latter though. At least her Mom told her to get out right then or stop bitching and she shut up.

Then yesterday Viv came over and we did our gift exchange and chatted and played with Hermes (the cat) who was being a big suck all night lol.
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To take the edge off of being stressed at work I finally brought in my little PoTC play set that [livejournal.com profile] willow_kat and I bought together. I now have a tiny Jack Sparrow on an island with a tiny treasure chest sitting on top of my computer. Of course by now I've long since lost the directions for how it was supposed to go together so I have some random lego bricks I just stuck wherever but it amuses me greatly :)

I had such a busy day yesterday. Crazy work day then a commute for about 90 minutes, 2 more hours of tutoring, 30 minute commute to Viv's place. Relax for TV night and chatting :) The time change totally messed with me, I was ready to sleep during Boston Legal. Next week I'll be more lively. Then back on the TTC to be home and in bed before midnight. Not too shabby, only a little crazy.
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*STILL* no email notifications from LJ showing up in my email. Ugh. I added the LJ notify email to my contacts list, and have emailed Hotmail... no change.

Anyways I was housesitting earlier this week, then in Sudbury for a couple of days so if I've missed any interesting posts please leave me a comment :)

Sudbury )
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Busy busy weekend!

Friday night I was over at my parents' house sorting through all of my boxes of books trying to find anything that was related to witches/wizards/magic. That's our decorating theme for my department at work. My brother thinks we should win based on the amount of books I was able to find. The only way I could have possibly had more stuff would be if we'd done Vampires, I have enough BtVS/Angel stuff to do a lot of decorating.

Saturday I was at the wedding of two of my friends :) I just went to the ceremony so much of my day was spent in transit from one place to another and back again. The GO trains were running funny and I had to transfer to a bus part of the way there but I did make it and that was the important part :) The walk down the aisle was done to one of my most favourite versions of Over the Rainbow! Very sweet :) This is my third wedding in as many months so from here on out if I know you please don't get married for a while, my bank account nee

Then Saturday night I was over at a friends' house. I was there before her and let myself in and was reading Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff while I waited... that is SO not the book I should have been reading by myself in an empty house!

Sunday [livejournal.com profile] willow_kat was passing through TO on her way home so we went and did a little book and DVD shopping. Vortex had the full series of Xfiles in the full sized boxes not the slim sets which is exactly what I've been collecting... I needed 4 more to finish my collection so I was bad and bought the last 4 I needed. Totally pricey for the day BUT really the four of them came to what 1 season used to cost when they first were released AND the owner threw in a copy of Unholy (Nicholas Brendons' movie) for free. Not a bad deal at all. Now I have a full Xfiles set :) This is excellent timing because the Xfiles rewatch community has just started to cycle through and now I can keep up through all of the seasons :)

We also stopped by Toys R Us and got cute little Jack Sparrow play sets. I have to set mine up on my computer at work I think. They have some cool things there for Christmas! They have this moon light that you set up on your wall and by remote control you can control it to show the different phases of the moon, very pretty!
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I hope everyone who celebrated it had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend this past weekend! I ended up at 3 Thanksgiving meals and had a trip to the Zoo and a random Silver Snail shopping trip so it was a mighty fine weekend for me.

The zoo was fun, there will be pictures posted in my Facebook soon, hopefully tonight, I resized them all last night. We timed ourselves to be around for the orangutang keeper's talk which was neat. I took plenty of pictures of them. We walked around most of the Zoo excepting the Canadian exhibits (because the zoo closed early and the Canadian exhibits are so out of the way!) and I got to see the dinosaur exhibit before it closed. We had a bit of rain but managed to be inside for the first shower.... got slightly drenched the next rain shower but it got sunny and warm right after so we were alright.

When I got home after the zoo my roommates invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner and so I joined them for that. Miguel is a fantastic cook and he made some great dishes :)

Sunday I made a stop at Silver Snail and got the latest Buffy comic as well as the latest (and I think last) issue of Spike Shadow Puppets (very cute, I want the first 3!) and they had the Angel Script Book. v.2 on sale so I picked up a copy of that as well :) Then I went to Thanksgiving dinner feeling very thankful ;)

Monday I went to Tanya's family's Thanksgiving. I got to see her and Zoey on Sunday but it was nice to have a bit longer to see both of them since I so rarely do. It was a lovely meal :)

That was my weekend in a nutshell. It was nice, busy but nice. I got to see family and friends and have some good meals. I have to now work on planning when I'm getting my teacher's college applications filled out (since those have to get done in the next month or so generally,) find out when my tutoring starts, go to another wedding soon, and hopefully attend the Browncoat haunted house shindig this week! BUSY!

NYC day 2

Sep. 29th, 2007 09:30 am
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Thursday in NYC:

In which I get to meet an LJ friend, visit The Cloisters, and win the RENT lotto. )

Photos will be coming soon, I'm just working on resizing them.

NYC day 1

Sep. 28th, 2007 08:42 am
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I'm now back from NYC, back at work, back to real life. Of course I'm getting sick now lol. Both Ava and Julie were sick while I was there and I refused to get sick 'til I got home, ergo I'm getting a cold. I bought some Airborne while I was in the US though so I took a bit last night as I felt myself getting sick, hopefully it helps me get well fast and by Monday I should be shiny again :)

Anyways, I now bring you the first of my epic vacation posts:

In which I travel to NYC, get a student ticket for A Chorus Line, get to see Ava and Julie and decide that Gossip Girl is going to be a crap show. )
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So other than the fun wedding last weekend this week has been great so far!

NYC! )


Evil Dead the Musical )

And lastly, the Serenity special edition DVD was released yesterday, I bought 2 (one as the other part of my brother's birthday present) the sales girl was a little concerened that I didn't realize I was getting the same thing twice... what kind of people don't realize that?! The sad thing is she has to ask because there must be a lot of cases where the person actually didn't realize they have the same movie/cd twice! Oh humanity makes me despair sometimes. At any rate the box looks shiny, I didn't even have a chance to open it yet, I may try to watch with the commentary on tonight :)
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Last night Viv and I went to see Stardust. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for months, as soon as I saw a preview I knew it had the potential to be great. I talked Viv into going, she had no idea what I was convincing her to see lol. We met up early and did some wandering around, shopping (I managed to buy only 1 book at BMV – Tales of the Slayer v. 2 – very impressive restraint for me), a massive sugar rush at Sugar Mountain, and a quick dinner at Amato pizza and we were off to Stardust.

full spoilers for Stardust the book and movie )

After the movie Viv bought a copy of Stardust to read and it wasn’t too cold out to hang out for a bit so we spent some time just chatting. I really like that I live closer to downtown now so I can start to see my friends at this end of town again more often! Then I was able to go back to my apartment and while there was no a/c to turn on while I slept it’s cooled down enough in the evenings that I don’t really need it. Hurray! Next summer I’m sure I’ll be not so pleased but for now all is well.
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I stopped off at my apartment briefly after work yesterday... still no power. So I just repacked my bag and crashed at my parent's house again last night. There's something here and I'm pretty sure it is the non allergenic dog, that I'm mildly allergic to. Apparently I decided to develop an ironic allergy.

However what was fun was that because I was in this end of town and it was one of Viv's days off I got to see her :) We watched Pulse which was HORRIBLE but at least we got to laugh a lot. It was a cross between a trashy horror movie and an art film. But it didn't work at all, the attempt was to be all arty, it came off as just no one knowing how to light a scene. Also it wasn't really scary. Things popped out and made me jump but none of it stuck. The ending was also just odd, lame, I understood where they were going but it was heavy handed and not well done. There were many opportunities to make fun of KBell though, that's a plus ;)

On the bill for tonight: Stardust :)
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So why is it that I'm not hungry at all all freaking evening, even when I'm packing and moving around and yet when I'm just about to go to bed now my body decides that it wants dinner?! Not impressed.

In other news I forgot to write about my random instant karma day. On Tuesday on my way to work I missed my subway because some woman took her sweet time walking off of the train and wasn't really small enough for me to dart around before the doors closed. So I missed that train and then when I got into work had a free coffee and cookie from second cup. I was being good and got an oatmeal rasin cookie and it ended up having some chocolate chips in one side :) Tasty :)

Then on the way home the subway doors are closing chime played before the doors even opened (I was on the train waiting to get off) and then the doors opened for less than a second and then slammed on me. I was right at the doors when they opened and didn't even get one step off before I was stuck. So I fought my way out and then the conductor guy glared at me like woah when he went by. I couldn't believe it. He'd been the one to mess up the doors by not opening them fully before closing them and yet he's mad that I got stuck?!

So I went to catch my bus and wasn't looking at anyone and suddenly someone in the crowd kicks me. I turn around and it's my roommate from first year who doesn't live in the city (yet, she is moving though!) and who I'd not seen in years! So much random fun and we got to hang out for a while before her train came. Plus I walked home from the GO station which is good for my goal of losing more weight this summer :)
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Today is a day for packing... which means I packed 1 box and then decided that it was time for an LJ entry ;)

Yesterday I had a fun day. Went over to Bakka to meet Tanya Huff. Jo's been making me read through her books and they're really great. What fun to be able to meet the author! Also I apparently love book signings at Bakka, they have cookies, fruit and drinks :) ALSO I behaved myself SO well and only bought 1 book (one of Tonya's that has all of the short stories for the Blood series, Jo has it now because there's one she's not yet read) which is super impressive for me in a bookstore. They even had a Wizard of Oz graphic novel that I resisted.

Afterwards was a fun evening of playing pool and swimming and talking way too late (as per usual) but the TTC was on my side and there were 4 streetcars that came by in a row so I was able to catch my streetcar with almost no wait as opposed the the usual 1/2 an hour wait. Not too shabby.

Also not too shabby was this past Friday. I took Zion on his play date to meet Nicole and Miguel's cat Hermes as they have to get along if he's to move in with me. It didn't go too bad. Zion was not happy but they didn't attack each other. Largely in part I think because Hermes didn't appear to know what another cat was so he was mostly confused. They'll probably fight a bit when Zion's actually living there but they did alright. Zion also managed his travelling pretty well. He doesn't like to travel at all so this was also impressive. I was not his most favourite person but he seemed to forget that once we got home and I fed him :)
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Another week is done *yay* My brain has apparently decided to finish with an almost migraine (I got some pills in me early enough to avoid the full thing) *boo*

However even being in some pain would not stop me from finishing up the Farscape series tonight for the movie viewing scheduled for tomorrow. I'm now a little in shock! I cannot believe people who were watching in real time had to wait two years for the movie! I'd have been so frustrated. It was all I could do to not just watch the movie tonight but I did 4 episodes and I feel that my eyes are ready to quit on me soon so that's a good deterrant.

Oh this week I saw Fracture with Ashley for a birthday movie. It wasn't bad but the writing wasn't great. I think they ended up with great acting with a very mediocre script which made for a decent movie but not one I'd make an effort to see a second time. Fun to visit Ashley though :)

Time for bed for me and see if I can sleep of the last of this headache.
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I am back in the land of the internet! I haven't caught up with LJ at all and probably won't tonight (I'm super exhausted) but I'll try to get caught up with everyone asap.

I had a fun week downtown, went swimming a lot with Jo and saw a really entertaining lesbian comedy act a which was hilarious and involved stripping gymnastics, a cirque du soleil routine and a trapeeze along with singing. It was not what I was expecting at all but it was a fantastic act!

I also caught up with a few old friends this week, so much easier to do when I'm not so far out of town. I'm excited to move somewhere closer to downtown than I am now :)

This weekend was absolute madness. I clocked about 3 hours on the TTC on Saturday between getting to the west end for groceries, east end for bday dinner (and presents of MANY Farscape DVDs!) with the family, and then back to my housesitting job.

Sunday was Mel's (annual?) tshirt making shindig and I'm going to cut that one because there are lots of pictures as well as stories.

click the link to see the shiny tshirts )


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