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What do the Harry Potter adults think of you?

Result #2Albus Dumbledore is glad you are an Order member but thinks youre too anxious.Lord Voldemort sees you as a major threat and wants to have you killed as soon as possible.Minerva McGonagall thinks you misbehave way too much.Severus Snape hates you.Rubeus Hagrid thinks youre a good person.Horace Slughorn thinks you were a brilliant student with great potential.Sirius Black loves you with all his heart and would kill for you.Remus Lupin thinks youre a great friend.Bill Weasley is secretly madly in love with you.Lucius Malfoy acts like he hates you but actually has sick fantasies about you.Bellatrix Lestrange wants to personally torture and then kill you.Peter Pettigrew thinks youre scary.
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I saw this linked on both [livejournal.com profile] eireangel560's and [livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2's journals. Completely spoilery for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Violet Quill's redition of If My Friends List Wrote Deathly Hallows
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Spoiler free (for book 7) Harry Potter quiz behind the cut :)

because clearly I cannot get enough HP this weekend :) )
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Harry Potter book buying NO SPOILERS IN THIS POST please don't put spoilers in the comments! Last night I braved a midnight line up for buying Harry Potter. Well first I saw Hairspray which was a LOT of fun and then we braved the line. The story of the night along with photos is behind the cut...

KateAP and Mel 2x2 you guys are going to want to read the 3rd paragraph of this!

You would not believe what I held in my hands last night! )
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Happy Deathly Hallows day Friendslist!

*bounces* less than 16 hours to go :)
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Wow, this Harry Potter book release is going to be fantastic!

Here's what's being done downtown:

Indigo Books is closing down Bay Street (between Bloor St. and Charles St.) and converting it into Diagon Alley. At 8:00 pm on Friday, July 20th, hop aboard our Hogwarts Express Trackless Train and enter the magical world of Harry Potter.

Main Stage Entertainment
Magic Show
Critters Animal Show
Fire Juggling Show
Children's Musician Jen Gould
Juno Award-Winning Band – The Satellites

The Knight Bus
Our very own Double Decker Bus will be parked right in front of the store. Step inside the wizard bus to create wands, have your face painted, and other crafts, or you can have your palm read by a fortune teller.

Diagon Alley
Take a stroll down Diagon Alley (formerly known as Bay Street) and enjoy activities for all ages, for all muggles, and for all wizards!

The Shrieking Shack – Our very own haunted house, situated in the town of Hogsmeade.
The Hogwarts Inflatable Slide – At the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there are a hundred and forty-two staircases that keep moving around – try and keep up!
The Hogwarts Bouncy Castle – Where witches and wizards can train (and bounce) in safety.
The Dueling Challenge – Club started by Professor Lockhart to teach students how to duel with spells. Try and stay on before your opponent falls off.
The Quidditch Basketball Challenge – The wizarding national sport. Our version includes two players and two balls for scoring. You’re the chaser trying to score through one of the hoops.
Gringotts Money Machine – Step into the wizarding bank and grab as many gold Galleons as you can before the time runs out. You may win a prize!
Meet Hedwig the Owl – Harry's owl and mail courier. Harry bought Hedwig from Eeylops' Owl Emporium.
Mad Science Potions Class – For wizards only! Make your very own slime.
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Yesterday at lunchtime there was a canary outside. Someone's pet I'm guessing. Poor little thing. We tried to catch it to keep it safe but it flew away and that was that. I hope it learns to survive in the wild.

Tonight I'm off to see Harry Potter OOTP :) Friendslist you've all been fabulous at not spoiling me, thank you! I'm trying to figure out when I'm buying book 7. I sort of want to do the line up to buy it at midnight BUT I'm a little concerned about that because I heard that the last chapter of the book has leaked and I'm afraid of being spoiled. I'll probably just go early the next morning to buy the book and hope I'm up before any mean people start spoiling what happens.

That being said I'll probably be offline a lot more from now until after I finish the book for fear of trolls posting spoilers. So until Sunday if you post anything that you think I'd be interested in then please leave me a link in my comments.
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You're Clarice Starling, FBI, the veteran of thrift. Grasping, brave, and noble, you don't take shit from anyone. You're efficient and rather intelligent, with few strong family ties. Hang in there and you might silence the lambs once and for all.

[livejournal.com profile] hjea tagged me for this next one

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: candy I still eat way to much candy, I love sweet things, it just can't be helped.
Literary: fanfiction Because I know it's not often high qualitity literature (although some writers out there are freaking amazing!) I still like to read it. Oh and smutty fanfiction, total guilty pleasure but also fun :)
Audiovisual: America's Next Top Model This show has no redeeming value, but I still enjoy the heck out of it. It could have to do with the snarky recaps online (fourfour's and TWoP) which can make anything better.
Musical: .. can't think of one really.... I was listening to that Yop commercial on my computer the other day and shaking my head at myself that I actually had that downloaded... I don't think I listen to any music that really I feel is crap but I like it anyways, I just like a lot of music :)
Celebrity: no one really Again, there are no celebrites who I like who I will not openly admit to enjoying.

Now I tag:-

[livejournal.com profile] willow_kat [livejournal.com profile] amy_vic [livejournal.com profile] planet_y [livejournal.com profile] andromakie and [livejournal.com profile] eskimo_jo

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

And lastly for anyone who's thinking of rereading the Harry Potter books before the last book is released this looks like a neat community for a reading group:

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One of the funniest things to wake up to this morning, an explanation of why someone would have "Roonzil" on an icon.

Okay, let me try to remember from this summer....Ron gets drunk. On potions *allegedly*, but I have my suspicions. Anywho, he somehow begins referring to himself as Roonzil Wassup (or something like that).

Then when Snape and Harry are having yet another tense showdown, Snape is all: "Harry, go get your potions book, bitch." And Harry's all like: "Fuck now." And I'm all like: "Oh no he didn't!" And Harry goes to his room and is all like: "Ron, get me yo book." And Ron's like: "Here." And Harry brings it to Snape and Snape's all like: "Why does your book say Roonil Wassup?" And Harry's like: "It's what the ladies call me." And I'm like: "Oh SNAP." ANd Snape's all like: "I KEEL YOUR MASTER." And Draco's all like: "I'm going to join Death Cab for Cutie so I can cry in public." And Ginny's all like: "SNOG."

I think I enjoyed that a bit too much.

It's from this post in [livejournal.com profile] iconrants and was posted by [livejournal.com profile] viciousbleu.


Hope it made people laugh a little this morning :)
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My brother took me to see Narnia tonight, and his work gave me a nifty free Narnia poster that was supposed to be only for kids seeing the movie but I argue that my inner child wants a poster ;) Also the back of the poster is a map of Narnia which is much cooler than the movie ad side, so I'll be displaying that :)

I liked the Narnia movie but the BBC mini series was still better by far. Also the over analytical English major in me wonders if having the White Queen's sleigh be pulled by polar bears during the battle was any sort of dig at Phillip Pullman....? I'd actually like to reread his books...and then watch Narnia again (probably when it's out on dvd) and see if there were any other possible references to PP and his stories. Oh how interesting it would have been had the Dark Materials movies come out at the same time.

Also for a movie preview we saw the PotC2 trailer. Johnny... pirate... big screen. July 7th, I'll be there :D

Then during Futurama tonight my brother and I had our Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean eating contest. We tied. The only one we couldn't force down was sardine flavour.... that was NASTY. I still feel like I may be sick. We left a bowl of the gross flavour ones out for our parents (sweetest kids ever we are...) but actually I know my dad will be curious to taste a few, he's just like that :)
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I feel spoiled :)

My major present is the one I knew about which is the Buffy Chosen Collection which is so pretty! I even held off on watching Amends last night (my Christmas Eve tradition) so that I could watch it from my new shiny dvds today :) Oh and my dad wrapped the box all cute. Instead of a bow he made a cross with a little stake and a piece of garlic attached to it! I want to frame it!

My brother's awesome wrapping job was a dime in a little metal tin wrapped in MANY layers of newspaper and then some wrapping paper which symbolizes that he will buy me a new hard drive. He rocks. In retaliation I wrote him a certificate for a sushi dinner and wrapped it around a half full water bottle and then put it into a box and then burried it with styraphome lol so when you shook it it sort of sounded like a snow globe. Next year I plan to use jello as a packing aid... mwahahaha :)

I also got lots of fun Harry Potter candy (no I will never grow up) and an awesome NYC tote bag which will be perfect for weekends of travelling. And a lovely assortment of books, and socks, and chocolate, and bath stuff and a little bit of money which will just help me pay for my bus pass and osap (I over shopped a bit yesterday but it was for presents so it was okay) this month :)

Holidays were not so bad this year. Also for the first year in FOREVER we did not have a Christmas where the presents were mainly from my parents to each other which is cute BUT eventually it gets boring just watching them open up presents from each other. At least put more than one thing into a box you know? lol.

Just dinner to get through and it's regular turkey tonight (which I'm still not eating but I'm also not revolted by it so that's a bonus ;) )

ps my brother got some little gameboy/nintendo thinger (it has a touch screen and is red... that's all I could discern about the thing) so I don't think I'll be seeing him for a few days lol.
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A HUGE Jossverse (BtVS and AtS) icon post, along with NON spoilery Harry Potter HBP icons (just the book cover, British/Canadian edition) and two Johnny Depp icons. Enjoy :)

you haven't even begun.... )
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I had dreams like crazy last night.

First of all I dreamt about my poor little fish except for that I had 4 tanks all next to each other and lots of blue tetras and they all kept jumping from one tank to another and I couldn't find the lids for the tanks because everytime I'd go to find them a fish would jump out of his tank and I had to get him back into the water before he died :( I woke up after that one enough to remember saying that it was a dream.... and I think I moved my fan then because I went to sleep with it sitting a few feet away and this morning it was blowing right in my face.

Then I had two Harry Potter dreams in a row, the first one I woke up from saying something about Voldemort and in the second on I was talking to Ginny and practicing doing magic.

Then I had a dream this morning that was Giles/Spike, it was hot.

and now I'm awake and going to have blueberry waffles (the frozen kind though) for breakfast and wait for more people to finish the HBP book lol.
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First the NON SPOILER part. I promise there isn't even a hint of a spoiler outside of the cut.

Dell and I went up to Yonge and Eglinton to buy the HBP, first we tried Shoppers as they were selling them for 40%off but (big surprise) they were sold out so we hit Indigo which still offered them at 20% off (preorder that!) and we got a gift card good for a mystery amount between 5 and 1000 dollars which we can use in August, woohoo, more books!

The bookstore was crazy stocked with the HBP books, I'm always amused at people who preorder based only on the idea that the bookstores will sell out of the books. There's no chance, they must have stockrooms full of these books.

Then home home home (after getting a Cinnabon) for reading

SPOILERS under the cut, seriously don't ruin the book for yourself, just read it first. )
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**Taken from Ava and although I'll have read the book superfast if I so much as hear a hint of a spoiler in the next 24 hours (or until I'm done my book) I will scream... and then hurt you**

I know many of you, will be getting HP 6 at midnight tonight. So all I ask is that you post anything about the actual plot, etc. BEHIND A CUT. (If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, go here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75.)

Some people read faster than others and no one wants to be spoiled. I also don't want to have to avoid LJ for several days until I'm able to finish the book. So please please please use cuts when talking about HP 6! Posts about how excited you are to get it or "Yes I got it!" are fine, but if I see anything that even resembles a spoiler pop up on my friends page I may have to kill you.

You have been warned.
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I almost forgot... Harry Potter tidbit of the day.... if you didn't preorder your book check out Shoppers Drug Mart instead of the bookstores, they're apparently offering a great discount :)

and that's it, I'm off to bed.
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Countdown to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, go visit The Leaky Cauldron This is a fan site that J.K Rowling herself recommends and it has all of the info you'll ever need.

It is SO incredibly hot here today. I woke up this morning (at 5:30) with heatstroke, so that was lovely *rolls eyes* I felt so sick.. and also like I couldn't breathe. Which reminded me of our conversation with Kelly during the last heat wave:

Kelly: I feel like I can't breathe
Me: Do you have asthma?
Kelly: no
Diana and I: You might now

hello words biting me on the ass. I'm sure I'm fine it's just too smoggy and hot. I got to work and had to ask to leave early so I was there for less than 2 hours before the other girl came in and relieved me. I felt so gross, the A/C helped a bit but not enough. Then I stopped by Reitmans to ask for the afternoon shift I had off, well I only was on call so I just asked to really not be called in. They were fantastic and said I could stay at home. Then on the way home some girl behind me had heatstroke too but she was puking on the streetcar, into a bag, but still *ew* I felt so bad for her.

Then I stole my parents room (the only one in the house with air conditioning) and passed out for 3 hours.

Also, my DVD is here!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah! So I'm totally watching that soon, then capping, then applying to iconcommmunities *yay*
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In the spirit of counting down to the new Harry Potter book (*squee*) I share with you this link Harry Potter Puppet Pals it is highly amusing :)

Today it is grossly hot... and of course it is supposed to be hot all week, le boo. I'm also working next to no hours which means I'm spending more time in my unairconditioned home than I normally would. le boo again complaint lol

Tomorrow night I'm going to see the Buck65 concert with Ridly opening. It will making gettin up for work on Wed. super fun I'm sure but oh well, I didn't want to ask for time off, and I only have to open I have no work in the afternoon so I can drag myself through a morning shift of work.

I'm making lots and lots of icons this week :) Much fun for me, seriously these icons have solidified me a place in the geek hall of fame ;) But it's something I can do that's free and keeps me entertained so *yay*


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