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Our Canadian Browncoats are back from the Browncoat Cruise and ME Strike Day. There are going to be such great stories about the strike march. I looked through the photopage on Flikr which was posted up on Whedonesque when there were only about 300 pictures (I would hazard the guess that it's well over 1000 pictures now) and found a few of people I knew :) While I SO wish I could have been there I was still so proud to see people I knew marching in support of the strike and out there with the ME crowd and so I'm happily jealous. If it couldn't have been me there at least I know people were there who deserved and were appreciative of the experience. From what little I've heard so far (because I'm nosey and couldn't wait 'til Saturday for stories lol) it was a fantastic crowd of people down there and a great time was had by all.

Plus had I been there I would have been so freaking sick still and probably would not have been able to walk for very long at all so perhaps that's a sign that this was not the time for me to meet Joss. My time will come ;)
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Ummm I'm sure I'm late on this since I'm not at home and therefore won't be seeing my email 'til Monday but SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Joss Whedon and Tim Minear series starring Eliza Dushku!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously almost screamed in the office when I read that, thanks to Jo for linking me up.

Here's the info I was sent:

Eonline with Kristin
TV Guide.com

SO MUCH HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see if Fox can get smart about this series. They have been proven wrong in cancelling Firefly, maybe that'll help... *crosses fingers*
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Wooohooo ComicCon news is in and Joss announced tons of new projects including a Ripper movie!!!!!!!!!!


Ripper movie with BBC
Buffy Season 9 in comic form
Joss writes a new horror film
Joss Whedon short film: A ballet starring Summer Glau


It's a fun day when my Whedon.info mail alert is full of "Joss Whedon announces..." SQUEE!
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OH MY GOD bid on dinner with Joss Whedon ... can I win the lottery now? Seriously, if I weren't spending my cash on moving/first&last month rent etc I'd so be spending every last penny I had on this one.

Dear Joss, come to TO for some event. Thank you.

Back to packing now.
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Important blog post from Joss Whedon here: Whedonesque
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So it's 10 years ago today that the first ever episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was aired. I can actually remember sitting down to watch it! This makes me feel old! But, more importantly, it also made me decide to write down a rambling remembrance of the 7 years of Buffy watching.

and so begins a very long Buffy themed ramble )
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New to me news: a special edition of Serenity is being released in July! Freaking SHINY! Read the details atWhedonesque

and for fun here is Joss's comment about it:

Yes, fanlings, there is going to be a 2 disc 'Special Edition' released this summer. You know why? 'Cause the 1 disc 'Normal Edition' has sold so well -- so maybe a little self-back-patting is in order for you guys. Way to keep her in the air.

It's too early to be sure what the Special Edition will contain, but here are some things we're going for:


Cast commentary -- assuming I can get a decent number of them in one room. They're very busy people, I'm happy to say.


The region 4 goodies, obviously.

The Tam Sessions.


New Yub Yub, and Greedo shoots first. So does that kid outside the trading station, the pilot who destroyed Haven, and Kaylee. And Richard Dreyfuss goes INSIDE the mothership.


An alternate ending, if you turn it off early.

Proof of the existence of a benevolent higher power -- uh, I mean, new key art.


And honestly, what more do you want? Don't answer that, I already know and it's unseemly. But I'm pretty excited here. Back to work, -j.

Take my Yub,
Take Yub Yub,
Yub Yub tak the Yub from Meee...dichlorians....
joss | March 02, 00:00 CET
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Nomi and I just finished our Firefly/Serenity marathon :) 24 hours, 15 episodes, the R. Tam sessions and a movie. My eyes may fall out of my head soon. However I love the entire verse.

Upon rewatching the R. Tam sessions I noticed a movie spoiler.... )

I love Joss's entire 'verse. He created something so special there and it's a shame that more people still haven't seen it.

Also I am now fully ready for SFX and am buying a Jayne hat while there :) **insert noise of geeker joy here**
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Hee I just got back from the charity screening of Serenity! I am SO glad I went to this. I even won one of the prizes after the movie!

My write-up is behind the cut, there are spoilers for the Big Damn Movie ;)

can't take the sky from me )

This has been a great week actually. I got to see Tamara Podemski in concert and got to see Serenity on the big screen. What more could a litlte fan girl wish for ;)

Random moments of today:

"Ummm did we just have a creepy CSI moment?"

Joanna is clearly my boss for a reason.


mmm chocolate boulder
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Just finished rewatching Serenity. I came into this fandom totally backwards so this was the first time I watched the movie after seeing and falling in love with Firefly. How much more painful is that movie when you love the characters before it even starts? Joss Whedon is just fantastic... can I say this enough? Nope don't think so. Once we get passed the genius writing part I also love that he takes the time to every so often post on Whedonesque. He may be rich and famous and yet he still takes the time to stop by and see what his fans are up to and to drop a hello note. Awesome. But for tonight, just so much Firefly/Serenity love. I love the world he created there... I so wish he could have had more seasons to work with that idea because it was just so solid. Hullo FOX, thanks for not getting it, you have further confirmed that you are idiots. I just don't see how anyone who had the access to the scripts for the first season and who knew the plot arcs could not get it...

that rant could go on for a while... so moving on:

Hehe on WaT this week (I think this week) the guest star played Saffron on Firefly. Perhaps I can enjoy the episode.... go guest stars, save the show! If it's the infamous kitten episode I may indeed laugh myself silly. We go from great television to television that has the oddest writing I've seen on a series that is still on the air. Honestly, the writers have very little consistancy, some weeks I'm surprised they manage to keep the characters names straight. The worst problem that is driving me crazy right now is the Martin drug addiction storyline... beyond it being predictable... how is he addicted one week, and then fine the next episode, then freaking out the next week and then totally fine again...? Now, I personally have not had a pain killer addiction but I do not believe they give you weeks off in your cravings for the drugs. Seriously, a little continuity, it's a main plot arc for the season, you'd think that perhaps they'd have a chart or something in the offices so that every writer knows the stories that are supposed to be taking place in the background.

I'd really like Joss Whedon to come back to television.... I love that he's doing movies, and for sure I'll be seeing them... but he excells in the television art form and seeing the growth in his three shows, what the man would come up with if he had the chance for another show... I just think it would certainly be worth watching... unlike most tv this year which has made me not watch tv much at all.... which is for the best, I don't even think I want cable when I move out anymore... what a change from a year ago lol.
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Gah, I just read the TWoP recap of Serenity, I hadn't had the time to do it last week when it was posted. Seriously, first purchase when I get paid and after I pay some bills... Serenity. That's it. I just bawled through the review. Oh Joss, I hate you and love you. One of the best writers ever and I love that this movie is still winning all sorts of awards and such and being recognized for the greatness it is.
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Sooooooooo how bad is it that I just stayed up until 3am to finish watching the Firefly dvds? I still have a few of the special features to work through but other than that I'm done. And I'd like to hug all of the characters now please. Joss is a brilliant brilliant man and I think he did such a phenominal job with this one. We get all of the TV angst and all of that good stuff BUT also I didn't dislike any character. It's not like the characters are all good (because that would piss me off) rather it's that he wrote such real flawed people.


I'll admit, the "cowboys in space" theme threw me when the show first came out. It just wasn't really my genre at all and I figured it was Fox trying to cash in on Joss's success and pushing out a show that hadn't been thought all of the way through yet... Clearly I was wrong. This is a show that was thought through from beginning to it's all too soon end.

Another movie please?

Serious Joss love going on right now.
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I finally started watching my Firefly DVD's last night. I've since watched: Serenity, The Train Job, Bushwacked, and Shindig. Damn brilliant! Joss is a television god. Fox obviously sucked bigtime by airing The Train Job as the premiere and holding Serenity until the end of their season. Seriously, don't sell anything of any quality to Fox.

Firefly rocks.

Joss is a god.

/end post.
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Another reason to love Joss Whedon. He's done a guest piece for TVguide.com, which I'm hijacking to my LJ

read it! )
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So as the year draws to a close I'm just going to sum up my strongest memories from each month. Simply because I can :)

a year in the life )
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Reasons why Joss Whedon rocks: he releases press releases like this: (be warned there is a spoiler in there for Serenity)

From Whedonesque.com

All right, now I have to jump in and set the record straight. EW is a fine rag, but they do take things out of context. Obviously when I said I had ’closure’, what I meant was "I hate Serenity, I hated Firefly, I think my fans are stupid and Nathan Fillion smells like turnips." But EW’s always got to put some weird negative spin on it. But so we’re clear once and for all: If you read a quote saying "I’d love to do more in this ’verse with these actors in any medium" all I’m saying is that Nathan has a turnipy odor. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t eat a lot of them but everyone else in the cast noticed it and tht’s not really something I’m prepared to deal with any more. And Jewel said outright she wouldn’t do scenes with him except stuff like the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER funeral scene which was outside in a high SPOILER wind. So if I do manage to find another incarnation for my beloved creation, it will have been totally against my will.

I hope that clears everything up. Oh, and when I say I want to do a Spike movie, it means I have a bunion on my toe.

joss (by which I mean Tim)

(no, actually me.)

Reasons why Sarah Slean rocks: Her memory of Sudbury:

I remember playing at Sudbury's Townehouse Tavern years ago in smoke so thick I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face. After the show, Oh Susanna and I took our filthy lungs to the basement to sleep on "band beds" provided by the venue. I slept with all my clothes and my winter jacket on shivering and dreaming of giant insects. Suffice it to say I've developed a true appreciation for hot showers and clean sheets.

Oh the Townehouse we knew you were dirty but ugh that is just gross and GET SOME HEATING.

and because of this:

Along the way we chat about the evils of pharmaceutical companies and our mutual fear of medicine. It is strange how most of us run frantically from any mild discomfort, just like the Buddhists say we do. Sometimes it's good to be with the unrelenting headache of a hangover, the nagging soreness in my thumbs, the cold cloud of loneliness or the heaviness of grief. Ken Saro-Wiwa said so simply, "There is really nothing to fear." It is true. To fear pain is to fear the inevitable, which is madness. To fear death is even crazier. And up lifts my heart on a breeze of contentment... Is there anything prettier than a street of small houses?

and because she makes "requisite used bookstore visit(s)"

That is all :)
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Veronica Mars thoughts
SPOILERS for Rat Saw God

cut like woah )
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Joss Whedon made an update, and he wants to see the RENT movie, say what?

reposted behind the cut for my own amusement )
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Joss Whedon reviews Veronica Mars, season one.

Joss is watching it, why aren't you? )
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Yesterday my brother and I went out for dinner to Wendy's, because we are both lazy and didn't feel like cooking lol. So we're in line and they didn't have enough fries made so it was going to be a couple of minutes until they had the next batch done, fine by me. Then this ass behind us in line starts talking to me and Jack about how these places are terrible because they always make you wait so long (hello, two minutes isn't long mr. beer belly with a dress shirt tucked into sweatpants fashion victem...) and I got so frustrated with him because he couldn't see that Jack and I were trying to ignore him so I yelled at him in the middle of the restaurant! Not a lot, just enough to get his attention and then explain that the people who were working there were doing thier best and they need to be cut some slack too. Then he was very apologetic to me, which he should have been apologising to the girl behind the counter but whatever, at least he then shut up.

Tonight I saw Serenity! OMG how awesome is this movie!? I have the perspective of only having seen about a half of one episode (The Train Job I believe it was) and then the last bit of another one that I have no idea what episode it was. So I was going into this pretty much blind. Now I must have the Firefly DVDs because clearly Joss is still a genius and I love his writing. I was LOL through the whole movie... and I also cried and got freaked out, a full Joss emotional rollercoaster. Jack thought it was okay, but he doesn't watch much tv or anything so he's almost biased against it. He's becoming one of those people who talks like TV is below them. Meh. I loved Serenity and highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you've enjoyed Joss's other shows, it's worth seeing Serenity.


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