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For those that have read and enjoyed it I have a set of icons made from the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson posted in my icon journal.


The full set is here in [livejournal.com profile] rage_my_darling :)

For those who are craving a little Mal/Inara action [livejournal.com profile] gilliebeans has a great story called Coming Clean . It's hot and beautiful and I think she does a great job with these characters. Go read and comment :)

Lastly (but not least) I joined [livejournal.com profile] whedonland and you should too! It's a challenge community with four teams (Whedonverse themed of course) and everyone is competing to avert the apocalypse :) I'm on team Firefly :)
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*STILL* not getting my comment notifications. LJ says this is a recent problem with various email servers blocking the LJ emails as they believe them to be spam. But the emails aren't going into my junk email either. Grr argh!

So Friendslist if you've replied to any comments I've made in your journals in the past week and are awaiting a response please comment in my LJ to let me know.

I'll be emailing my email provider tonight to see if the problem really is on their end.
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How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension26
Your crimeFailing to establish literary merit in your Harry/Draco/Ron/Seamus/Hagrid/Dobby/Bart Simpson circle jerk fic.
Who reported youjovieve
Your fateWe'll never forget you, honest.
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LJ is now not letting me comment back to people... not liking this. I thought they were supposedly fixing this problem a few days ago... it's also running SUPER slowly... Y'know really after all of the drama they created last week it probably would be a good time to keep their site running smoothly for the next little while.

On the other hand this forces me off of LJ and makes me have to work on my Buffy icons which are taking me forever for no good reason.
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wooo, for as many problems that appear on LJ, they do often rock. I kept postponing renewing my paid account.... no idea why, I am just a last minute person... and then of course I forgot to do it until my notice that my account had expired showed up in my email tonight. Le boo, so I of course bought the paid account again thinking that I was going to have to upload all of my userpics again but they hadn't disappeared yet. Ergo today LJ is my friend :)

My computer and I, however, are still at odds lol but some things are getting worked out. I have photoshop installed again but with the resolution being all wonky still I can't tell if I like what I made tonight... my brother said he'll fix it this weekend so I'll find out then ;)

I'm picking up the keys to my (and Nomi's) new apartment this weekend, painting in a couple of weeks, moving a couple of weeks after that. I'm so not prepared yet oops. However I had the art of packing for school down to the night before leaving for residence so I should be able to get everything packed to move. Especially as I'm planning on just boxing and leaving a lot of my books here until the next move in a year, no point in moving all of them twice.
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I made a new LJ layout :) It's a pretty simple one but I'm enjoying it thus far. Check it out: HERE. I don't know how my bandwidth will hold out but I'm hoping it does okay :)

I think my mother has resolved to be nice to me for her new years resolution. It's creepy. Also she's not going about it really well. Today she came into my room as I was just dialing the phone and getting ready to go meet my dad and she told me dinner was in 5 minutes. Which was nice but seeing as how I didn't ask for dinner and wasn't consulted at all about it, I can't be blamed for being unavailable when dinner is served. (and actually it's her new trick to try to have me eat early with my brother on the days he works so I'm not around to have dinner with her and my dad when he gets home, I wonder how dumb she thinks I am...) ANYWAYS I was impatient at being interrupted as I was trying to make a phone call/getting ready to leave and so as I was leaving she had this whole speech about how she was trying to do a nice thing and would appreciate it if I didn't yell at her (funny because I never once yelled) etc etc.

Then during the dinnertime that I was around for she started going on about how she had to shovel the snow today. And I asked if she hadn't asked my brother to do it yesterday and she had to conceed that yes she had, but she just did it before he got up this morning. This drives me nuts. She likes to do things that appear to be nice on the surface but she only does them so she can complain and appear to be the poor jilted parent later. It's not even as though my brother and I are kids anymore. No one has to make us dinner, I'm sure that in a house full of food we can cook for ourselves lol. But if food is put in front of us already made we're not saying no.

Also she was complaining about the laundry today... she still does all of my brother's laundry, folds it and brings it up to his room... seriously, if you think you're doing too much larundry then stop dong his. Don't spend 5 minutes complaining that you're working so hard when you're just making yoruself work hard for no reason.
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Hmmm livejournal and hotmail appear to be in a fight right now :S I posted icons yesterday, and had NO feedback this morning which made me sad. Then I went to the post to make sure the links and everything were working and I had 3 comments that hadn't been emailed to me. And then I checked out my other icon posts and I had two more comments in another post that I hadn't seen yet. Irksome.

I saw Bluebird North last night. It was SO good. I'll write a review of it when I get home from work today. I really am so glad that I went though. I still can't do the show next week with Danny Michel and Shaye etc but that's okay, I'm hoping in January I'll be able to see more concerts again.... and then there's the Sarah Slean art show in Febuary. I'd LOVE to be able to buy something... however I'm thinking this might not be my year to do that.... le boo. But I still am so excited to see her art. There's something very different about looking at a print of a painting and then seeing the actual canvas.


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