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As part of my resolutions for 2011 I'm continuing tracking the cultural things, and some random things, from the year. 2010's list can be found here: tracking post for 2010.

Random things to keep track of during 2011...

Theatre, Concerts and Other Events )

Movies )

Canadian Cultural Content )

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[livejournal.com profile] willow_kat talked about keeping track of the movies she watched in 2008 and since I do tend to watch a lot of movies I thought I'd give that a go along with my booklist.

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I forgot to post that I did a Christmas good deed on Friday night. As Andrea and I were going home after the concert we ran into these 3 teenagers, one of whom was totally smashed and was being taken home by her two friends. I gave them my water to try to help sober up their friend. Poor kid, we've all been there at some point but I'm sure she was really hurting on Saturday morning. Andrea pointed out that two years ago the city was all freaked out about SARS (except for me who thought the panic was ridiculous and who got a kick out of everyone who scored seats on the subway by faking a coughing fit) and now people are taking 3/4 full water bottles from strangers. At least I honestly was healthy, not even so much as a cold, so there was no harm going to come to her through that water.

Oh since most of you have been subjected to reading about the Passioneer Holiday Project on here for the past few weeks if you're interested in seeing how it turned out some pictures have started to be posted here: Passioneer Holiday Project thread

AND I managed to get a download of All I Want For Christmas because that is one of my favourite cheesy holiday movies and it was on the same night as the Friday Sarah Slean concert (no contest but I still missed my movie) so I'll have to burn that after work to take with me to my parent's house tonight so I can get my fill of cheesy Christmas specials before bed :)
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That long weekend just flew by! But I can't really complain, most of August flew by, so it's not just the holiday time that's going quickly. This weekend we had a Browncoat Shindig at the Armouries which as always was fun. We even got to taste Nathan Fillions recipe for bean dip :) It was very tasty, I hope we can convince Sheilah to make it again :)

After the Shindig a few of us went to Sue's bday downtown which was great. The bartender was making me these drinks that tasted like juice but I could feel the effect from drinking so they weren't all juice, they were just dangerously tasty.

Sunday was my brother's birthday and I also picked up my bus ticket to NYC (which was way less money than the Greyhound website says it is. I should know by now that their site is rarely ever right, schedules, length of time the trip will take, prices etc, not reliable. They must have someone who has no understanding of their system at all in charge of updating their site.) and the last two sets of Farscape DVDs that I needed to finish my collection. My brother is going through them super quickly now ergo it's justified because I can't lend what I don't have lol.

Monday I mostly stayed in. Set up the new internet connection on my PC only to have it reset itself last night so I couldn't get on. I have the passkey again so I'll be able to fix that after work. I also watched movies:

Sands Of Oblivion: (with Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin) HORRIBLE movie, it's convinced me that Morena can act in pretty much anything. I believed her even through the horrible dialogue, plot, and cinematography (seriously I don't even want to make icons from it) but the rest of the movie pretty much was just terrible.

The Simpsons Movie: Pretty entertaining, kept me amused enough for an afternoon :)

Mysterious Skin: Messed up but once again I'm more than impressed with Joseph Gordon Levitt's skill. He's brilliant!

On the menue for today, ordering Bway tickets!
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I've not made a substantial post in here in a while. Tonight I'm sick (just a cold) so I have some time to do a catch up post.

drag queens in Oz, television finales(some spoilers for Grey's, and Crossing Jordan, movies, nostril actors and more! )
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Another week is done *yay* My brain has apparently decided to finish with an almost migraine (I got some pills in me early enough to avoid the full thing) *boo*

However even being in some pain would not stop me from finishing up the Farscape series tonight for the movie viewing scheduled for tomorrow. I'm now a little in shock! I cannot believe people who were watching in real time had to wait two years for the movie! I'd have been so frustrated. It was all I could do to not just watch the movie tonight but I did 4 episodes and I feel that my eyes are ready to quit on me soon so that's a good deterrant.

Oh this week I saw Fracture with Ashley for a birthday movie. It wasn't bad but the writing wasn't great. I think they ended up with great acting with a very mediocre script which made for a decent movie but not one I'd make an effort to see a second time. Fun to visit Ashley though :)

Time for bed for me and see if I can sleep of the last of this headache.
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The weekend is almost over *sigh* but it went well. Today I slept in a surprising amount (after I woke up early and posted on LJ I went back to sleep until 1, fabulous!) my roommate was actually getting a little worried about me LOL. We did get grocery shopping done, I watched a little Farscape (not as much as planned due to sleeping.) Then we had dinner and watched Cold Case which was an amazing episode tonight and so sad. Very well done. Also Grease: You're The One That I Want because it's so camp! I love it! Now it's almost time for bed for me. I'm looking forward to another good sleep :)

Oh randomly, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was on tv today, so cute! I caught the end of it even though I own it and that movie was so underrated. I think it's adorable! The Little Mermaid was on TV as well, and Nomi and I saw the end of it as well and then they ran a classic Disney cartoon afterwards (The Taylor and the Giant) which was fun! I didn't realize they still ran the classics like that. I'll have to tune in to the end of things more often ;)
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I have a belated resolution/assignment for myself... whichever. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to read 100 books this year. Then promptly convinced Dell to do the same :) So anyone else who wants to try for reading 100 books in a year join in! AND if anyone at all has any really good books to suggest let me know and I'll add them to my list :) I'm onto book 3 so far. I think I'll do a LJ post at the end of every month with that month's reading and then at the end of the year put them all together :)

I was in the east end of town this weekend and got to see Dell! Much fun, we watched American History X (because I hadn't seen it yet, I had just bought it a little while ago and hadn't sat down to watch it until last night) which is a fine movie. Upsetting, conversation provoking and visually stunning. Then I wandered downstairs to her brother's apartment as my brother had ended up over there and I figured I'd see if he was leaving earlyish and have someone to walk with and the boys had just started V for Vendetta. Ergo I had to stay. I'd forgotten how important I really think that movie is. I for sure have to get the graphic novel sometime this year, and buy the DVD. I want to get the special edition one so I'm holding out until it drops a bit in price.

And I leave you with a quiz I nabbed from Rosie. My picture freaks me out!

You Are 42% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.
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Lovely weekend again this week :) I went to my parents house to sort of be around for the dog while my parent's were out of town. It turned out that my brother was around more than I was for once lol.

Friday night I went over to Viv's house, and it's been forever since I'd been there! Silly living accross town now. We ate far too much Hallowe'en candy, and she gave me her Lemonheads (I love that candy!) We watched Siblings which was another one of my random movie purchases and it turned out to be far better than anticipated :)

Saturday my brother took me out for lunch to celebrate my picture being used for the Orphan Music album :) We had great sushi at this little place in the Beaches. Then in the evening I met up with Tom and Jo to see the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas. Somehow Jo and I managed to lose the Yorkdale mall... we left the subway station and were in the middle of nowhere, seriously. Ask how we managed that and I have no idea, but in the end we managed to find the mall after wandering around a fair bit and we found Tom quite easily after that and were off to the movies. The 3D was so much fun!

And then today I just relaxed, did a little Value Village shopping and found a few new things for work which were sorely needed :) I got home a wee bit late (due to waiting for my copy of season 3 of The 4400, so that's worth it :) ) but had a very tasty supper and was glad to see that both of my fish have lived through the weekend, no one got eaten ;)

And now time for unpacking soon, and getting ready for work tomorrow :)
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Movies movies movies. Hee firstly on Thursday I introduced Nomi to the entertainment that is Reefer Madness the musical. I really really enjoy that movie, the freaking dvd has all but disappeared from shelves so I'll have to order that one eventually. We noted on our walk for candy for the movie that we live near to the Polish Governor General. There are some amazing houses near to us.

Then last night was Nomi's bday so we went to go see Bon Cop Bad Cop for her :) From the trailer my reaction had been "that movie looks pretty good for a Canadian movie" meaning that a lot of Canadian movies are GREAT but don't have the budget to pull off all that they wanted to do, but this one was really really good. I was super impressed and will be buying the dvd. There was a little bit of everything in there. I was highly entertained the whole while. I was no impressed by the couple who came in late and then had their cell phone ringing (on vibrate mind you but still I could hear it) for parts of the movie. I dunno I'm of the mindset that if you can't make it on time then catch the next show.

And now I've finally got a virusscan program for my computer again so I'm running that and hoping that I haven't downloaded anything too funky in the past little while.
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Last night Nomi and I watched Race The Sun which is such a cute and fun summery movie. Much fun. Annnnnnd now I'm super sleepy, I just caught up on reading my flist for the day, you guys post a bunch :) I love it! and now I'm off to bed :)
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mmmmmmmmmm I just got home from PotC: Dead Man's Chest

Here there be spoilers.... )

My Jack Sparrow posters must definitely go up on the walls when I move in.... which leads me to think that maybe I shouldn't paint my whole room if I'm just going to put up posters/paintings... maybe I'll make the closet purple or something just for fun. Do the borders...... I'll think about it tomorrow when I move some stuff in..... which means I should seriously pack some more stuff tonight :S
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Well we did it, Nomi and I have an apartment! It's an awesome place and we can see the lake out of every window! We actually only ended up looking at three places to find this one.

The first one was VERY tiny. As in if you put a bed into the second bedroom it would be wall to wall bed, no room for walking, you'd have to jump onto the bed from the doorway small. Far too tiny even though they had a gas fireplace that was very spiffy.

The second place was HUGE and we quite liked the neighbourhood but the apartment itself was sort of scummy.... well a lot scummy, as in holes in the kitchen floor scummy. They were going to do renovations but they didn't have a finished product to show us. Also the method of applying for it was sort of odd.. and their incentive was getting a free iPod and we all know that I do not want one of those lol.

Then we saw our third place which is a little bit smaller than the second one was. It's all freshly painted white but we're allowed to repaint as long as we keep the colours light, we're going to just paint the bedrooms though I think so it's not a huge project. It was just one of those places you walk into and just know that it's right. We didn't even go to the rest of our appointments after finding our apartment.

All in all it was a very short apartment hunt in comparison to what I've seen friends go through to find a place here. I like the apartment, it's still a little too far out of the city for me to contemplate spending years and years there but the neighbourhood rocks and we have lots of stores and the TTC really close by. So for all of you in TO (or who come to TO often) you will be visiting :D We're really easy to find and we'll have a very comfy couch for overnight visitors as soon as I get myself a bed. Plus we will have one massive and awesome collection of movies since Nomi and I are both DVD buying addicts (the spoils of this weekend alone were amusing and I'm still tempted to buy that 4400 show since I keep hearing good things about it.)
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I had a double movie day yesterday, Art School Confidential and Napoleon Dynamite. Both were quite enjoyable. I thought that Art School Confidential sort of lost it's focus a couple of times. Ghost World (same director) was much better. I also was muchly distracted by the lead actresses' hair, that will be my next haircut I think.

This morning my dad woke me up TWICE! It is a freaking holiday, I do not need nor want to be woken up for breakfast. I haven't eaten breakfast since I was about 13, why would I be starting today? Then I got woken up again so he could say we'd be having dinner early and then I was invited to the DaVinci Code if I wanted to go. I have already promised Ashley I'd go with her so I just said maybe and went back to bed.... then when I went for dinner, there was none for me because I hadn't been clear about what I was saying maybe to. Oops. Oh well. I had a sidekick and I have a cinabon in the fridge waiting to be warmed up tonight. And since I am all grumpy from having been woken up I'm very glad I saved the cinabon from yesterday :)

Instead of complaining though I think I shall actually do something productive and apartment hunt :)
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I just finished watching Hide and Seek, and am sufficiently creeped out lol. Dakota Fanning is just far too talented for a little kid. If she doesn't burn out before she grows up that kid is going to be a star. The movie I think had two of the main things that freak me out cut for spoilers just in case I'm not the absolute last person to see this movie... )

I saw that they were making a movie of The Nanny Diaries book. I don't know if I could even watch that. The book was so upsetting for me, I can't even reread it. Having been a nanny and seeing that infact, no the book was not a huge exaturation of that life, it's just so sad. Overall in my nannying I faired pretty well. I had mostly good kids with really nice families but I had some people who were completely crazy, neglectful, disrespectful and I have my share of horrible stories. I had gone into the book expecting something along the lines of Bridget Jones's Diary or the Shopaholic books. Something that would be fun. Instead it was just depressing and upsetting.

lol and on that uplifting note I'm off to try to sleep and not freak myself out anymore for tonight.
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I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. But I did go out to the movies where Ashley and I saw The Inside Man which was better than I'd been expecting. At least the twist kept me fooled until a few minutes before it was revealed :) Good job for them because usually I guess much faster :)

Then I got to see Ash's new apartment and visited with her roommates who both seem nice. Well I already knew one of them but the other was new to me :) They went out to grab some Wendy's food and I didn't feel like fast food so I ended up just chilling at their place for a bit, when I discovered that Scream was on The WB so we watched that (when they got back.) Of course since it was the WB all of the good stuff was edited out, ironic given Billy's opening speech about watching the Exorcist on tv. It didn't matter much, I have that movie memorized so I just filled in the blanks. Also we got a little high which was nice and relaxing... although I was a little paranoid on my way home... meh, this is what I get for watching scary movies then walking home at night.

Anyways then I ended up flipping between 2 movies when I got home. The Sphere and At First Sight before I went to sleep. So I had a 4 movie night, crazy! I also covered a wide range of genre's.

This weekend I also

- got my hair cut :)
- bought my new bus pass
- walked all over
- did not shop :)
- had a yummy falafal pita (although Viv you're right the Pita Pit ones are not as good at Pita To Go's ones were.
- made many Veronica Mars icons (I'll post 'em before I go to work tomorrow)

Bedtime now.
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Today I saw 'Thank You For Smoking' which was highly amusing. Also it didn't make me want to smoke which was my only concern going into it, so it gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up :)

Then my brother and I went to Vortex. Totally his idea since I am trying to save a lot of money before I move out... but they had Xfiles season 3 for 36.99 and I totally caved for that. I am such a geek, but that's like a third of the price they usually charge in stores so I am a pleased geek.

We walked home from the subway and the weather is just about perfect for walking right now, not too warm yet :) If I'm sunburned again tomorrow I shall scream though lol. I think that I must invest in some very high SPF sunscreen in the next little while. I have the highly sensitive skin of a redhead and I didn't get the awesome hair.

Oh and I played the Easter Bunny last night and put out a bowl of candy because my mom didn't sound like she was into it this year. But she did come through with a Cadbury cream egg and a pack of smarties eggs for my brother and I. And then, after she'd gone on and on about how she didn't want to eat much candy this year yadda yadda yadda she totally ate the bowl that I put out!

Lastly I watched the second episode of Big Love today. Holy Veronica Mars cast alumni going on. Mac, Lilly and Beaver (Tina, Amanda and Kyle)! Is HBO just stealing these people away now? ;) I'm liking the stories that are getting set up on the show so far :) I have episodes 3, 4 and 5 waiting for me and then I'll be all caught up (I think.)
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I walked all over the city today :) My legs and feet are SO tired but I feel great :) The weather was just perfect so I walked downtown to meet Nicole for coffee and since it was warm we got ours to go. I tried one of Second Cup's frozen hot chocolates (not Serendepity but I've never tried one anywhere before so I figured I'd try them here then compare at Serendepity whenever I get there) and they are tres yummy.

We ended up feeding a lot of birds, cute little sparrows, then a starling, then something similar to a starling but louder... then pigeons.. then a squirrel came... it was like a little woodland scene (well it was until the pigeons.)

Then we wandered to a great furniture place on Jarvis... I liked it, I'll have to wander back when it's time for me to furnish my bedroom, i.e. buy a bed lol. Because the Ikea put it together yourself approach daunts me. I can do it but their instructions make me want to cry. LisaLisa do you remember me putting together that closet thing? Yeah it's not pretty when I'm in the middle of those projects.

Then from there we wandered to the Blockbuster on Spadina (I have a weakness for DVDs what can I say lol) and I found 'Slap Her She's French'... but the renamed and horribly horribly repackaged version which is now called 'She Gets What She Wants.' It's not a stellar movie by any means but it's funny and I can still remember seeing the trailer for it (twice!) with Viv. I also picked up 'My Date With Drew' which I feel I must watch this week. Tanya recommended it to me and I just like the premise of making this random dream come true. How great that things like that can happen if you work for them!

Then I walked home. Much walking, but I liked it, I ended up wandering passed the store where (almost a year ago now) I bought the 'Big Daddy' cookie when waiting to get inside the Phoenix for the Slean show. I was too tired by then to check on their cookie status, I have no idea if they even make those anymore. But they were yummy and funny as hell.
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..... sooooooo apparently tonight is the "spring forward" portion of the year. I totally didn't even realize that it was. Clearly I rock. I was so confused because my brother and I were chatting downstairs until just after 3 and then suddenly I get up here and my computer says that it's 4:30am.

Hmmmmm waking up in time to shower and meet up with Neal and go to the gallery is going to be fun in the morning lol.

Also I watched Crash tonight. Wow is all I have for that. What a hugely powerful film. If you haven't yet seen it then it's definitely worth making time to watch it. I'm making an effort to get through all of my dvds that I own and have not watched yet. I am such a movie whore sometimes, I don't have a massive collection but I have bought some movies and then just not had the time to watch them.... so I'm working through them now. Crash: definitely a good investment :)


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