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I have moved!

The day took MUCH longer than was planned but that's always the way. My roommates are gone for the weekend (thought they'd avoid the moving madness (me in their old roommate out)) and that was probably for the best as I ended up with stuff EVERYWHERE. The movers we used were FABULOUS if you're moving in TO Toronto City Movers were definitely good movers. Fair prices, they were only 30 minutes outside of their estimated timeline and that was partly due to some of my furniture not fitting up the stairs and then us not having the right tools to take things apart... but in the end everything is in my room, I'm on the internet already, and my TV is picking up more channels now due to the location change :)

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Hello friends list :) I move today so I may not be online for a while. Same drill as always, if you post something that your're thinking "gee elizalavelle would want to read this" then please leave me a link in my comments and I'll read it as soon as I'm back online.

I'm about 95% ready to move. Movers should be here in 3 hours and 15 minutes. In the past two nights I've probably slept about 6 hours. I will sleep well in the new place for sure. Right now the next thing that I've got to do is unhook the computer so I'm going to do that and I'll be reading you all from my new place as soon as I have my internet up and running :)
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packing packing packing....

I made myself a huge to do list for tonight and am now learning that I am the most scattered packer ever. My boxes aren't terribly organized in a way that will make any sense to anyone but me, and I seem to be doing a bit of each item on the list then going away to do something else and then finishing up the other thing much later. However There is some serious progress being made. The bathroom is almost empty so I'll be able to have it totally cleaned out tonight.

I think that I should try for some dinner now though, it's 9pm and I've not eaten since noon and I've packed lots of boxes and almost all of my posters (excluding the 3 which can't roll) and did 2 loads of laundry and I feel a little dizzy now. Time for food :)
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I tell you these things are getting closer and closer to House Hippos. I want a House Hippo to live in my closet and leave his footprints in peanut butter :)

In other news my new game of the night is everytime my computer freezes (which is quite often with the onset of the super hot weather) I have to pack a bag/box etc. Or do some moving task.

Tonight I've:
Packed 2 duffle bags.
Changed my mailing address for almost every piece of mail I get coming into the house bar one which I have to wait 'til Friday to do.
Taken down my dart board (magnetic) calandar and anything else that was nailed into the wall as well as taken out the nails.
Done dishes.
Finished the fish and 1 bag of frozen veggies from the freezer (resulting in lunch being already made for me tomorrow :)

Productive like woah :)
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Hey all, I have my few photos from Can't Stop the Serenity posted here: http://laurentian.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2015180&l=8dbd4&id=158901505 Facebook tells me that you should be able to see that even without a Facebook :) Sorry there are so few. My USB drives weren't working again so I didn't think I'd be able to upload but apparently my camera USB is still working even though nothing else is. Oh my computer, it has such character.

I moved a few boxes today, checked out my new room again, I'm trying to envision how I'm going to fit all of my stuff in there, it's going to be tight but I think I can do it :) Bedtime again soon, I'm still tired even after my mini coma last night!
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For those of you who asked for it here's the apartment picspam :) We're still working on the unpacking thing but if you want to get an idea of what the new place looks like it's here:

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hee we have a kitty :)

Nomi and Zion moved in this weekend. By late last night Zion was starting to calm down a lot and was very interested in looking out of the window :) He also loves to hide out under my bed hee.

I've also started Nomi on the goodness that is Veronica Mars, we'll be playing catch up before Season 3 :) We just did the first two episodes last night, *sigh* I love this show. Although the pilot is just exposition like woah, it's necessary because you dive right into two season story arcs and a MOTW and you know meeting the characters. Helluva challenge, well met Rob Thomas. Also Nomi is going it spoiler free for the first two seasons, impressive, and also fun :)

Hmm now I must be off to work, so much to do before the SARAH SLEAN CONCERT on Thursday :D
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We have moved :) (my roommate and I, not the royal "we")

The apartment is still a mess of boxes but slowly it's looking more and more as though people live here. And today the cable and internet were set up... there's a little more problem with the phone but we're working on it ;) MSN will be my main source of communication for the next little while.

I also put together an ikea shelf unit without quitting. Most often with Ikea furniture I have to quit half way through as it all falls apart and then try again many hours later, but I did this shelf in maybe 20 minutes AND with the wrong set of instructions lol perhaps that's why it worked easier ;)

I wont ramble on much about moving since it's not really interesting if you're not the one doing it BUT I will say, movers are totally worth paying for! I'm SO glad we had them, it made the day that much less stressful.

Thanks for all of the kind words from the people who commented on my last entry, there will be pictures as soon as we have less boxes everywhere :)
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Okay, I'm down to the do or die part of packing so I wont be online here to read my flist for the next few days... probably until the middle of next week I'll be M.I.A... I may post if I have time but I wont be able to read everyone's posts. SO if you post anything important that you want me to know about then link me in a comment here (or to another one of my posts) and I'll read it asap :)

I've done a mad amount of packing today... and laundry. I don't know how I managed to get so many clothes..... and dvds..... Je suis tired of packing. I asked my daddy for an Oompa Loompa to do my packing for me... somehow he thinks that's an impossible request ;)

At least it's raining tonight... of course this is the storm that's already caused power outages in Ottawa and Montreal so who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for now it's cooling down :)
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mmmmmmmmmm I just got home from PotC: Dead Man's Chest

Here there be spoilers.... )

My Jack Sparrow posters must definitely go up on the walls when I move in.... which leads me to think that maybe I shouldn't paint my whole room if I'm just going to put up posters/paintings... maybe I'll make the closet purple or something just for fun. Do the borders...... I'll think about it tomorrow when I move some stuff in..... which means I should seriously pack some more stuff tonight :S
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hee it's Pirates this weekend! I have my ticket already for Saturday night :D Now I just have to stay unspoiled until then. And then in just a couple of weeks Clerks 2 comes out :D Clearly this is a fun movie month.

August shall be an entertaining month as well I think, Slean concert and SFX :) I have my tickets to both of those stuck to my walls (a trick from residence) so I wont lose them. I already thought I'd lost the Slean ticket once. That would have sucked.

I REALLY need to clean/pack. I am planning to move some stuff on Sunday so Saturday I'm going to pack up as much as I can to trek over... not forgetting that we paint the following weekend so I can't put a lot in my room because then I'll just have to move it out and back in.

I should go and get ready for work, yay Friday!
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Hmmm I have been in a huge Mal/Inara mood as of late and am highly tempted to get a ticket to SFX.... anyone going to this who wants company, or does anyone want to go?

In other news it's still grossly hot and since it's been so for a few days now it's begun to make me have more trouble sleeping and I woke up about 4 times last night going between being too hot, and then cold when the fan was directly on me, and then hot again. As a result I am sleepy and I think I'm going to have a lot of work to get through being that it was a long weekend so there was an extra day for stuff to pile up.

I seriously need to get packing. I'm going to try do do fall/winter clothes this week and just move them over because meh, I wont need them for a while and I need to move some stuff out of the way. I don't want to move anything valuable since I'm not actually living in the apartment for a little while longer, I just want to move small stuff that I can keep out of sight in the apartment but that I won't be needing here for the next month. Oh and my parents just bought a new car which, lucky for me, has a lot of storage space so I'll be able to move some stuff easily in there :)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is out this week! I'm seeing it on Saturday :D
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wooo, for as many problems that appear on LJ, they do often rock. I kept postponing renewing my paid account.... no idea why, I am just a last minute person... and then of course I forgot to do it until my notice that my account had expired showed up in my email tonight. Le boo, so I of course bought the paid account again thinking that I was going to have to upload all of my userpics again but they hadn't disappeared yet. Ergo today LJ is my friend :)

My computer and I, however, are still at odds lol but some things are getting worked out. I have photoshop installed again but with the resolution being all wonky still I can't tell if I like what I made tonight... my brother said he'll fix it this weekend so I'll find out then ;)

I'm picking up the keys to my (and Nomi's) new apartment this weekend, painting in a couple of weeks, moving a couple of weeks after that. I'm so not prepared yet oops. However I had the art of packing for school down to the night before leaving for residence so I should be able to get everything packed to move. Especially as I'm planning on just boxing and leaving a lot of my books here until the next move in a year, no point in moving all of them twice.
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I got the cutest new shoes today. In preperation for the new Pirates movie I picked up a pair of these: pirate shoes :D They are adorable and so cute for the spring/summer.

I've also started in the cleaning out of my room in preperation for moving in a few months. I managed to fill a garbage bag with clothes for Value Villiage today. I have to try on a bunch of other stuff but I probably can get at least another bag out in the next little while... It's so weird. Usually I dread parting with my things but over the last year I've just moved passed that. There is so much I don't need so it must go :) The only thing I know I'm going to have trouble parting with is books. I know I have a few that I can part with but I have oh so many that must stay with me... they are my guilty pleasure :)
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I just got a roommate! As of next August Naomi is moving to TO! Life is making me smiley tonight :)

Now I just need a better job and we must find an apartment... details details....
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We moved Neal into his new TO apartment yesterday. Today my back hurts lol. But the move went pretty smoothly with the exception of having to reassemble an Ikea bed. I hate putting together Ikea furniture to start with, it's always more complicated than it has to be and the last thing I put together had instructions that were so random! ugh. But we got it together... it took 6 of us to do it lol but it looks great now. This has however prompted me to realize I want to get rid of like half my stuff before I move. Also, maybe, hire some movers.... Although I think even doing that in the same city is very expensive... so probably I'll be doing what Neal did and having my friends help me. On the brightside some stuff could be done in stages because it's not as though my parents will only give me 2 hours to move out .. and I want to buy new things, like a new bed, which I can have delivered.

I do however think that my backpain gave me crazy dreams last night. At some point I was hanging out with the Olsen twins.. but when they were like 14 and they kept getting me into all kinds of trouble... seriously, not good people those too (I blame their appearance on the huge amount of Zombie Olsen icons that are out there lol) Then I was at a taping of SNL with my mother who was generally being miserable about being there. And Johnny Depp was the guest, and we were sitting in the freaking front row so I was very happy with that. And then I think maybe [livejournal.com profile] madelineanne was supposed to be there with me originally but couldn't afford to make it because there was a sign that went across the stage saying "SNL misses madelineanne!" and I cheered for it and my mom got mad at me for cheering and caused a scene and then left. Then somehow I was hiding from some SNL cast members because there was some sort of plot thing going on and they wanted me to be the scape goat. Of course I got caught (even in dreams I can't be stealthy) so they sent me through this tunnel that led to a river that I guess led to Fraggle Rock because I ended up in there with Boober Fraggle but the poor little Fraggle got thrown around by the water currents and I lost him... and then woke up.

Somehow I think that I'm taking acid in my sleep.

Oh and currently I'm annoyed by someone who just posted about video bootlegs from Wicked in the fanfic community. Not only is that off topic like woah but it's also illegial and it's the sort of thing that gets communities shut down. I would have thought by now that Wicked fans knew that. Also the girl is 22 years old according to her LJ info... and she used a lot of netspeak and just bad writing form... How do people like that survive in the world? I mean typing like that just makes you look as though you're 12 years old... I was shocked to see someone typing like that who is supposed to be an adult.


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