NYC day 2

Sep. 29th, 2007 09:30 am
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Thursday in NYC:

In which I get to meet an LJ friend, visit The Cloisters, and win the RENT lotto. )

Photos will be coming soon, I'm just working on resizing them.

NYC day 1

Sep. 28th, 2007 08:42 am
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I'm now back from NYC, back at work, back to real life. Of course I'm getting sick now lol. Both Ava and Julie were sick while I was there and I refused to get sick 'til I got home, ergo I'm getting a cold. I bought some Airborne while I was in the US though so I took a bit last night as I felt myself getting sick, hopefully it helps me get well fast and by Monday I should be shiny again :)

Anyways, I now bring you the first of my epic vacation posts:

In which I travel to NYC, get a student ticket for A Chorus Line, get to see Ava and Julie and decide that Gossip Girl is going to be a crap show. )
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It's my last day in NYC. I'm going to miss it a lot when I go but I'm already planning to be back in the spring so I won't be too sad.

Today I've got some shopping to do, lunch with friends, a museum and a show to see before getting on the bus so I'll be keeping myself very busy. No time to be sad about leaving until I'm on my way home.

I'll be back with plenty of stories to post (and far too many photographs) soon. In a nutshell I'll have seen 7 shows, visited 4 museums, done a lot of touristy stuff, had some celeb sightings, and met both Claire Danes and Bernadette Peters! It's been busy and crazy and fabulous and that's just the way I like NYC to be. :)
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Short update because I had to squee a little :) We met Claire Danes yesterday :) She was quite nice. Totally not used to the stage door thing and they REALLY need to get her a barracade ASAP but she was pulling through it alright :) I got my DVD of Shop Girl signed :) She also really holds her own in a fantastic cast of Bway actors. The girl has talent :)

Fleamarket today *yay*
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*Squee* I just got a seat to see Pygmalion with Claire Danes in it when I'm in NYC! This is even more fun because My Fair Lady (which is the musical based on Pygmalion) is coming through TO this year so I'll get to see both in one year, within a couple of months of each other actually I think. I called for the ticket with my dad's calling card since I'm at work... the tickets started selling a lot more quickly then they had been so I thought I should get one ASAP and then spent 15 minutes on hold and then had a long-ish conversation with the gentleman working the box office. Apparently I don't sound Canadian LOL At any rate that'll be a fun charge for Daddy, I must remember to let him know it's going to show up and that I'll pay for it when it does.

I'm so amused. A month ago I wasn't sure if there were even really a lot of shows I wanted to see this trip... now I have plans to see 5 musicals, 1 play (my first play ever in NYC), at least 2 museums, BC/EFA flea market and visit friends while I'm there. Not to mention random shopping excursions. It's going to be so busy but SO much fun!

In other news I finished my designs for Mel's tshirt shindig earlier this week... I was so overdue, she's a saint for letting the last one in! Also I apparently have trouble counting to 4, which was the maximum we were allowed to design... yeah, problems. However I'm really looking forward to the Shindig :)

7 days left (6 1/2 really now) 'til I'm leaving for NYC and I've still got so much to do. I still need to burn myself cds to listen to on the bus, decide what I'm going to wear and pack it, buy granola bars and such for the trip... and lots more that I can't think of right now. At least I have the tickets I needed to buy in advance bought, money exchanged and I have my bus ticket and passport. Necessities are done :)
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Another busy weekend has flown by!

On Friday I bought my US money for my vacation. I'm wonderfully broke now but I'll appreciate being able to shop when I'm there :) Then I saw my parents off as they left for England for 2 weeks (lucky them!) and then went home to work on finishing up my tshirt screening designs.

Saturday I sent my ideas off to Mel so she could tell me how crazy I was trying to do the things I've chosen to do. Actually only one of them so far isn't working well so that's not bad... especially considering that I've somehow rotted my brain so much that I managed to screw up counting to 4 and designed 5 shirts. I honestly didn't even realize I'd done it until Tom and Jo pointed out I'd gone over the maximum. Oops. I may end up saving one to do next tshirt shindig lol. We'll see how timing goes.

Our internet also died completely again on Saturday and we've now FINALLY got a technician coming over next Friday (for free at least) to see what can be done. We did manage to get 2 of our computers back online, Jo and I are still out of luck :(

Saturday Tom also came by and brought Muppets DVDs so we could introduce Jo to the Muppets. We watched the episodes with Bernadette Peters and Julie Andrews! Fun!

Sunday I bought tshirts for the screening and found Xfiles figures from the movie, still in their original packaging, at Value Village. I restrained myself and just bought a Mulder and a Scully in their FBI suits I left Artic Gear Mulder and Scully and the alien ones behind. I also got a computer mouse since mine was having trouble tracking and it was getting really not fun trying to make icons and such with a mouse that didn't stay where you wanted it.

Today I have to fix one of my tshirt designs before Mel bans me from her house ;) and I need to start burning CDs for my bus trip which is so soon!!!!
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So from bitchy rants to the entire other end of the spectrum: Broadway :) More specifically how I will be in NYC in a little over 12 days! Today instead of having anything to do with fighting with Sympatico (for the record, my computer can no longer connect to their internet at all... again) I decided I really had to order my Bway tickets ASAP. So I ordered myself a ticket to Mary Poppins for Friday and one to Curtains for Tuesday. Everything else is going to have to fall into place as I go :) I'm not sure if I'll order ahead for the Silence of the Lambs musical or just wing it and see if I'm in the mood for that one or if I want to just see no show that night, or if I decide on a completely different show.

I also managed to get some grocery shopping done and prep 2 of 3 screens for the tshirt shindig, they just need a final bit of tweaking. I randomly envisioned a R. Tam session shirt last night so I put my other ideas aside and started work on that one. Oops. I think it'll be darn shiny though.

Then I made a few more of my Stardust icons, and now I'm calling it a night. Bedtime pour mois.
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Hey New Yorkers, check out Ember Swift in your city this month:

Tues., Sept. 18th @ Mo Pitkins in New York, NY

34 Avenue A / 9:00pm / Cover t.b.a
For more info visit:

She puts on a fantastic show!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sad this is just before I get there but she's playing here in October.
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... I'm starting to talk myself into an extra day in NYC so I can fit in seeing A Chorus Line... It's very tempting. If I arrived on Wednesday instead of Thursday I could snag a ticket for the mat. show and that would keep me fully entertained until Ava and Julie are done work for the day. ...clearly I'm now rationalizing something I shouldn't do LOL, then again I do have the extra vacation time and I'm only trying to save a day for buying Slean tickets if there's another Christmas show but that's a big IF and I'm not buying everyone tickets again so I'd probably skip the line up. ... Something to think about for the next few days while I sort out what shows to see and when :)
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So other than the fun wedding last weekend this week has been great so far!

NYC! )


Evil Dead the Musical )

And lastly, the Serenity special edition DVD was released yesterday, I bought 2 (one as the other part of my brother's birthday present) the sales girl was a little concerened that I didn't realize I was getting the same thing twice... what kind of people don't realize that?! The sad thing is she has to ask because there must be a lot of cases where the person actually didn't realize they have the same movie/cd twice! Oh humanity makes me despair sometimes. At any rate the box looks shiny, I didn't even have a chance to open it yet, I may try to watch with the commentary on tonight :)
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So it's been a while since I've updated. This is my month of babyshowers and weddings, very busy!

SFX also happens this month. I was going to do the 3 day pass again but really there weren't that many people (read 1) who I really wanted to see so I'm just doing the 1 day basic pass. Get in, get my autograph, wander a bit and go to the Browncoat dinner. Should be fun :)

I've also decided that I'm going to NYC for the BC/EFA fleamarket this year. That definitely will be fun. If anyone's seen any shows recently that you think I should see while I'm there let me know. I'm not sure yet what I'm seeing so I'm open to all suggestions. I was very tempted by Idina performing at Madison Square Gardens but since she's just an opener, and one of two openers at that I can't pay out that much cash to see her play for 20 minutes... so I'm sticking with the Fleamarket and probably a random trip to the Cloisters that [ profile] abbagirl went to when she was there, it looks beautiful!

So that's life in a nutshell. Oh and I still have 4 spots open in my Pay It Forward meme: check it out here. I know there are a few of you who read this who don't have LJ but you can comment without a journal, just sign your name so I know who you are LOL.

Oh and if I don't have you guys on Facebook leave me a commment here with a link to your profile and I'll add you when I get home :)
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... My computer healed itself... again. I flicked on my external hard drive just to see what would happen and I hear the little noise that indicates a USB device is plugged in and suddenly I have all of my music again! I can't complain, I wish I knew what I did that fixed the problem, I tried everyone's solutions and nothing worked so I'd just given up and was waiting it out 'til I could get my brother to come over and see if he could fix it.

In other news I'm taking my roommate's cat on a play date tonight. I feel like such a yuppie. We have to see if he'll get along with the cat at my future roommate's place... I'm hoping he will or else we have to find someone else to take the cat really quickly.

Viv just got back from NYC, I'm jealous. I think I have to go for the BC/EFA fleamarket this year. I need a vacation :)
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I forgot to write about the snow last night! It was so beautiful. A blizzard of huge snowflakes! I walked my brother to his streetcar stop and exclaimed that it was just like the “snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes” because yes, I am just that cool. Sadly, even though it appeared that it was going to snow loads and loads there wasn’t any snow on the sidewalks this morning. There’s still so much salt down, I feel like I’m crunching my way through a salt mine when I walk to the bus stop. That cannot be good for people’s lawns when the spring comes… It’s so weird that it’s almost the end of January and the snow is so sparse that I can still see patches of grass everywhere.

Did you know that if you have a bank card from one bank you can’t use it to go buy change from another bank? I figured that TD would just charge me a service charge but the teller looked at me like I was stupid and informed me that I was in the wrong bank. I just wanted quarters for laundry, boo urns. I managed to make it to my bank before closing on my way home from work… just makes things more rushed to do that though.

I’ll have some thoughts on the latest VM episode coming soon. I am so glad that show is back! I was feeling a little apathetic about it during the hiatus but they came back with a great episode… more on that later.

Other random tidbits, it's Valentines candy season again, which means many yummy cinnamon hearts (the big kind) and conversation hearts (because I'm one of the few people who love how those taste.) :)

Also I want to see the Alice in Wonderland Musical in NYC!!!!!!!!! Details here:

Also Edward Scissorhands which is playing in Brooklyn:

*sigh* I'm being very VERY tempted to try and do a long weekend in NYC for these.
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You Belong in New York

You're a girl on the go, and LA's laid back lifestyle isn't really your thing.
You prefer a city that never sleeps, and people as ambitious as you are.
Cultured and street smart, you can truly appreciate everything New York has to offer.

Anyone surprised really? ;)


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