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Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama.
Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time...
But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you.
You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading.

I forgot to mention in my last post that while I was waiting for Jo (I was so early lol) I ran into a girl who I worked with at Booster Juice two summers ago! She's actually just about to move back to B.C. so that was probably the only time I'll see her again unless I run into her when I visit my parents out there. So random but fun :)

I have the urge to icon tonight :) yay
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I did manage to get a hold of LisaLisa so I got to visit with my old roomie today! yay. Her boyfriend (not yet boyfriend? I dunno, awesome guy just the same) took us out for breakfast :) I like him already ;) Actually no, he was a really great guy. Also I got to meet Caitlin too so much fun.

And totally off topic but I love the walk in clinic that my doctors office does. No wait, even on Saturday morning which you'd think would be more crazy, no wait.

Tomorrow I have coffee with Nicole... oh and I get to sleep in because I didn't get to do that today and I'm sooooooo tired. So I'm going to watch the Skeleton Key and scare myself awake since I've not yet seen that one.
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Oh my goodness, is Veronica Mars back this week?! I think it's this week... phew :) This is the last chance to use this fun icon then. Goodbye hiatus icon :D While I dont think they should have taken the time off during sweeps (unless they've been guaranteed a third season) I do think that running the rest of the season with no reruns will work in their favour. They're getting to the big episodes that usually work best when viewed one right after the other.

I went out for coffee with Ashley today, who I realize I've not seen in forever again. Silly getting busy and also me becoming somewhat hermit like when it's cold lol. However next week we have plans to see V for Vendetta so that shall be cool :) It makes me feel old to hear about what people from highschool are up to now. I really am not in touch with many people from R.C.I anymore. I dunno, some people keep all of their friends forever and I have some great friends who I've known for years and years but there are a lot of people who I knew in classes etc and they're great people but I didn't have much in common with them outside of courses etc.

Hmmm I want dinner now, j'ai faim.
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Weird dreams the past few nights. Last night I dreamt that my brother was dating this girl from my old residence who walked around in her underwear all of the time (lol Erika you can figure that one out ;) ) and my mother didn't want him dating her so she kept trying to break them up and I kept getting stuck in the middle of the fight. boo urns.

The night before I dreamt I was at the Sarah Slean art show (yay) but Carma was there so I kept being distracted between paying attention to Sarah performing and paying attention to Carm. And at some point Tasha was introducing me to some cowboy guy with some serious leather fringe on his jacket lol.

My head is an odd place most nights.

Oh I forgot to write about the "shhhh" girl at the movie on Saturday. About two minutes into Brokeback Mountain Nomi and I hear "shhhhh" really loudly. And we (and everyone else in the theatre) starts to look for the shhh-er because we heard no noise to precipitate this. Then the girl notices everyone starting at her and shhh-es some people again who at this point aren't talking for sure because they're just looking at her like she's crazy. It turns out she was trying to get the couple directly behind Nomi and I to stop talking. Now I get annoyed when people talk during movies (I'm sure I've ranted about that before lol) BUT I didn't hear anything so if they were two feet from my head and quiet enough that I couldn't hear them I don't know how this girl was being bothered when she was sitting about 10 feet away... unless sound carries in a really weird way in that theatre lol. She was there alone and looked like the type of girl who is 17 and fell in love with this movie because "OMGZ THEIR LUV IZ SO EMO!!!1!!1!" but fortunately after her first disturbance she was good. It was just a little startling, I've never seen anyone look that fierce when there wasn't a problem to begin with.
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Nomi was in TO this weekend :D YAY! She got in on Friday night and I had just been given two ticket to see The Boyfriend for that night so we rushed to my house from the bus station and then back to the Royal Alex for the show. I haven't been in that theatre in FOREVER! So beautiful! The show itself was ADORABLE. You could see Julie Andrews in it for sure, what a great project for her to be able to direct now. We also had killer seats, 6th row of the Balcony, so sweet!

Then Nomi was supposed to go out with Dan to a drag show but she was in a musical mood... and the weather was just depressing so we just went back to my house to sleep.... and then of course stayed up far too late and had to get up early on Saturday lol.

Saturday I bought a bday present for the daughter of someone I work with and then dropped off my NYC photos (finally!) and went off to the birthday party. There were some of the cutest kids there and I got to hold a little baby, oh I want a baby! This little girl was just so so cute, big grey blue eyes and such a happy baby, she didn't even cry when I held her and I was a brand new person for her.

Then I met back up with Nomi and we went out to see Brokeback Mountain. What a great movie! On a sidenote this is the first film I've ever seen Anne Hathaway in that I haven't been horribly annoyed by her. Seriously, 110% less annoying, fabulous! Give her bad 70's and 80's hair anyday if that's all it takes to make her bearable. ANYWAYS... The movie itself was so beautiful, you just feel lost up in the mountains along with Jack and Ennis. The acting was great... totally deserving of award nominations :)

Now Nomi is back home :( but I finally have my NYC pictures (Ava and Julie I have pictures to mail you now :) )
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Carma was here today! SOOOOOOOOO exciting! Also kind of surreal. I haven't seen her in 4 years and it was almost as though I'd just seen her yesterday. Soooo much to catch up on. I hope I get to see her on friday too :)

We did a little bit of book shopping, I found the last book in a trilogy I was seraching for ;) and also I bought Bleak House. Thank you Sarah Slean and Louise Upperton for naming your artshow after a 900 page Dickens book... that's a lot of reading for me to do in 3 weeks. However it challenges me more than University did so I'm going for it :) at least 50 pages a day, I can do that :)

We had a lovely dinner at the Pickel Barrel (which they've remodeled since I last was there, it's quite pretty now) and then I helped Carm find the apartment where she was staying and then it was such a lovely night so I walked from there back to Sheppard station (does anyone know how safe of a neighbourhood Yonge and Sheppard is? I had no idea... but I walked anyways) Then I ended up walking home from Pape Stn. I was in a night walk mood tonight; great weather, lovely city :) Fabulous night :)
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You know what is frustrating... when on MSN you can see that someone is typing a message... and then they never send it. Or they type for a long time and then send a short message so you know they deleted what they were originally saying. It makes me so curious. What were you really going to say to me? Was it good, bad? what what what?

In other news I got a lovely Sarah Slean gift from Patty today too, so a LJ paid account and some Slean goodness, what a beautiful day.

Oh and most importantly I got to see Tanya who I don't think I've seen since last Christmas holidays! Tan I miss you tons and love that while my mother worshipped you when we were younger ("why can't you be more like Tanya") you have now turned out to be someone who I'd love to be more like (although I don't think my mother would be so enthused about that anymore lol.)
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Oh the holidays.

A big LJ shout out to the lady who stabbed me with a plastic fork and knife today on her way through the store. That was a great experience. Especially the part where you rolled your eyes at me because clearly it was my fault you walked your utensils into my arm.

Oh and a second shout out to my coworker who told me that it was good for me to turn down chocolate because I am overweight. Charming. That's just what I needed to hear for the holidays.

Good news I picked up tickets to the Danny Michel show next month :) I wish Rotate This took debit for tickets, but they didn't so I had to walk to a sketchy bank machine at night....however that worked out okay and I have tickets and wasn't mugged ;) I am of course going to be broke again soon because after buying a bus pass for January and paying my OSAP for the month it wont be fun. Oh new job where are you? Actually I can't complain, Santa gave me two connections for new job stuff today.

AND I ran into Kerry who is a friend from years ago who I went to NYC with when I was 18. So random to see her again but so nice. And I love musical people. As soon as I mention my useless English degree I get "what do you do with a B.A. in English" quoted at me and I love it! I hope she emails me :)

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!


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