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Sooooooo tired and the weekend hasn't even started! I was hyper last night and didn't really feel like sleeping but I managed a few hours and a lot of just resting. However despite the lack of sleep (or perhaps because of it...?) I'm really hyper this morning. I have 'Sweet Ones' stuck in my head (I saw the not so great cover of it from Canadian Idol this morning before work) which is a fun song to be hyper to :)

The cats somehow turned off the powerbar which my clock radio is plugged into last night. That was a special trick. Luckily I had my fan plugged in there too so I woke up when it stopped running or else this morning would have been a lot more chaotic than it was.

I managed to get everything packed, remembered a swim suit, packed way too many snacks, I think I'll be running on sugar all weekend! I think I need a little more cash for the autographs/dealers room etc stuff just in case. Better to have it and not spend than have to face ABM fees at a hotel.
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Note to self: when packing everything you own, do keep in mind that you have certain things (Firefly DVDs) which you'd like to get autographed a week after you move so those should be packed somewhere sensible. EVERYTHING else I needed for Polaris was in a box marked, funnily enough, "Polaris." Firefly DVDs... not so much. I just opened almost every single box in here to find them. However on the bright side they are now found. Now I just have to figure out when I'll have time to get them signed. I think on Sunday I can make that fit in. Wow is it going to be a busy but fun weekend. Jo and I just did a food run so now we have snacks :) I've just got to pack tonight and try to get to sleep earlyish. Oh must charge camera battery!

*bounces* soooo exciting!
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I have moved!

The day took MUCH longer than was planned but that's always the way. My roommates are gone for the weekend (thought they'd avoid the moving madness (me in their old roommate out)) and that was probably for the best as I ended up with stuff EVERYWHERE. The movers we used were FABULOUS if you're moving in TO Toronto City Movers were definitely good movers. Fair prices, they were only 30 minutes outside of their estimated timeline and that was partly due to some of my furniture not fitting up the stairs and then us not having the right tools to take things apart... but in the end everything is in my room, I'm on the internet already, and my TV is picking up more channels now due to the location change :)

the whole day ... long version )
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Hello friends list :) I move today so I may not be online for a while. Same drill as always, if you post something that your're thinking "gee elizalavelle would want to read this" then please leave me a link in my comments and I'll read it as soon as I'm back online.

I'm about 95% ready to move. Movers should be here in 3 hours and 15 minutes. In the past two nights I've probably slept about 6 hours. I will sleep well in the new place for sure. Right now the next thing that I've got to do is unhook the computer so I'm going to do that and I'll be reading you all from my new place as soon as I have my internet up and running :)
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packing packing packing....

I made myself a huge to do list for tonight and am now learning that I am the most scattered packer ever. My boxes aren't terribly organized in a way that will make any sense to anyone but me, and I seem to be doing a bit of each item on the list then going away to do something else and then finishing up the other thing much later. However There is some serious progress being made. The bathroom is almost empty so I'll be able to have it totally cleaned out tonight.

I think that I should try for some dinner now though, it's 9pm and I've not eaten since noon and I've packed lots of boxes and almost all of my posters (excluding the 3 which can't roll) and did 2 loads of laundry and I feel a little dizzy now. Time for food :)
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I tell you these things are getting closer and closer to House Hippos. I want a House Hippo to live in my closet and leave his footprints in peanut butter :)

In other news my new game of the night is everytime my computer freezes (which is quite often with the onset of the super hot weather) I have to pack a bag/box etc. Or do some moving task.

Tonight I've:
Packed 2 duffle bags.
Changed my mailing address for almost every piece of mail I get coming into the house bar one which I have to wait 'til Friday to do.
Taken down my dart board (magnetic) calandar and anything else that was nailed into the wall as well as taken out the nails.
Done dishes.
Finished the fish and 1 bag of frozen veggies from the freezer (resulting in lunch being already made for me tomorrow :)

Productive like woah :)
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Today is a day for packing... which means I packed 1 box and then decided that it was time for an LJ entry ;)

Yesterday I had a fun day. Went over to Bakka to meet Tanya Huff. Jo's been making me read through her books and they're really great. What fun to be able to meet the author! Also I apparently love book signings at Bakka, they have cookies, fruit and drinks :) ALSO I behaved myself SO well and only bought 1 book (one of Tonya's that has all of the short stories for the Blood series, Jo has it now because there's one she's not yet read) which is super impressive for me in a bookstore. They even had a Wizard of Oz graphic novel that I resisted.

Afterwards was a fun evening of playing pool and swimming and talking way too late (as per usual) but the TTC was on my side and there were 4 streetcars that came by in a row so I was able to catch my streetcar with almost no wait as opposed the the usual 1/2 an hour wait. Not too shabby.

Also not too shabby was this past Friday. I took Zion on his play date to meet Nicole and Miguel's cat Hermes as they have to get along if he's to move in with me. It didn't go too bad. Zion was not happy but they didn't attack each other. Largely in part I think because Hermes didn't appear to know what another cat was so he was mostly confused. They'll probably fight a bit when Zion's actually living there but they did alright. Zion also managed his travelling pretty well. He doesn't like to travel at all so this was also impressive. I was not his most favourite person but he seemed to forget that once we got home and I fed him :)
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Okay, I'm down to the do or die part of packing so I wont be online here to read my flist for the next few days... probably until the middle of next week I'll be M.I.A... I may post if I have time but I wont be able to read everyone's posts. SO if you post anything important that you want me to know about then link me in a comment here (or to another one of my posts) and I'll read it asap :)

I've done a mad amount of packing today... and laundry. I don't know how I managed to get so many clothes..... and dvds..... Je suis tired of packing. I asked my daddy for an Oompa Loompa to do my packing for me... somehow he thinks that's an impossible request ;)

At least it's raining tonight... of course this is the storm that's already caused power outages in Ottawa and Montreal so who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for now it's cooling down :)
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Hmmm I have been in a huge Mal/Inara mood as of late and am highly tempted to get a ticket to SFX.... anyone going to this who wants company, or does anyone want to go?

In other news it's still grossly hot and since it's been so for a few days now it's begun to make me have more trouble sleeping and I woke up about 4 times last night going between being too hot, and then cold when the fan was directly on me, and then hot again. As a result I am sleepy and I think I'm going to have a lot of work to get through being that it was a long weekend so there was an extra day for stuff to pile up.

I seriously need to get packing. I'm going to try do do fall/winter clothes this week and just move them over because meh, I wont need them for a while and I need to move some stuff out of the way. I don't want to move anything valuable since I'm not actually living in the apartment for a little while longer, I just want to move small stuff that I can keep out of sight in the apartment but that I won't be needing here for the next month. Oh and my parents just bought a new car which, lucky for me, has a lot of storage space so I'll be able to move some stuff easily in there :)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is out this week! I'm seeing it on Saturday :D


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