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One last tracking post to start things off this year. I want to keep track of some of the other fun stuff I do throughout the year and have it just noted in all one place. Here's that post :)

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Another weekend is drawing to a close... they all seem too short these days! I didn't accomplish a lot but I kept busy and had fun so that's all that matters. My short overview of the weekend:

On Saturday I visited my family, had a nice dinner over there and picked up some mail that was waiting for me. Today I had a nice breakfast out with a friend and we stopped by Silver Snail and then I just had a nice relaxing afternoon/evening.

The next week is going to be really busy, I have tutoring, a Slean concert in Hamilton on Thursday and the Browncoat marathon on Saturday! Phew!

And there's life in 2 minutes or less ;)

Oh and before I forget, for new friends to this LJ I also have an icon journal which you can check out here [livejournal.com profile] rage_my_darling if you feel so inclined. My recent posts in there have been for Blood Ties and The Golden Compass. There's a lot of Whedonverse icons in there and other assorted goodies.
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Yesterday at lunchtime there was a canary outside. Someone's pet I'm guessing. Poor little thing. We tried to catch it to keep it safe but it flew away and that was that. I hope it learns to survive in the wild.

Tonight I'm off to see Harry Potter OOTP :) Friendslist you've all been fabulous at not spoiling me, thank you! I'm trying to figure out when I'm buying book 7. I sort of want to do the line up to buy it at midnight BUT I'm a little concerned about that because I heard that the last chapter of the book has leaked and I'm afraid of being spoiled. I'll probably just go early the next morning to buy the book and hope I'm up before any mean people start spoiling what happens.

That being said I'll probably be offline a lot more from now until after I finish the book for fear of trolls posting spoilers. So until Sunday if you post anything that you think I'd be interested in then please leave me a link in my comments.
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First allow me to point out the current tally for the Can't Stop The Serenity donation to Equality Now. We've just passed $90,000 and I think once the last 8 cities are in we'll be over the 100,000 goal!

In other news this week the Polaris schedule is up and now I'm getting really excited to be there :) I found quite a few interesting looking panels and have been voluntold that I'll be helping out. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend is coming up :)

I'm unpacking slowly but surely. I think it'll be another week and a half or so before I have my room ready for some pictures to share with you guys but there will be some eventually :) I love the commute to and from work now, even though I've moved farther away it's SO much faster to get to work and thus it's faster to get home. I had time after work to make a quick mall trip and got a pair of jeans and new shoes for the weekend and while wandering WalMart I found a Wizard of Oz shirt so I had to buy that... that store is dangerous I tells ya, but I can rarely pass up Oz things.
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Another weekend has flown by. I meant to have a relaxing weekend because next week is shaping up to be crazy busy but I was out for much of this weekend anyways.

Friday I went to Ikea after work to get lighbulbs for a couple of lamps, one of which I've never used because I couldn't find a bulb that fit. Darn specialty sizes... However, now it works just wonderfully, I'm a fan :) I actually was really good and didn't buy much that I didn't need. I did get a closet organizer thingie but I feel that'll be useful in the new place. My brother came with me and he was very good at not letting me randomly buy awesome Ikea things.

Saturday I was in the apartment for the early part of the day while it was shown to a few potential tenants. I'm gussing no one committed yet as there's someone coming tomorrow too. Then I went over to Jo's place and we got to go swimming this time! *yay* last time the pool was full of people. So swimming, a random trip to 7-11 for slushies, movies oh and TastiSkank! I'm going to post their video as soon as this is posted, so freaking amusing! oh and we watched My Summer Of Love which I remember that I wanted to icon, it's so pretty. I fell asleep for a bit of it, but that was due to being up way past my bedtime not due to the movie lol.

Today I did the Father's day thing, took my dad out for lunch and my brother and I worked on a cd of random songs that remind us of our Dad. Sappy but also an awesome CD :) I stuck around at their place for dinner because yummy homemade pizza is way better than anything I'd have made here. So yeah, now almost bedtime again.

Can't Stop The Serenity next Saturday! I'm really looking forward to it :)
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I am back in the land of the internet! I haven't caught up with LJ at all and probably won't tonight (I'm super exhausted) but I'll try to get caught up with everyone asap.

I had a fun week downtown, went swimming a lot with Jo and saw a really entertaining lesbian comedy act a which was hilarious and involved stripping gymnastics, a cirque du soleil routine and a trapeeze along with singing. It was not what I was expecting at all but it was a fantastic act!

I also caught up with a few old friends this week, so much easier to do when I'm not so far out of town. I'm excited to move somewhere closer to downtown than I am now :)

This weekend was absolute madness. I clocked about 3 hours on the TTC on Saturday between getting to the west end for groceries, east end for bday dinner (and presents of MANY Farscape DVDs!) with the family, and then back to my housesitting job.

Sunday was Mel's (annual?) tshirt making shindig and I'm going to cut that one because there are lots of pictures as well as stories.

click the link to see the shiny tshirts )
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The weekend is almost over *sigh* but it went well. Today I slept in a surprising amount (after I woke up early and posted on LJ I went back to sleep until 1, fabulous!) my roommate was actually getting a little worried about me LOL. We did get grocery shopping done, I watched a little Farscape (not as much as planned due to sleeping.) Then we had dinner and watched Cold Case which was an amazing episode tonight and so sad. Very well done. Also Grease: You're The One That I Want because it's so camp! I love it! Now it's almost time for bed for me. I'm looking forward to another good sleep :)

Oh randomly, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was on tv today, so cute! I caught the end of it even though I own it and that movie was so underrated. I think it's adorable! The Little Mermaid was on TV as well, and Nomi and I saw the end of it as well and then they ran a classic Disney cartoon afterwards (The Taylor and the Giant) which was fun! I didn't realize they still ran the classics like that. I'll have to tune in to the end of things more often ;)
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I was in an odd mood yesterday and was lying on the couch in the opposite way from normal and ended up still feeling somewhat restless and so slept upside down in my bed... and then cricked my neck. Oy! I don't think I was sleeping in a funny position for long though because it's already becoming almost not sore at all :)

In other news, there are not enough Farscape screencaps floating around out there! It's frustrating. I'll have to make some of my own eventually but it was just baffling to find a cult show like this and not find huge screencap sites. I'm used to firefly having Still-Flying and Buffy/Angel having Screencap Paradise... boo urns.

OH and in most fantastic news. Stampy has arrived. Stampy is what my roommate christened my cheque from Warner music at the point they were ignoring me and it became a point of principal to get the thing rather than being just funny. Clearly this is my elephant :) (Simpsons reference) I now must get it framed and up on the wall next to the poster :) I am very amused with this :)
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First things first, my computer appears to be fixed, at least the D:drive has been removed and so far so good :) I did manage to save almost everything from the drive due to it healing itself half way through the recovery process. Odd, but I won't complain. My brother came over last night and took out the drive. He's also decided that he quite likes our apartment, he hadn't been over since we still had boxes all over so it's quite a change.

So now with the fixed computer I must catch up on LJ.... that's my assignment for tonight.

Oh for Slean fans reading this there are some new tour dates and appearances posted on her official site: www.sarahslean.com
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Clearly I confuse myself far too easily. When I left work today I was fully aware that it was Wednesday. Then as I was shopping for tiny travel things for Kingston (my attempt at packing light begins with packing small) somehow my brain decided that it was Grey's Anatomy night which would make it Thursday. Nomi had to correct me when I was all excited for the new episode.

In other news I have a myspace (I know, I caved!) but I'm not sure what to use it for yet...

Anyways, for those who are interested I am here: http://www.myspace.com/elizalavelle

I don't really want to blog about life in there because I have that option here already.... so I have no clue what to put there.

Oh and I've been making icons again :) Icon journal is here: [livejournal.com profile] rage_my_darling currently I'm in the midst of a BtVS centric project, but there should be a variety of subjects being posted soonish :)

And that's my self promotion ;)

In other news I feel I should give the show Farscape a go. So many people say how amazing it is, that can be something else to work on this year :) Oh that and I sat down this week and FINALLY watched my first full episode of How I Met Your Mother and it's one of the funnier things I've seen :) I may have to one day pick up the first season on DVD for fun :) Hello Vortex, make it happen ;)
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Nomi is home :) *yay* We did a late Christmas yesterday, my last gift of Orphan Music has been given, time to restock for birthdays ;) She got me two wonderful books, which will be perfect as my goal this year is to read 100 books, I think I can make it. Also she got me Heathers on DVD! I actually didn't have the DVD of this one yet so I was overjoyed to receive it!

It's ridiculously warm still. It's supposed to be 12 degrees tomorrow! That's insane for January! Hello global warming, not so fun. Nice for now, not so much when the next ice age hits.

January is already filling up with things to do, and right at the end there's a shindig :) Those are always such fun. And then I get to go to the Kingston show at the beginning of Feb... so much to do, I think this month is going to fly!
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The zoo is so fun! It was a looooooooooong day but great. I (of course) managed to get hurt... on a popsicle of all things. Not even a cool animal accident, no, a popsicle. It was soooooooo cold that my lip froze to it a bit and bled :( However the popsicle was very tasty so there are no hard feelings ;)

We all got a little bit burnt by the sun. I burnt through SPF 70 people, clearly I am too white for my own good. However my burn doesn't hurt this time, which is odd but I'm not going to complain :)

We saw soooooooo many adorable animals, we went everywhere! So much walking but so great. At least we're all excercised. And of course we hit up the gift shop on the way out and got some adorable stuff. I got a stuffed Golden Lion Tamarin. Those little guys were my favourite on this trip I think... well one of my favourites. The downside of the zoo is I come home wanting about 20 different exotic animals to live in my house. I also got a little plastic bowl with my name on it (cheesy but so cute!) and animals inside. And a plastic hippo (HOUSE HIPPO!!!!!) and a plastic llama (Llama = yes, bootleg = no. Icons coming soon ;) ) and some cute little soaps for our bathroom. Nomi got us some great fridge magnets too, our apartment has a little bit of zoo theme going on.... which shall soon be eclipsed by New York theme and Oz theme.

So yes, a Sarah Slean concert it was not, and I'd be lying if I said any of us would have chosen that day if we had the concert option. So there was some disappointment there. But we went out and had such a fun day anyways and just made the best of it and that worked out really well. And while I opted to stay home today (too tired!) we're heading out for dinner and a concert tonight so it is a good use of my vacation days. I sort of feel like I've had a mini summer vacation :D
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I'm heading to my parents house for tonight and tomorrow... back here sometime on Sunday and when I get back my roomie and her kitty will be here :) Smashing :D

I don't think I'll be online much until Saturday but I'll check in to my flist sometime this weekend for sure :)

(less than 1 week until the Sarah Slean concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Phew just finished making my bases for icons from the last episode.... not spoiling anything but if you're read my past few entries then you'll get this.

cut just in case, total speculation, no spoilers! )

At any rate I shall be making icons this weekend. I made 62 bases... far to excessive, some will have to be scrapped. But I'm sick so I'm making myself stay in and get better. I also want to make some more book cover icons. While I think they amuse mostly just me I'm quite liking them.

And since I'm in a VMars mood: VD is for everybody it's one of those ads from 1969 that is informing the public about VD... with a cheery song, and dancing lol.

Anyways I'm sick so I should sleep. However, even with a cold, I feel all summery because I didn't have my moisturizer on hand so I put a little sunscreen on my face and now I smell like summertime :)
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I just watched the Big Love pilot tonight (thank you [livejournal.com profile] amy_vic) and my but that show is going to be fun. I am now working on getting the rest of the season, and then I do believe that I'll push through them this week.

Tomorrow my brother and I are going to see 'Thank You For Smoking' which is awesome because it was my second choice of movies to see on Friday and now I'll get to catch that one too. *yay*

I'm sleepy but oddly awake tonight. Next week the goal is to get back onto a normal sleep schedule because the early mornings for the past week and a half totally threw me.

Oh and my almost end of the month icon journal wrap up. For those of you who read this who don't read my icon journal this month has included icons of: Sarah Slean, Buffy/Angel/Firefly, Veronica Mars, Edward Gorey, John Bellairs, Ivy Cottage books, V for Vendetta and Julia Roberts (made for Olivia but they're sharable.)

Oh and a WaT music video. I'm going to get all of my music vids uploaded hopefully in the next few weeks just for kicks.

So yeah, if any of that tickles your fan bone they're in the first page and a half at [livejournal.com profile] rage_my_darling


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