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Here are my lists from the past few years:
2010:part one and part two.
2009: part one and part two.
and 2008: part one and part two.

Onwards to 2011!

In 2011 I read... )

The second part of this list continues here: books read in 2011 part two.
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Continuing the list of the books I've read this year...

You can see part one of 2010 (books 1-84) here: part one

My older posts are here, 2009: part one and part two
and 2008: part one and part two

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A list of the books I've read this year...

Also you can check out my lists from 2009: part one and part two
and 2008: part one and part two

Onwards to 2010!
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The list from 2008 can be found split between two posts here and here.

Onwards to 2009!

I've read... )
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... Well I did it, my reading list post got too long for one post alone. So I'm continuing the from the month of August and onwards in this entry which ought to do me until the end of the year. If you want to see the first part of the post it is HERE.

books read in 2008, numbers 93 - ??? )
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A tally of my books read in 2008

-Books read and reviewed numbers 1-92 )
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Well work today was stressfull like woah. By the end of the day I was so worn out and really looking forward to Grey's. Ahh Grey's Anatomy, you do not disappoint do you? A two part ep is definitely a great way to come back for the second half of the year. Without spoiling anything, I cried. Also Meredith looks like a freaking skeleton, if someone could spend an episode secretly hooking her up to a feeding tube or something that would be swell, or is that reserved for May sweeps? ;)

Thanks to everyone who rec'd books to me, keep 'em coming :) I'm on book 4 of the year now. Pretty much right on schedule, and enjoying myself greatly. I've also found someone who can outread me! [livejournal.com profile] willow_kat will probably be able to go through 100 books in January at the rate she's reading :) I'm amazed and impressed :)

Last night I had such random dreams... the most I can remember is being at the Empire State building with Neal on New Years Eve 2000 and wanting to be up at the top for midnight. It was 11:40 and the elevators were packed, they also were operating like the Tower of Terror ride in Disney World (i.e. dropping) so I didn't want to take them and we ended up getting on some weird ski lift thing, like one that you hang on to and it drags you up, like that only different. So odd.

I figure this stems from when we did get stuck in an elevator together and I thought we were going to drop 29 stories and die while Neal thought we weren't even moving up beyond the 2nd floor. What a swell time for my brain to remember. It turned out well in the end though and makes for a charming elevator story ;)

Time to sleep and see what random nonsense my brain can spin tonight :)
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This sounds interesting! Mereclair is this when you're in TO? Because it sounds like just your sort of thing ;) And fortunatly for me my job with the really really long hours won't have started just yet so I'll be able to go :)

~ Wanderlust ~
erotic tales in strange lands

The Royal Sarcophagus Society presents for your pleasure an evening of provocative poetry, raunchy road-trip tales and alluring adventures inspired by the nether-worlds, the nether regions, and heavens, even the Netherlands!

With special guest readers:
Russell Smith (novelist)
Sarah Slean (poet)
Damian Rogers (unicorn hunter)
Alessandro Porco (pop-culture poet)

And, featuring from the RSS:
Nancy Baker (dark fantasy author)
David Keyes (gentlemen's pornographer)
Liisa Ladouceur (poet)

Monday, February 13, 2006
The ArtBar in the Gladstone Hotel
(1214 Queen St. W. at Dufferin)
$6 or $4 with RSS membership card
Doors 8pm. Readings 8:30 - 10pm.
RSS member open mic 10:30pm
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Hmmmm personal goal, stop stalking Viv. lol I keep calling her late at night because I know she's awake and hardly anyone else is and I'm bored and usually have stories to tell anyways but still... must stop phoning. (however Viv I do have stories to tell LOL I really really do)

I waited at Neal's apartment for 3 hours this afternoon waiting for the Bell guy to come install the phone... no one came. Bell booked an appointment between 9am and 5pm and insisted that someone be in the apartment all day. Neal had work so myself and two of his friends here took shifts all day and no one came to install the phone. When I called Neal as I was leaving he told me they decided they didn't need to come in person to the building afterall but then had hooked up his phone number to the complete wrong line when they did it from their office. Clearly they suck. However they're able to fix it tomorrow with only the super to let them into the building so there doesn't need to be a full day of waiting again for the stupid phone company.

However I didn't mind waiting because I was WAY behind on my reading of Bleak House and I caught up over 300 pages so I have less than 100 to go to finish the book. *yay* It's a great story, I really want to buy the DVDs of the BBC mini series they're doing of it right now. I wonder how long it takes for the BBC to release their stuff on DVD? I'm assuming they will since they do seem to release most of their stuff.... and I'll get to start watching the series (albeit in the middle of the run) next Sunday because by then I'll have finished the book so it won't be ruined for me.
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Job searching is depressing. Thus far I've learned that there are many many jobs in the world that I do not want to do, and still more that I am not technically qualified to do. If I : A. was less picky and B. had any any idea of what I really wanted to do, this would all be much easier.

To make myself feel better I played with photoshop and entered myself in pretty much every icontest I wanted to this week lol. Now it's time to read more of Bleak House.

Also my brother and I have been watching silly amounts of South Park recently (due to Futurama always being the reruns we've seen 5+ times) and damn does that show make me laugh. The one tonight about voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwitch really was how I feel about the current electoral situation some days. Tres amusant.

And yes, I did just talk about reading a Dickens book and then about watching South Park.


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