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I had a fabulous time at Four Sheets to the Wind screenint yesterday. For all BtVS/Angel fans, Christian Kane is in the film (which was a total surprise to me) and the selling point - he has his shirt off ;) The film should be out on DVD I think in January... buy it!

The movie is really very good. The pacing of the story kept my attention really well and the film itself is beautiful. I was watching and mentally making icons for many of the scenes. It was shot in 18 days and they accomplished so much in that short time. There are huge blockbuster movies that never manage to frame their shots so well.

I also was really impressed with the onscreen brother & sister relationship that Tamara and Cody portrayed. It was spot on for the older sister younger brother relationship.

Tamara was in town for the screening and she and the director, Sterlin Harjo, did a Q and A for the film. There also was a short film called "I'm Not the Indian You had in Mind" by Thomas King and he was there to answer questions as well. That's such a neat thing to have after the movie. I'm not a big question answer but I like hearing the neat tidbits that come up.

Jo and I couldn't stick around for the afterparty because I was being a suck and was trying to get into work for 7am today so afterparty was so not a good idea. But we did get to say hello to Tamara after the film. She's said she'll tour through TO when she has a new album out which is excellent. It sounds like for now she's more into the music scene in LA than the acting one.

We also saw Karen LeBlanc and Tricia Young briefly on our way out of the theatre and said hello. Karen may be doing another Sharron Matthews show in December. I hope she does, those cabarets are fun!

This morning I slept through my alarm though so I might has well have gone to the party, I woke up at 10 to 8 (I start work at 8) and was out of the door in 5 minutes flat. I hate waking up like that but at least I was only 15 minutes late. Tomorrow I may have to try for 2 hours early instead of 1.

NYC day 2

Sep. 29th, 2007 09:30 am
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Thursday in NYC:

In which I get to meet an LJ friend, visit The Cloisters, and win the RENT lotto. )

Photos will be coming soon, I'm just working on resizing them.
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So today is my 9 year RENT anniversary (9 years from the first time I saw the show) so I'm going to ramble about that a little bit, but not much as I figure the much longer ramble will come next year.

Onwards into the inner workings of my mind )
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RENT fans keep an eye on this journal this weekend for a friends only post. Especially Ava B. and Jo, you'll for sure want this ;)

Am I teasing you enough yet?


and onto the crazy of my day
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Just got home from seeing Tamara Podemski play a gig at Old Fort York. Which is a lovely little piece of Toronto history which I'd never seen before. Of course it was freaking freezing so I didn't spend time seeing much, perhaps when it's warm. It was an odd sort of night but good. Actually this is the first show of hers that I've been to that I FINALLY didn't feel anxious about being there. She played a good set with one of the songs from her Spirit Voices album which Jo and I each bought a copy of so *yay* I was also glad to be able to say congratulations to Tamara for her Sundance Festival win in person instead of emailing it. So this show had good timing. Although, had the Sarah Slean Kingston gig actually happened then I'd have been there missing this night. So perhaps that turned out well then :)

Karen LeBlanc was there as well, she's going to be singing a couple of songs on the 12th at the Gladstone... I'm very much considering going, I'd love to hear her sing again. It's just interesting to see where our Canadian RENT cast members have ended up. I really was so young when I was seeing the show here and just was in awe of all of them, and now almost 9 years later it's just so neat to be able to still see them perform and to see how everyone has evolved as performers. It's a little bizarre :)

So aside from the FREEZING weather and the long long waits for streetcars it was a good night. I'm glad I let Jo talk me into going :) I'm now starving (too nervous to eat much before I left, oops) but I'm cold and sleepy and I think I'm just going to bed.
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I just realized that I forgot to post my yearly thoughts on RENT yesterday which was the.... oh 8 year now I think... anniversary of the Canadian cast leaving TO to go on tour.

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MONDAY - APRIL 24, 2006

To request an invitation, please send an email to rent10@nytw.org

Please include your name and the street address to which you would like us to mail your invitation once available.

Invitations will be mailed in February or March 2006. Tickets will be sold by invitation only.
Please request an invitation only if you are interested in purchasing full price tickets
which range from $1000 - $2000 each.

lol and I remember back in the day when I'd have totally paid this. Now... well not so much. I'd want to go if it were more affordable or if I had more money but still, that's a huge amount of money for tickets. Although I'd totally do the lottery for shits and giggles, could you imagine winning that?!
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Joss Whedon made an update, and he wants to see the RENT movie, say what?

reposted behind the cut for my own amusement )


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