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VM thoughts about “Mars, Bars”

I preface this by saying that I think I just lost a lot of faith in this show, ergo these aren't the nicest thoughts about the show. I'd like to keep the comments civil. Feel free to comment but please don't start flame wars. Thank you :)

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Most bizzare Sarah Slean concert review ever: http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2006-12-21/music_livereviews.php

They've also trendified the colours in their photos which is just silly.

I sort of like the review. If only because it focuses on the charming aspects of being a wee bit odd... While a few people have jumped on this review as being an attack I don't think it is. She got 4/5 'N's' for the concert, clearly it was enjoyed. Also, most people who I've brought to see Sarah Slean perform for the first time do think she's a bit strange. My favourite recollection of this:

*after she finishes playing Eliot*
me (turns to friend) : so? do you like her?
friend: you do know she's insane right?
me: yes. but do you like her.
friend: she's amazing!

It's that creative insanity that makes her all the more interesting I think. I never feel like I'm at the same show twice (even when I'm there two nights in a row) and my observation on the small part of humanity that I know is that the most talented creative people also often are "weird" but they are the interesting ones. Heck by the time I was 12 I'd labled myself as "eccentric" because everyone kept saying that I was weird, so perhaps this makes me biased in my opinions. ;)
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Spoilery thoughts on Veronica Mars 'President Evil' are behind the cut )
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I'm finally getting some time to write out my thoughts about Vernica Mars - Charlie Don't Surf

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Some belated thoughts on Veronica Mars 3x3: Witchita Linebacker

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Some thoughts on Veronica Mars episode 2: My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

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HUGE bonus to living near to the lake, AMAZING thunderstorms! Usually I sleep through storms and am frustrated that I miss them but this one woke me right up, lovely :)

And onto Veronica Mars 3:01 which I watched last night, many thoughts about the episode :)

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Okay, and now it's time for the looooooooooooong review of the Sarah Slean concert last night.

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I ended up seeing the WaT premiere.... did anyone who watched it feel that they'd seen that exact plot line before... well at least the main parts of it? I kept feeling very deja vu ish about the whole thing.

As a premiere (hang on I'm actually saying something nice about the show, you may need to sit down) it was quite a solid ep. A real ensemble piece which was rare last year. I was impressed with the entire cast (although not so much with Roselyn Sanchez's outfit, skirt? pants? skort?)

So while I liked the episode I really really really feel the plot has been done before on something, maybe within the last 4-5 years because it was so familiar. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

**of course next week's episode looks like trash so I think they're doing much what they've done the past two seasons, premiere well and then slowly (or perhaps in this case, horribly quickly) die out.**
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mmmmmmmmmm I just got home from PotC: Dead Man's Chest

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My Jack Sparrow posters must definitely go up on the walls when I move in.... which leads me to think that maybe I shouldn't paint my whole room if I'm just going to put up posters/paintings... maybe I'll make the closet purple or something just for fun. Do the borders...... I'll think about it tomorrow when I move some stuff in..... which means I should seriously pack some more stuff tonight :S
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Veronica Mars FINALE SPOILERS under the cut

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Sooooooooo LJ appears to be down.... so I'm writing this entry just after VM (EP 2:21) for posting whenever I can.

ps Nomi stay out of these posts, you haven't seen Season 1 yet and this will spoil it for you, we shall marathon through in Aug/Sept. :)

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Veronica Mars: Look Who's Stalking Now

spoilers under the cut

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Well today was fun :) As I was looking through my DVDs to find one to bring to Nicole's house I stumbled across the Kathleen Edwards cd Back To Me which I did not know that I had but it must have been in one of the bunches of cds that my dad brough home, so yay, fun streetcar listening material. So my newfound music and I went downtown and met up with Nic and then we went and bought our tickets to tonight's Ember Swift show and I managed to not buy a DVD while in Sunrise, this is impressive for me lol.

Then we went for coffee and then a trip to the art store where I picked up a fun indipendant comic called retales hehe tales of the retail world. Clearly it's going to be amusing.

Then we picked up dinner (mmmm sushi) and went back to Nic's place and watched Saved! because that movie is just endlessly amusing. And Macaulay Culkin grew on her too, clearly that was a great role choice for him.

Then onto the Ember Swift show which was SO great! I saw her play.... last summer I think it was.... it was still warm out whenever it was... anyways it was a while ago. I remembered it being an awesome show but not much beyond that. This second show reinforces that awesomeness. Live she and her band are just so amazing. If you ever see that she's touring near to you (and people in the US, she goes there a LOT) it's totally worth it to check her out. For now check out emberswift.com. Her new album is called The Dirty Pulse and I just started to listen to it on my streetcar ride home (which was super fast randomly, like less time to come across town than to walk home from the streetcar stop!) and I think it really captures a lot of what comes through live. Initially I'd give it an 8/10, saving those extra two points for the live show, because no matter how much you rock in the studio, if you perform really well live the live show is always better.

And once again the Canadian music scene is such a small world! We saw Michael Shipley there who we did the postering promotion with back in December... and also Tod who did the sound for Sarah Slean on her last tour.... and there must have been two sound guys working because Ember Swift thanked "Doug" the sound guy which was momentarily highly confusing.

and as a follow up to that random thing I said a few days ago about crossing a big item off of my list of things to do before I turned 25... it was sending an email out that I should have sent ages ago.... and all backstory aside, I got my response today and it was 100% better than I'd been afraid of getting. I'm a little in shock but the good kind.

and I was going to leave you with Ember Swift lyrics but I'll save that post for tomorrow...
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Veronica Mars ep 2x19 thoughts, rants whatever

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Today I saw 'Thank You For Smoking' which was highly amusing. Also it didn't make me want to smoke which was my only concern going into it, so it gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up :)

Then my brother and I went to Vortex. Totally his idea since I am trying to save a lot of money before I move out... but they had Xfiles season 3 for 36.99 and I totally caved for that. I am such a geek, but that's like a third of the price they usually charge in stores so I am a pleased geek.

We walked home from the subway and the weather is just about perfect for walking right now, not too warm yet :) If I'm sunburned again tomorrow I shall scream though lol. I think that I must invest in some very high SPF sunscreen in the next little while. I have the highly sensitive skin of a redhead and I didn't get the awesome hair.

Oh and I played the Easter Bunny last night and put out a bowl of candy because my mom didn't sound like she was into it this year. But she did come through with a Cadbury cream egg and a pack of smarties eggs for my brother and I. And then, after she'd gone on and on about how she didn't want to eat much candy this year yadda yadda yadda she totally ate the bowl that I put out!

Lastly I watched the second episode of Big Love today. Holy Veronica Mars cast alumni going on. Mac, Lilly and Beaver (Tina, Amanda and Kyle)! Is HBO just stealing these people away now? ;) I'm liking the stories that are getting set up on the show so far :) I have episodes 3, 4 and 5 waiting for me and then I'll be all caught up (I think.)
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I just got home from seeing Slither tonight! *yay* Ashley took me for my birthday :) Many thank yous to her! I really enjoyed the movie, more than I thought I was going to even. It's funny and gross and scary all at the same time and there is some angst lol. Who could ask for anything more? I will absolutely be purchasing this one when it's out on DVD. Much love for Nathan Fillion. But beyond him the movie actually delivered on what it was supposed to and then gave a little more. Tres bien!

Also we saw the trailer for Will Ferrel's new movie The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and it was very amusing looking. "Help Me Jesus! Help Me Jewish guy! Help Me Tom Cruise!" hehe. The movie itself might not be stellar but it looks amusing enough.

Silent Hill on the other hand looks far to scary for me.

Oh and X-Men: The Last Stand looks freaking awesome.
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LisaLisa's phone isn't working :S So I was supposed to call her and meet up with her tomorrow morning but it seems her phone has no service in TO or something... so I guess that's out unless she brought my number with her... le boo.

I watched Garden State tonight FINALLY. Actually part of the reason I'd not run out to see it was that I'd heard a lot of people saying that guys tended to love the movie while a lot of girls just thought it was alright. It was actually pretty darn good. Visually stunning. Zach Braff is a damn good director....writer and actor lol. Part of the plot seemed to be that guy mistake of thinking the girl wants you to be in love with them super fast, almost counteracting the old steriotype of the girl always being in love and the guy being indifferent. Yeah, if after 4 days someone said they loved me, I'd run. But other than that, I really liked the film. Also, that soundtrack is good music.
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Last Thursdays C.S.I

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Nomi was in TO this weekend :D YAY! She got in on Friday night and I had just been given two ticket to see The Boyfriend for that night so we rushed to my house from the bus station and then back to the Royal Alex for the show. I haven't been in that theatre in FOREVER! So beautiful! The show itself was ADORABLE. You could see Julie Andrews in it for sure, what a great project for her to be able to direct now. We also had killer seats, 6th row of the Balcony, so sweet!

Then Nomi was supposed to go out with Dan to a drag show but she was in a musical mood... and the weather was just depressing so we just went back to my house to sleep.... and then of course stayed up far too late and had to get up early on Saturday lol.

Saturday I bought a bday present for the daughter of someone I work with and then dropped off my NYC photos (finally!) and went off to the birthday party. There were some of the cutest kids there and I got to hold a little baby, oh I want a baby! This little girl was just so so cute, big grey blue eyes and such a happy baby, she didn't even cry when I held her and I was a brand new person for her.

Then I met back up with Nomi and we went out to see Brokeback Mountain. What a great movie! On a sidenote this is the first film I've ever seen Anne Hathaway in that I haven't been horribly annoyed by her. Seriously, 110% less annoying, fabulous! Give her bad 70's and 80's hair anyday if that's all it takes to make her bearable. ANYWAYS... The movie itself was so beautiful, you just feel lost up in the mountains along with Jack and Ennis. The acting was great... totally deserving of award nominations :)

Now Nomi is back home :( but I finally have my NYC pictures (Ava and Julie I have pictures to mail you now :) )


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