Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:26 am
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I've left this post open instead of friendslocking it so if you know anyone who is looking at ordering from Geeky Clean please feel free to direct them here and also to their Facebook page where negative reviews have started to go up as well. Buyer beware with this company.

I have done the impossible, I'm even less impressed with Geeky Clean than I was a couple of weeks ago.

The backstory to this is I made an order from them on Oct. 13th (exactly ten weeks ago.) Their site says 4-6 weeks for international delivery. That's pretty standard. But I got no confirmation of shipping or any notice at all from them after 4 weeks and so around the 5 week mark I started trying to reach them through their website to see what was going on with my order.

I recieved no reply to either of the two messages I sent into them about a week apart.

Then a friend who has used them for wholesale orders for her own business gave me the wholesale contact email to see if I'd get a response from there. I did. They had 500 emails backlogged (from what I was seeing online by then I bet most of them were concerns like mine - ordered in October and by December had no soap and emails were going unanswered) and the guy reminded me that they were a small company (husband and wife) and so things were very busy for them.

I understand that. But they're not so busy that his wife can't post on Twitter multiple times a day but somehow manage to leave out an update about them having a backlog of orders. They've also updated their site a few times, added new soaps and updated their Facebook, all without addressing the fact they had orders from October, both domestic and international, that were not being shipped due to difficulties on their end... but they were still taking new orders.

In fact they did a Black Friday special with fast delivery promised (I believe it was in time for Christmas but I didn't note it) and recently had a "order by Dec. 14th and have your order by Christmas" shipping promise on their site.

Really? Because I ordered 2 months earlier and I am not getting my soap by Christmas so how is that even possible?

Not only that but the response I got said that international orders were going out on Friday December 10th. I figured okay, I would not do a chargeback, they could still make it in time for holidays and this company seems to be trying to make things work so I'll be upset but wait for the soap to arrive.

My order just shipped, Dec. 22nd, with no word from them about the additional 12 day delay but now it certainly won't be here for Christmas and I've been left with a few days to scramble and find a way to replace the gifts until they arrive in January.

I sent them an email letting them know that it wasn't their products that have made me decide I would not be ordering from them ever again but it was their lack of customer service. I also said I'd be passing on this information to people who I knew so heads up - currently I'd recommend finding another place to order soaps from until they get themselves sorted out.

I think they're nice people with good intentions but they're in over their heads and until they learn to actaully communicate with their customers about actual shipping times and the delays that are happening then they're not worth ordering from.

They also made no effort to actually deal with the issue - I ordered many soaps, if it was just a few that were out of stock they could have emailed me to ask if I wanted it shipped in seperate packages (actually the shipping notice I recieved today said it might be in seperate boxes anyway so why they couldn't have sent some things earlier is a mystery to me. Unless they had none of what I ordered when their site said that it was all in stock.) They also could have emailed to say the order was going to be delayed to see if I still wanted it knowing it wouldn't arrive in time for the holidays. There was no offer of a refund, no offer of throwing in anything extra to make up for the lengthy delay, no offer of shipping it express to ensure that it arrives as soon as possible. Nothing to even indicate that they understood that they hadn't lived up to their end of the purchasing agreement.

I think it's entirely unreasonable for me to order a product that's listed as being in stock in Mid-October and for it to not even be shipped until 3 days before Christmas. Also I should note that this cost me $50 in shipping fees, so it's not as though I've paid $10 and am expecting a rush order.

**ETA** They also deleted the comments on their Facebook page about late orders. That makes me have less faith in them actually addressing the issue at all.

**ETA 2** Last night the reviews tab came off of their Facebook page. Not great. I understand it's tough to see people who are unhappy with the product and who are talking about wanting their money back but hiding the issue just means the next batch of customers go in unwarned without having a chance to see the feedback.

**ETA 3** I was contacted by Jess privately and she's asked that I keep the communication private. But I will say that she's trying to deal with the issue that I had which is a good thing to see.
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I forgot to write that on Saturday Jo and I were out shopping and what was a trip just for the newest Buffy comic (*yay* the Faith story arc has started!) turned into a lot more random shopping. We stopped into Bacca so Jo could find a book for her trip to NYC and while she didn't find anything we were told that Gregory Maguire had a new book out 'What The Dickins' which just came out this week! Clearly I bought it. Totally shouldn't have but I'm already throughly engrossed in it and have no regrets.

Then the girl who works at Bacca also let us know there was a sci-fi and fantasy flea market going on at the TO Reference Library that afternoon. So we wandered in that direction and I fully thought I'd find nothing since we were hitting it at the end of the day. Wrong. I got a flying monkey little statue, 2 of Tanya Huff's Blood books, a copy of 'A Wind in the Door' which matches my first ever copy of 'A Wrinkle in Time', the John Saul serial novel series (Blackstone Chronicals I believe it's called) a BtVS bookmark from when they did one of those "READ" campaigns for the library AND right next to that was an Inkworks autographed Anthony Stewart Head trading card and I bought that... for a dollar! AWESOME. Also I learned that the Ref. library has a second hand booksale room. Dangerous for me and also awesome. AND we went to the 100 years of Mirvish display! So much random fun at the library.
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First allow me to point out the current tally for the Can't Stop The Serenity donation to Equality Now. We've just passed $90,000 and I think once the last 8 cities are in we'll be over the 100,000 goal!

In other news this week the Polaris schedule is up and now I'm getting really excited to be there :) I found quite a few interesting looking panels and have been voluntold that I'll be helping out. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend is coming up :)

I'm unpacking slowly but surely. I think it'll be another week and a half or so before I have my room ready for some pictures to share with you guys but there will be some eventually :) I love the commute to and from work now, even though I've moved farther away it's SO much faster to get to work and thus it's faster to get home. I had time after work to make a quick mall trip and got a pair of jeans and new shoes for the weekend and while wandering WalMart I found a Wizard of Oz shirt so I had to buy that... that store is dangerous I tells ya, but I can rarely pass up Oz things.
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Soooooooooo busy!

This weekend we had the meeting for the volunteers for the Serenity Screening. If you haven't heard of these already go here: and find a city near to you. On the 23rd of June (and possibly on dates near to that in some cities) Serenity is put back on the big screen to celebrate Joss's birthday. All proceeds go to support the charity Equality Now. The TO one this year is going to be fantastic. We have grab bags, and tons of stuff for sale (hint if you want a tshirt preorder OR show up early!) and we're also having door prizes and an auction! Bring cash (it's all cash only) and have fun!

Sunday I bought way too many DVDs. I found season 7 and 9 of the Xfiles the regular sized boxes not slimsets so I bought those. Now I just need 4, 5, 6, and 8. Not too shabby. I also picked up season 2 of Joan of Arcadia and season 3 of The 4400 and then Bring It On (as if I didn't have that one already!) and My Summer of Love. Busy day, I love BMV and Vortex. I had to not go back into HMV as they were having a massive sale as well. Eep. If you're looking for Dead Like Me (both seasons) or How I Met Your Mother (season 1) they're 50% off of the already discounted prices.

Then I got sunstroke feeling and crashed at my parents house for a bit and then went home. Missed most of the Tony awards, boo urns.

Today my brother came over and installed my wireless card so I can get hooked up to the internet in my new place when I move at the end of the month :) and I got a call to let me know people want to come look at the apartment tomorrow. Frell. I just did a mad cleaning spree. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. And it's all I could get done.

I also introduced my brother to Farscape. We watched the pilot. He's not as hooked as he was by the Firefly pilot but he thinks he'll like it, so I sent him home with the first box to play with and I'm betting once he starts them I'll be getting calls insisting that I bring him more lol.

Now I'm exausted and have just enough time for a shower and then sleep!
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This evening was fun :) I met up with Dell and we hit up the Silver Snail where I got the other 5 digests of Runaways which I'm highly enjoying and I also got the Adventures in Oz collection of comics. Soooo expensive but it looks delightful :) I'll post more about both once I'm done reading.

We also did a bunch of clothes shopping but I couldn't find much of anything I liked although I did see one of the dresses that Madonna designed for H&M that I thought would be nice for the weddings I have to go to in the summer but there's a while to go before those so I'm not buying too early.

I got home just in time to hear from Tom who is being awesome and planning a small Farscape movie night for my birthday, which will be celebrated a few weeks after my actual birthday because everyone, including me, is busy like woah lol. So I'm making myself slow down with my Season 4 watching so I can wrap it up just before we watch The Peacekeeper Wars. Then you'll all get to read a fun ramble on the awesomeness of Farscape :)

Anyways tonight I think it's bedtime for me, work has been super busy the past little while and I want to be sure to stay on top of everything as much as I can.
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The weekend is turning out to be quite splendid :) On Friday night I got a call from my friend Leigh who I'd not heard from in ages! I'm going to head out to visit her next weekend. She's now just over 5 months pregnant so I went out today to do baby shopping. I've been waiting for years for someone I know to get pregnant so I can do baby shopping! I love the little little things. I bought her baby 2 sleepers and a cute onesy (I just couldn't choose only one!) and then of course being me I had to go pick out a book. I wanted to get "I Love You Forever" but my assumption is that EVERYONE thinks of that book first so she probably already has it. But I did find a cute cardboard book copy of "The Velveteen Rabbit" which is another favourite so I went with that :) Much shopping all day but fun.

I also was trying to find "The Book of Dreams" by O.R. Melling and was highly disappointed to not find it. I found the 4 books in that series together in one volume which I considered even though I have the first three in a volume already. What almost got me is that the first book ("The Hunter's Moon") had been revised so I thought that could be neat to read. I started reading it in the store though and they've updated the references to be ones for the Lord of the Rings movies and that just doesn't do it for me so I passed on that. I'll have to find the stand alone volume on it's own somewhere.

Then I settled in for a quiet evening at home, did some dishes and cleaning, had a nice dinner and then was surprised by a phone call from Tom who was going to be heading by my place on his way home and had the third season of Farscape for me to borrow :) So he stopped by and we watched the first episode :) When I'm done the entire series and movie I'm going to have to do a full entry on my thoughts about this series, it's just brilliant and keeps getting better the further in they get!

So altogether the weekend is shaping up to be just lovely :) I hope everyone who's reading this is having a great weekend as well!
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Alas the weekend has departed quickly yet again. I was house/dog sitting for my parents which meant that I had a pretty quiet weekend. My brother got a new computer (Mac laptop... iBook?) which is pretty sweet. I'm not really a fan of Mac computers but I did enjoy the little remote control for while I was curled up on the couch :)

As I've been getting more and more addicted to Farscape I decided a Vortex trip was in order for today so my brother and I went out and visted HMV, BMV and Vortex (the usual at that end of town) and did quite well. I bought a nice bunch of books and both Shaye CDs (one was given to me for free - tres awesome!) I found the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls for Nomi which she has been searching for since she moved to TO :) For myself I finally got a copy of The Corpse Bride and Ginger Snaps 2 (so now I can watch the third one I've had for months now lol) and also Pitch Black because Claudia Black is in it and I've been told the movie isn't bad. Oh and I bought the last third of season 1 of Farscape and the Peace Keeper Wars (which I will not watch before I'm done the series it was just not too expensive so I went for it.) My Farscape DVDs are set up differently than the ones I've been borrowing. There are 4 seperate discs instead of two double sided discs. It's all the same to me though :)

I also lucked out and not only was I able to borrow the last third of season 2 from Tom today I also got a ride home from him so I didn't have to fuss with getting my bag with freshly cleaned laundry (perk of housesitting - free laundry) and new books and DVDs on and off of the streetcar :) So much nicer to do it that way.

Next week shall be more housesitting, with working autoshow and I get to see Dell for brunch *yay*

Now time to get ready for bed and then regular work tomorrow :)
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Squee! Sarah Slean concert tonight (the first of two) I shall be posting my looooong review as soon as I can. I'm just so excited. This night is the one Harbourfront didn't screw up so we have many Passioneers all sitting together (how novel) in the front row :D joy joy joy!!!

I still have a ton of things to do toda before I go and get overdressed for the evening (I love dressing up for Slean concerts, I figure if she can get dressed up to perform I can dress up to attend.) I feel all Christmas morning-y I couldn't sleep in at all today, I just bounced right out of bed. Clearly I shall regret that later but for now meh.

Oh and I had yesterday off from work (as well as today and monday... I was supposed to be in NYC this weekend... I'm actually glad to not be in New York, how the heck did that happen?!) so I did some Christmas shopping finally and got right into the spirit of it, have already spent too much money, and am still loving every minute of it :D I still have a few more things to get but I know pretty much what they are :)

Fa la la la la la la la la....
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I went to bed early early last night, I was passing out by 10! I think it's because I strained my neck a little and then started feeling migraine pain again (eventually I'm going to have to go get this checked out, not so cool at all.) However, I had a great day anyways. I met up with Ashley and heard all about her trip to Japan! It sounds like for the most part she had a wonderful time :) And she brought me a PotC date book which has all of the Japanese holidays in it, so fun!

I also found the ONLY store in TO which carries my camera battery so I picked up my second battery :) No more "low battery" nonsense for me now!

We grabbed a quick lunch and then browsed Sam the Record Man (which keeps getting more and more overpriced for anything that's not currently on sale... I remember when it was the better place to shop) and HMV. I bought DVDs which was very bad, I should not be shopping, but I picked up the Roseanne Hallowe'en DVD. I don't know if I'm going to buy all of their seasons but their Hallowe'en episodes kick ass so I thought those would be fun to have this month. And I also FINALLY found Return to Oz which I realize now (after reading the box) is apparently only supposed to be for sale in the USA. Gee thanks Disney :( However this was an import and while it was a little pricey I bought it because that is one of my absolute favourite movies.

Then time to head home, watched more of The 4400 because my brother is anxiously waiting for me to finish with season 2 so he can have it. I find that so awesome, he used to avoid EVERYTHING I liked. TV, movies, music, books, if I said it was good he decided that he'd have nothing to do with it. Now he's been converted to Firefly, loves the Enders Game series, and is now hooke on The 4400 :) He also wants to take in a Sarah Slean show sometime in TO!

So now then today, I woke up early early early (6:30) due to going to bed early last night. Ergo I decided to get up and go take pictures of the sunrise down by the lake. There were actually a pair of professional photographers doing the same thing but they were all about staying near to their car and leaving their Tim Hortons coffee cups lying around on the ground, whereas I promptly climbed down the rocks. I think I got some pretty decent shots (pic spam coming soon.) As I was leaving I stopped to get pictures of the swans framed by the sunrise (not sure how they worked out yet) and I was so amused to see that after I left the pros went running for my spot.

And now I have showered (it was SO cold out this morning and damp, my feet were soaked through!) and I'm going to pack up some laundry and head on to my parents house for Thanksgiving.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone who is celebrating this weekend :)
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It's been a madly productive weekend :) I made oodles of chocolate fudge, tres yummy :) Of course Saturday was humid so it took FOREVER to get it beaten enough to set again which left me with a blister on my hand. An injury from baking, how girly is that? ;)

Today Nomi and I got grocery shopping done and then I bought WAY too many DVDs. Darn Vortex having pretty much every box set I wanted. Excluding the Angel DVDs but I found 2 seasons of those at BMV so now I'm only missing season 2 and 5. Does anyone know when the Slimsets are released for Angel? I want to be sure to have my DVD's bought before then.

Then after buying far too many DVDs and eating yummy Amato pizza we went to buy a fishy! I ended up getting 3 who are as of yet unnamed but I'm working on it. I got an Australian Rainbow fish one of these guys and two rainbow tetras who look like these guys because I couldn't make up my mind and I have a bigger fish tank now so when I saw the little fishies I felt bad for only taking one. He'd be so lonely.

I also fixed our toilet that broke this morning which was useful :)

And tomorrow it's back to the work week :) Time keeps flying by!
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I haven't made an actual update update in a while. SO here you go :)

This weekend was my first weekend in a while where I could just stay home and do nothing. It was so needed as I'd been having near migrane headaches all week. Nomi and I went shopping on Saturday, checked out Sherway Gardens. Even though I do not usually enjoy larger malls this one was not bad at all :) Their prices are marked up like woah though I was in their HMV checking prices on Angel DVDs (as I now have to buy the rest of the seasons before they slim size them :S) and their stuff was way more expensive than everything in the HMV at the Duffern mall.

Anyways we also hit up a bunch of the stores across the street, most of all Best Buy for their grand opening sale. I finally bought both seasons of The 4400 so I've got to get to watching those soon :) We also entered the dreaded Walmart for a boot tray (hello rainy fall) and some cooking stuff. They also had uber cheap DVDs, not good for me lol.

Oh and yesterday I was dizzy almost all day! I'd gone to bed Sunday night feeling like I had the spins or something which was bizarre as I'd not been drinking and I woke up still all spinny. I looked it up though and apparently if you get migrane headaches sometimes you get a completely seperate dizzyness. It wasn't really all that bad just sort of perplexing.

And now I'm off to work :)
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Now I almost forgot to write about the AIDS benefit show that we went to on Friday night. Nancy (whom I know of through Sarah Slean concerts) put it together and sang and did a fabulous job at both! I'm always blown away when I find out people who I know are greatly talented, and Nancy is a great singer! A great start to our night.

Lindi was also performing and she was the reason we decided to go, I quite like her performances. There was also a singer named Emma-Lee who was really good, oh and the surprise greatness of the night was a singer named Alexandra Slate who when she took the stage reminded me of what Lilly Kane would look like had she decided to be a singer but then she (Alexandra) started to sing and she's seriously amazing. Her brother also performed (Gavin Slate) and it turns out that he goes to school with my brother, small small world. And the closing band was No Stone who were so good! I love our TO talent.

And not only was it a super fun musical night but we also ran into Cam who I'd not seen in forever (and good thing too since the show ran late and he was able to get Joel back home) and we saw Nic and Miguel who I haven't seen much of lately either (all my own fault.) We also got free handcuffs and fingercuffs from the movie Bon Cop Bad Cop which are always fun :D

Oh and lest I forget we had an awesome veggie dinner at Kensington Market with Neal :)

AND Saturday I spent wayyyyyy too much money at Vortex, BMV and Sugar Mountain (SM had a Wizard of Oz wastebasket and we needed one for the bathroom and I couldn't resist it!) AND we also went to see PotC 2 again. It's almost cleared a billion dollars this summer, I think it'll make it before the summer is out. Dell and her friend Anna hadn't seen it yet so they got to go for the first time :) Always fun!
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I got myself a digital camera today :) Oh how much fun are these! Firstly WONDERFUL store. Great employees and if you know your products you can order online.

I am now the proud owner of a Kodak Easyshare Z760, 6.1MP :) This one here actually :)

I am thus far quite pleased. I bought a memory card for it as well (1GB) and now I'm good to go :) I also read the entire instruction booklet while the battery charged (which is probably the best way to package these things, make people have to wait to use them) so I think I've got the basics and now I'm just learning to fiddle with the rest :)

In other news it's disgustingly hot and humid out and between going out camera shopping in the morning and then buying some odds and ends for the apartment this afternoon I feel like I just might melt. I was actually going to go for sushi with my brother tonight but I'm not particularly hungry and I'm feeling a little heatstroky so I decided to pass on the dinner out tonight. Instead I shall rest and then when it gets dark outside and perhaps a little cooler, I shall pack like a madwoman as I've not really started doing too much of that yet.... eep. I would like to move a good bunch of clothes over this weekend along with the new bedding I've bought and a drying rack.... and some nice floormats to go under my computer chair so it's not loud on the floors for the little baby downstairs :)

Oh Nomi I now have cutlery :) and a drying rack for dishes :)

Ooooooooh and while it's not really clouded over yet I just heard some really loud rumblings of thunder, always a good sign.
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I'm sleepy today. I woke up 45 minutes early (unpleasant) and then managed to drop off for about another 1/2 an hour but I don't like interrupted sleep that late in the night. I'd rather wake up at around 3 or 4 and then get a few more hours sleep. I always feel more tired when I fall back asleep for just a last little bit at the end of the night. Of course even though I know this there was no power on earth that was going to get me to get up 45 minutes early.

I went shopping with my brother last night. He was heading out to buy the new Mario game for Nintendo DS (which I tried out later in the night and even I love this one :D) However we ended up stopping by Winners to look for bedding for me. His suggestion actually, I always forget that we have a Winners now. Anyways I got a beautiful dark blue duvet cover and a nice ivory white body pillow (both of which have a very similar vine & flower pattern on them) and then I didn't get the nice matching ivory sheets (although I'm asking for them ;) ) but I found purple tshirt material sheets and those are so comfy and they were the last ones so I grabbed those instead. And yesterday I got a floor lamp with a purple shade :) My bedroom portion of the apartment is almost ready. Of course for kitchen stuff I have nil so I need to work on that like woah :)

Viv goes to Ireland today! Lucky her! Bon voyage to you Viv, don' t hurt your family ;)
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So my computer appears to be dying. Not so much fun. My brother assures me that reformatting is going to help, so that's hopefully getting done tonight I hope.

Today was at least semi productive. I bought a microwave :) so at least I know I'll be able to eat when I move out ;) and then I remembered that I was supposed to make fudge this weekend for a potluck at work. Of course I hadn't factored in the humidity and so what usually takes less than an hour turned out to be a 3 hour rigamarole and even then the fudge still isn't fully setting. I hope it gets hard enough to serve or else I'm going to have to do this all again before Friday. Le boo.

And of course I spent a lot of time moving everything off of my C drive so that it can be reformatted... crappity crap crap crap. Currently my windows is only running in safe mode and everything looks so big because the settings are all different! I'm not a fan of this at all.
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Nomi came to town this weekend so we could wander through our soon-to-be new neighbourhood and check out where we might want to move to. We have it narrowed down a lot which is wonderful :)

Friday night when Nomi got in we went to the movies, and it is HARD to find a movie that is not Mission Impossible 3 especially for a later show, bah. But we ended up seeing Friends With Money which was quite good. Oh and before it was saw the trailer for A Prarie Home Companion which looks good EXCEPT for that Lindsay Lohan somehow ended up in a decent movie. Well I enjoyed Mean Girls and apparently Freaky Friday is fun... but I think that's more the other cast than her, so hopefully the rest of the amazing cast can outshine her because the movie did look fun.

Anyways then Saturday we walked ALL over Etobicoke. I think we were there for almost 4 hours. Some parts are pretty nice, some are very very sketchy lol. We have figured out some good possible neighbourhoods though :) I did like it, I think that's about as far from the city core as I'd like to go though, I'm a city girl through and through.

We ended up with a quick stop by Vortex where we both found Mother's Day presents *yay* I got my mom the dvd set of 21 Jump Street hee :) I also found season 4 of Little House on the Prarie which I had to buy. I loved that show and the books :) Much fun, I love having all of these old shows being brought out on DVD.

I also am consistantly loving the music on Grey's Anatomy, that music person rocks. I also really want to know what the song was at the end of the O.C. this week... I saw the last few minutes and the song was good :)
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Oh random TO adventures, it feels like summer already when I start having these :) Viv and Mike are in town for the weekend and had their rental car with them so we drove all over today. We checked out surfboard stuff. I cannot wait to try surfing this summer. I will totally never even make it up on a board but still, it'll be amusing. Then we did a little more wandering around, checked out a crazy busy Winners and then drove to an Old Navy.

Viv got awesome new clothes and sandles and more and B dared to venture into the LCBO in Scarbourough lol The only other memory of that place that I have is having to hop a fence and some train tracks I believe after a random party out there to catch my bus home. I have no idea whose party this was even...

Viv had her great music going as usual which this summer includes some Sarah Slean :) *yay* and she's totally right, people do stare at you if you're driving around blaring Slean music. Meh.

Oh and I picked up the dvds of 'Closer' and 'The United States of Leland' and new headphones since my old ones just broke and it's a long commute every day with no music.


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