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So, did anyone else know that new comic book day is delayed by the holidays by 1 day? I met up with Justin last night and we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and meet up at the Silver Snail. *yay* new Buffy comic. Except it comes out today, not yesterday. I'll have to pick up my copy on Saturday. However, all was not lost as I still found a Conundrum mini figure who is now residing on my computer moniter along with Jack Sparrow.

We went for dinner at Dunn's Famous Deli which is the place that closed super early when we had a Browncoat dinner there. But I was sure I remembered them saying that when the theatres were open down there they stayed open later. As both theatres were running shows last night I figured it would be okay... yeah, totally not so much at all. They closed early again.

The evening was finished up with a trip through Chapters where I found a lovely hardback book for $4.99 and found that I had money left on my Chapters Giftcard, win for the day :) And I got to ride home in a SmartCar. I've never been in one before, fun :)

Dresden Dolls concert tonight :)
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I hope everyone who celebrated it had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend this past weekend! I ended up at 3 Thanksgiving meals and had a trip to the Zoo and a random Silver Snail shopping trip so it was a mighty fine weekend for me.

The zoo was fun, there will be pictures posted in my Facebook soon, hopefully tonight, I resized them all last night. We timed ourselves to be around for the orangutang keeper's talk which was neat. I took plenty of pictures of them. We walked around most of the Zoo excepting the Canadian exhibits (because the zoo closed early and the Canadian exhibits are so out of the way!) and I got to see the dinosaur exhibit before it closed. We had a bit of rain but managed to be inside for the first shower.... got slightly drenched the next rain shower but it got sunny and warm right after so we were alright.

When I got home after the zoo my roommates invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner and so I joined them for that. Miguel is a fantastic cook and he made some great dishes :)

Sunday I made a stop at Silver Snail and got the latest Buffy comic as well as the latest (and I think last) issue of Spike Shadow Puppets (very cute, I want the first 3!) and they had the Angel Script Book. v.2 on sale so I picked up a copy of that as well :) Then I went to Thanksgiving dinner feeling very thankful ;)

Monday I went to Tanya's family's Thanksgiving. I got to see her and Zoey on Sunday but it was nice to have a bit longer to see both of them since I so rarely do. It was a lovely meal :)

That was my weekend in a nutshell. It was nice, busy but nice. I got to see family and friends and have some good meals. I have to now work on planning when I'm getting my teacher's college applications filled out (since those have to get done in the next month or so generally,) find out when my tutoring starts, go to another wedding soon, and hopefully attend the Browncoat haunted house shindig this week! BUSY!
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This evening was fun :) I met up with Dell and we hit up the Silver Snail where I got the other 5 digests of Runaways which I'm highly enjoying and I also got the Adventures in Oz collection of comics. Soooo expensive but it looks delightful :) I'll post more about both once I'm done reading.

We also did a bunch of clothes shopping but I couldn't find much of anything I liked although I did see one of the dresses that Madonna designed for H&M that I thought would be nice for the weddings I have to go to in the summer but there's a while to go before those so I'm not buying too early.

I got home just in time to hear from Tom who is being awesome and planning a small Farscape movie night for my birthday, which will be celebrated a few weeks after my actual birthday because everyone, including me, is busy like woah lol. So I'm making myself slow down with my Season 4 watching so I can wrap it up just before we watch The Peacekeeper Wars. Then you'll all get to read a fun ramble on the awesomeness of Farscape :)

Anyways tonight I think it's bedtime for me, work has been super busy the past little while and I want to be sure to stay on top of everything as much as I can.
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*yay* for Buffy comic book day! AND this time I was able to get my copy at Silver Snail. Huge props to them for keeping up with orders :) Also I love their staff. Just a great store always!

Also, because I was there I nabbed the new Runaways... and then figured I needed the backstory so bought the first digest issue (5 more of those to go) and bought Nightmares and Fairytales: Beautiful Beasts. AND then saw they had Oz comics! Could have died! But I'll hold out for picking those up after I pay the bills next paycheque. There was a big book of them that ran $40 so that'll be a present to myself later on :) A good day at the Silver Snail overall.


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