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Oh fun the new TWoP now or never shirts are up and I want:

always take Backup


In other fun news Jo and I saw Akeelah and the Bee today. It's adorable. I cried (of course) but it really was a great story there, some parts were of course cheesy as hell but overall it gets two thumbs up from me. Although any parent who makes their kid do something like that should just be publicly humiliated in some way. The amount of pressure there, and oy they started with words that I hadn't even heard until University!

I did a little more apartment browsing tonight, there are a few pretty nice places :) I also did preliminary searching for when I have to move again next year, clearly I like expensive neighbourhoods, but oh so pretty!

Oh Viv I want to get a digital camera this summer... probably in July, want to help me shop for one? A good but not too expensive one?
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LOL All Friends fans, check this out TWoP now or never shirt hehe Yvi I think you'll laugh :)
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Gah, I just read the TWoP recap of Serenity, I hadn't had the time to do it last week when it was posted. Seriously, first purchase when I get paid and after I pay some bills... Serenity. That's it. I just bawled through the review. Oh Joss, I hate you and love you. One of the best writers ever and I love that this movie is still winning all sorts of awards and such and being recognized for the greatness it is.
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TWoP does Veronica Mars "One Angry Veronica"

it's Mr. Mars  )
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Just a quick note before postering tomorrow to say that my TWoP NON Go Pirates sweatshirt arrived today! I LOVE IT. Jo did you end up ording one? If so you'll probably be getting it soon :)

A real update to come (I have stories about crazy old fans.... crazy and creepy....) but that will have to wait until I sleep and then poster TO with Sarah Slean concert info :)
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clearly I want this: TWoP clothes are awesome I didn't get the backup tshirt.... ergo maybe I should get this one... ;)
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Yesterday we has a mini SB meet up and went out to dinner together :) It ended up being Olivia, Esther, Catherine and her cousin )whose name I can't remember but I do remember he got stuck wearing a Wicked sweatshirt lol) and me. We ate at Jack Astors where we had a crazily over perky waitress, she would come by every five minutes to see how we were doing, it was too much service lol.

But it was a fun dinner nonetheless :) afterwards Catherine and her cousin were off to see Les Mis (LUCKY!) and Esther, Olivia and I went to Theatre Q's and I finally bought a RENT card. It's the ones where they painted the theatre, so I figured it was about time I got one. Also I realized how many damn cast recordings I want. SO many! eep!

and that was that, Olivia wrote up a much better bit about the night, complete with pictures, go read hers ;)

OH and for anyone who is a 90210 fan you MUST read TWoP's recap of the pilot episode, it was done for charity. I'd do my usual recapping the recap thing but this is 23 pages and will probably be mostly gold so you can read it all for yourselves right here.


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