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Small collection of TV thoughts from last night. Spoilers for Chuck and Heroes.

Chuck )

Heroes ..... KBell isn't ruining the show. Colour me shocked but pleasantly so. )
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The weekend is almost over *sigh* but it went well. Today I slept in a surprising amount (after I woke up early and posted on LJ I went back to sleep until 1, fabulous!) my roommate was actually getting a little worried about me LOL. We did get grocery shopping done, I watched a little Farscape (not as much as planned due to sleeping.) Then we had dinner and watched Cold Case which was an amazing episode tonight and so sad. Very well done. Also Grease: You're The One That I Want because it's so camp! I love it! Now it's almost time for bed for me. I'm looking forward to another good sleep :)

Oh randomly, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was on tv today, so cute! I caught the end of it even though I own it and that movie was so underrated. I think it's adorable! The Little Mermaid was on TV as well, and Nomi and I saw the end of it as well and then they ran a classic Disney cartoon afterwards (The Taylor and the Giant) which was fun! I didn't realize they still ran the classics like that. I'll have to tune in to the end of things more often ;)
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A TV meme nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] fickledame

Clearly over my life I think I've watched too much TV LOL )
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Futurama is coming back!

My brother sent me this link: http://www.speedbumpstudios.com/futurama/


Now then, Family Guy was on Fox, was cancelled, came back.
Futurama on Fox, was cancelled, is coming back.
Firefly was on Fox, was cancelled.... anyone see the pattern? ;) I'm totally grasping at straws... maybe not even full straws, perhaps just the little bendy parts of bendy straws, still, I'm using my pattern recognition skills ;)
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hee TV quiz http://www.cbc.ca/cgi-bin/quiz/quiz.cgi?quiz=arts_screentv I got 9/10 which surprised me, it was a tricky quiz. But my TV IQ is far too developed lol.

Speaking of I've set up to have cable, phone and internet hooked up next week. We're getting a mega tv package (on promotion, no worries Nomi) to get the CW network. Oh Veronica Mars, the things I do for some shows.

Also I love that when giving my postal code I say "V as in Vampire" or "V as in Veronica" LOL can you tell where my fandoms still lie?

I also cannot stop listening to Reefer Madness :) I'm going to have to burn it to a cd. This is the perfect time for a new music addiction since we're now just over 2 weeks away from the Slean concert and that's about time for me to stop listening to her cds on my commute to work.
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Total randomness from the weekend:

There are some calling card ads up in the Yonge/Bloor station which advertise the cities you could call and New York and Sudbury are both in really large print and right next to each other. It squicks me out. One of my most favourite places next to one of my least favourite places.

and in gross news on the way out of the bus station after seeing Nomi onto her bus I was walking through the other bus lineups and thought I saw some guy pouring a coke on the ground while he was in line, which was odd. Then I realized he was vomiting, a LOT, as in could have filled a bucket amount. I felt badly for him because that's a crappy way to feel when you're travelling, but I had sympathy for the poor people in line around this guy.

I am getting very excited for the Serenity screening at the end of the month :)

Starbucks makes Molasses Crinkle cookies (although they call them 'Molasses Ginger') whatever, those are some of my very favourite cookies that I need to learn how to bake. Also I want to get the recipe my grandma used for her chocolate chip cookies but I think that's one that is just to the ages, so I'll have to experiment for that.

Apparently Everclear have a new song called "Hater" out now. Those guys amuse me.

I'm not enjoying the insane amount of realitity tv that's on in the summer season. I'm just going to watch DVDs until next fall lol.

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Awww Angelina Jolie just had a baby girl, sweet.

Anyways, I saw Xmen 3 today. The dialogue was shit. Seriously just bad bad bad. I think originally Joss Whedon was commissioned to write the script for them and something didn't work out... they should have fixed that because they had a terrible script to work with.

Special effects on the other hand were freaking awesome.

Also, Ben Foster, got really hot.

Oh and I wont spoil anyone, but stay until the end of the credits :)

In other news, not so awesome was the guy who showed up half way through previews and then had half of our row move down two seats so he and his two friends could sit together. If you're late, you should take what you can get. Mostly because I totally turned my ankle and couldn't walk it off until after the movie and in doing so I totally fell on Viv. Fortunately for him it was before the Pirates preview or I'd have drawn blood.

Oh and Viv bought the Oozenator, most perverted toy out there right now. It's so disgusting and yet hilarious.

I found fun treasures today. Firstly, the 1984 edition of Edward Eager's "A Knight's Castle" that I'm missing to complete my collection. Even the site for these books online didn't have that cover image, I'll have to scan it and email it to them tomorrow :) Go BMV, they're children's section is looking up again.

And DVDs, hee. Joan of Arcadia season 1. I'd been thinking about grabbing this one at Vortex for about a month now, and never did, until I saw it was $70 in HMV and so I grabbed it for $30 while I could :) And the 1964 cartoon of Return to Oz which I oddly feel I may have seen on tv when I was little... it was on DVD and it's Oz :) yay. Also Princess of Thieves, which is complete tv Disney movie drivel but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Last but not least, the BBC complete Narnia series! I've been waiting for that one for a while as well. I don't even know what to watch tomorrow! I'll probably start with something tonight :) Oh and randomly an autographed Melanie Doane CD, hee, awesome.

What else today, oh I saw one of the most annoying children ever in Toys R Us. He walked to the front of the line and as Viv was paying put his toy up on the counter and pushed her stuff off. Now he was probably only about 4 years old but still that's just not cool. His mother kept sort of telling him not to do that but he obviously wasn't listening. I just let them go ahead of me because she wasn't stopping him and I wasn't about to deal with that. The guy behind the cash was shocked at the mother's behaviour, although I guess they must see a lot of bratty kids in a toystore. If I'd ever done that as a kid my parents would have just put my toys back and taken me home.

And in other news Jewel has a new album, when the hell did that happen?!
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meme nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] loves_bitch1301 all about tv fandoms.

fun fun fun )
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lol the show House played "Ruler of my Heart" tonight, in a delightfully snarky scenario.... and now I'm thinking I should crack out That Night sometime soon. *sigh* such a girly movie.

In other news the ending of the episode has throughly grossed me out an increased my tick fear. Ew.

I am tired out, so if you're missing me online, I'm probably sleeping instead of chatting (oh so exciting.) Next week will be crazy as well with my two jobs, then I go back down to just one and get into more of a routine and all that jazz so I'll be back, try not to miss me too much ;) lol
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<td align="center"> Elizabeth Jamieson --

A person who is constantly high

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>


Anyways. Grey's Anatomy tonight rocked! I hyperventalated through the last 20 minutes. Sooooo intense. Plus I like crying at TV instead of at real life and this show is good for that.

I had some crazy dream about a cheating scandal at the Olympics when I took a nap this afternoon. Was there any scandal? I had it on while I was sleeping and I don't know what I heard that made me think someone was cheating. But the nap was good and much needed.

I think my dog hates having just my brother and I home. She's very sad. :( It can't be helped though, she's used to two more people around home, one of whom is home almost all of the time... so having just us two home means she doesn't get as much attention. Also she hates that we don't go to bed at 10 every night. I'm thinking the dog just thinks we're dumb and don't know how to go to bed when it's bedtime because she'll get all irritated after 10 and whine at us etc until she gets to go to bed...

Random question, why the hell have their been tons of Keanu Reeves movies on tv these past few days? Everytime I turn on the tv I can find one... Tonight was The Replacements though, which I like even though usually I don't do sports movies or Keanu movies lol but anyways, why is he on tv so much recently?
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So as the year draws to a close I'm just going to sum up my strongest memories from each month. Simply because I can :)

a year in the life )


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