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I'm not getting my LJ comments emailed to me this week apparently :S If I miss anything please let me know!

I saw the Veronica Mars FBI test pilot thing. Ummmm BAD. Although in the 10 minute preview there's no direct mention of rape (alhtough RT got in a mollestation reference in the first minute so I guess that coved his quota) Seriously I can see why the CW took a pass on the show. None of the characters jumped out as interesting, even Veronica was just bitchy, not really a deep character. Season 1 was so interesting because right away we were introduced to characters who were interesting. Veronica had 2 mysteries surrounding her. We got the Lilly Kane mystery given to us right away, Lilly was a fun character, Logan was a jackass but even from the beginning he had depth and I wanted to see what they'd do with him... and so on and so on BUT with this show every character who they introduced just got a meh. They were all window dressing for Veronica and that's not really a good way to work an ensemble cast.

Anyways, it's just not great TV.

What is good is finding out that Pushing Daisies just got picked up for a full season! *yay*
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Hmmm random VM finale thoughts

whatever show )
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Oy, enough with the Veronica Mars already!

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Time for a quick SQUEE

Veronica Mars was cancelled today! There's a bit of talk about maybe KB and RT doing a "spin off" show. Although clearly they're confused. A spin off doesn't actually feature the main character but whatever, I think that's just spin to try to make this not look so bad. Show is done :) Tonight is for celebrating :)
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I love spring. So far I've lost 7 pounds *yay* for coming out of hibernation! Of course tonight Nomi decided that since it was the series finale of Gilmore Girls we needed candy (and let's be honest I wasn't going to argue that) so we set out to walk and get candy. I'm so sugared up right now! On the way back we got caught in an awesome storm. I was soaked through on my front but completely dry on my back because we were walking against the wind. So much fun, I've not been out in a storm in forever!

Gilmore Girls was a fantastic finale, I won't spoil at all, it was just great. Even if you've been avoiding watching the past few seasons because they werne't so great the finale has made up for it.

In other TV news the reports are starting to come out that Veronica Mars has been cancelled.... it's still too soon to tell for sure for sure but It's looking good for cancellation which, since I saw the commercial for tonights episode and it had both my roommate and I absolutely appaled, cannot come soon enough. Honestly, with what they've done this season I can't even buy the DVDs for the few decent storylines. The rest is just offensive.

Oh and other great news, I think I have my apartment stuff figured out! Such a happy day :)
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I spent the bulk of my useful time on Friday typing up my Veronica Mars fanfic which I've been writing by hand all week. 5000 words in and I'm getting to some case solving soon I swear. Is it odd that writing a fanfic is making me want to watch the show again... yet I know I really don't want to watch the end. I almost don't want it cancelled when I think of what *could* be done with the characters. I think I get more of what Viv felt when Without a Trace went down the road to Suckville except for that show just will not die and that's worse to see.

My other realization of the day is that Veronica this season has become the Obligatory Psychotic Jackass that Logan was at the beginning of season 1. Well somewhat, she's not totally there but she's well on her way.
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I have a fun (well I think it's fun) idea for how the Veronica Mars series should end this year. And I started writing it today, and haven't stopped. I may have to force myself to pause for some dinner soon. I'm going to go back to the noir roots and see what I can put together. Hopefully it turns out good. So stay tuned for that. I'll start posting chapters as soon as I have the story near to completion so that I know it will get finished and not be some multi parted never ending story. I don't want to leave people hanging. But I have the ending bouncing around in my mind, I just have to get there first :)

In other news it appears that once I start writing I can't stop. Honestly, from one little Firefly drabble I suddenly want to write again all of the time. Clearly I missed writing.
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Hmmm I've been scrolling the TWoP Veronica Mars boards and just wow... the die hard fans for this fandom have always sort of given me the wig but this is above and beyond. I think perhaps I'm just done watching now. I honestly didn't have many problems with the first half of this season which is where I know it lost a lot of fans but the second half of the season combined with that elite group of fans who in my eyes have done nothing but damage to the show is enough to make me throw in the towel. C'est la vie. Time to read more books :)
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Okay I'm sure I'm late to see this/post this but VM is very nearly cancelled.


I'm not sure how I feel about the spin off/taking the show 4 years into the future idea. Other than it's clearly stolen straight from fanfiction it's very risky so they'll have to comprimise a lot with the CW to get that I think. It would have been nice, since Rob Thomas HAD to have known they were running the risk of cancellation all year, if they'd worked harder on this season and at least gone out with a bang. Rather than just slowly becoming yet another teen drama.

I'll cross my fingers that they can come back and rock the next season but unless the last few stand alone episodes are fantastic a la season one I think their odds of that are decreasing...
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Well this has been an entirely enjoyable day off :) I went to see Guster in concert last night (AWESOME! thank you Viv for inviting me along to that one!!!!!!!) and so not knowing how late we'd be I booked today off from work, which allowed us to go out for pizza after the show :) Much goodness.

Today I got to sleep in which is always great. I then read one of the nicest emails which was completely unexpected and just made me grin all day.

Actually last night Viv and I were just talking about how much more at peace with most people we've become. I've only really had two people who ever managed to hurt me deeply and over the past year I've let the hurt they caused go almost completely. The email I got this morning somewhat related to one of them and really was a sign that all the damage that was attempted at the time has been repaired. So it was a very good email to wake up to indeed.

In celebration I baked croissants (from the Pilsbury tube, I'm not that much of a chef lol) and watched Fraggle Rock with my roommate (it's on every day at noon on BBC Kids!) and then settled in for some Farscape watching. I've now watched the last 4 episodes of season 2, still am in love with this show!

And during the day I managed to run a few errands and pay bills. Not so fun but necessary and good to do when I'm not feeling rushed.

Tonight is Veronica Mars, I'm not overly excited about it anymore but I'm curious to see if they can pull of a good end to the current mystery arc and I think I shall curl up with some italian wedding soup and watch it :)

Oh and beware friendslist I went through my parents old photoalbums and scanned pics of myself when I was younger so you'll get some random picture spams soon :)
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VM thoughts about “Mars, Bars”

I preface this by saying that I think I just lost a lot of faith in this show, ergo these aren't the nicest thoughts about the show. I'd like to keep the comments civil. Feel free to comment but please don't start flame wars. Thank you :)

... I can't even think of a witty quote for the cut... )
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Veronica Mars rantage ahead. I have to say I'm still enjoying the show right now but I'm getting worried about the quality...

cut for those this might offend. )
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I bring to you my Christmas video. The BtVS episode Amends is my Christmas Eve tradition, which this year of course I forgot at my apartment so it shall be my Boxing Day tradition ;)

Oh and also if you're looking for last minute Christmas icons I have ones from last year here:

Buffy icons

Veronica Mars icons (scroll down a mite for the holiday ones)


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer icons

Happy holidays everyone!
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First of all, sorry to everyone who is on my FL who may be going to Flan. I'm crossing my fingers that somehow this all gets straightened out by Friday.

Secondly my purely speculative VM thoughts for tonight... who knows I may get one right finally lol

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The good news, we are getting almost a full season of Veronica Mars this year, 20 episodes instead of 22. The bad news, so far they're not picked up for a 4th season yet :S Ratings haven't gone up enough for it to be a sure thing... Article here: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117954136.html?categoryid=14&cs=1

In other news, why does WaT start late almost every Sunday! I just wanna sleep!
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Spoilery thoughts on Veronica Mars 'President Evil' are behind the cut )
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I'm finally getting some time to write out my thoughts about Vernica Mars - Charlie Don't Surf

me + idea = good )
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Some belated thoughts on Veronica Mars 3x3: Witchita Linebacker

jealous would involve piano wire )
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Some thoughts on Veronica Mars episode 2: My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

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HUGE bonus to living near to the lake, AMAZING thunderstorms! Usually I sleep through storms and am frustrated that I miss them but this one woke me right up, lovely :)

And onto Veronica Mars 3:01 which I watched last night, many thoughts about the episode :)

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