Mar. 8th, 2008 10:06 pm
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*warning* this entry is all about my pie baking experiment. Probably boring for most people. Short story - pie worked out in the end. There's a link to photos at the end of this album :)

Well with the weather sucking today I still decided I was heading over to my parent's house to borrow their kitchen and try out one of the shiny pie recipes from the Waitress DVD (thanks again [livejournal.com profile] shangri__la!). I woke up early enough that I almost made it to the grocery store in my parent's neighbourhood before the snow got really heavy. I picked up all kinds of ingredients for pie making and then trekked to my parent's house to get some baking done. I decided to make the "I can't have no affair because it's wrong and I don't want Earl to kill me pie." AKA Vanilla Custard Meringue Pie. My mom had a minor freak out because she declared I'd chosen a way harder one to make than a fruit pie but she was helpful in that she found her Joy of Cooking cookbook was was SUPER useful. The recipes that come with Waitress are good if one knows how to make pies but as I was making the pie I quickly found that they'd left a lot of steps off. Ergo they're fabulous for ideas and because they're cute and I adore them. But it's very good to have a backup for clear instructions and accurate proportions.

This one was a nice and easy graham cracker crust so I made that from scratch too. Very tasty. That was the easy part with the exception that my recipe was proabably about double the size needed. I froze the rest for another time though. Then I made the custard part and made the fun discovery that you should put the pie crust into the oven and just slide the shelf out to pour the filling in as opposed to what I did which was pour the filling in and then try to get the pie into the over. Sooo much spilling!

Then while that was baking I made the meringue which is what my mom said was the hardest part but I found it okay except for when I thought I was supposed to turn the mixer up to the fastest speed for "egg whites" which probably would have been okay if I was using a bigger bowl but I was not so meringue was flung out all over everything. Oops. I was very glad my parents had gone out because the counter looked like a mini disaster area. Still the end product (the rest of it that stayed in the bowl) was just fine.

In the end the whole thing came together pretty well with just a few messes along the way. I have a facebook album up with pictures from my afternoon of baking here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2026479&l=88ba5&id=158901505 It should be viewable to everyone but if anyone wants me to upload pictures directly to this entry let me know :)
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I want THIS edition of Waitress, with pie recipes!!!!!!! Why is that only available in the US? :(

Also I was just linked by [livejournal.com profile] carolinga to a note from Tanya Huff HERE saying that two of the Blood Ties eps are only going to air online. I'm hoping that CityTV here runs all of them on television because if Lifetime puts them online I don't think people from outside of the US can watch them anyways :S I really liked this show. Frak. There had better be a DVD release!

And now for something a little more cheery, my weekend update ;) Yesterday I made fudge pretty much all day. Oh boy am I ever not exciting. But the good news was that it all set properly this year and tastes delicious :)

Today Jess and I went to see Sweeny Todd. Jo found us a discount on tickets and we ended up about 10th row orchestra for half price! Very sweet deal. I quite liked the show. I'd not seen it before and now I have no idea how the new movie version of it is going to work. While I love musicals as they were meant to be seen I think a lot of the lyrics are giong to have to be talked through so that the general audience can understand everything that's happening, it's a tricky show.


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