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So something clicked in my head and I made the icon I'm using crossing the Blood Ties and Wicked fandoms. But then my brain wouldn't let go of the funny and I had a plot bunny and lo and behold a fic was born.

Title: A Dark and Stormy Night
Author: [ profile] elizalavelle
Rating: G
Authors note: For the purposes of this story the novel ‘Wicked’ by Gregory Maguire has not been written, which means that the musical has not been created. That being said I’ve borrowed very Kristin Chenoweth inspired Glinda for my story so one can presume the events of Wicked have happened, we just don’t know about them yet.

Also it should be said this idea was complete crack inspired by my icon (points to icon in use) and the ending was in part inspired by a TV meme (here) that I did last week. It’s highly possible that LiveJournal has damaged my mind ;)

Read on if you dare ;) )
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Happy Hallowe'en everyone!!!!!!

This year I dressed as part Nessarose and part the MGM Wicked Witch of the East (the ruby slipper part) and have been given a fun wig at work and told I'm now going into the costume contest LOL

I'll have pictures and such posted up as soon as I have the time to do so of our decorating. Our department theme was witches and warlocks. We even hung a witch from the ceiling a la Elphaba from Defying Gravity! ...Can you tell I contributed ideas... and pictures ;)

Tonight I get to get quickly set up at my house sitting place and then help my family to hand out candy to the little trick or treaters, they usually get over 200 kids at my parents house so it's a fun night :)
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I won the Wicked lottery last night :) First time out for it in TO and I was the 4th person called :) I think it was mostly due to the fact neither Jessica or I was particularly dying to win, competitively we did (damn did I want my button) but I had so many other things to do that I wasn't overly concerned about winning. One guy there lost his tickets (right before I was called) because his wife was called and she wasn't there, she must have gone to the bathroom or to park the car or something. He did not look impressed.

Anyways I won, and thus went to see the show :)

Shoshana has drastically improved from when I last heard audio of her. Still she's an Elphaba who just doesn't get the character in the way that I envision her. She was more over the top but still geeky drama kid and that can sort of work and yet for me it just didn't. She's also still reaching for a lot of notes, I found that parts of songs were out of her range but instead of changing them she was just trying for the notes and that wasn't so good. However, she still was much better than I'd been afraid she was going to be, I enjoyed the show with her in it :)

Megan Hilty I'd seen once on Bway and she was alright there but very stiff and uncomfortable as Galinda. She now is fabulous! She sold me in her "Thank Goodness" I was really impressed with how she's really made the role her own :)

Another highlist was Jennifer Waldman as Nessarose. She had a perfect look for the role and an amazing voice. I was really really impressed with her.

Also I'm impressed with Alma Cuervo as Madame Morrible. She has changed that role so much but unlike the last Morrible we had in TO she didn't make it totally a comedic role, you can still see the evil there. I quite liked her.

The rest of the cast I found to be very solid. Nothing overy special but nothing overly bad either ;) Oh and our Fiyero looked much like what I believe the Fiyero to look like in the musical version of the story. He was pretty much perfect for the role in appearance. His vocals and acting were quite good as well :)

I also bought the I (heart) Oz tshirt. I was going to get green glasses for Nomi and I but they were $25 each and really, while they're very Oz-y I couldn't shell out that much money for something we'd each wear once for fun and never touch again.

I'm tired like woah today, it took me an hour and a half to make it home after the show so I was in bed pretty late for me on a work night, but I think it was worth it.
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I found this vid through [ profile] amy_vic and really think everyone should see it It shows the process of prepping a model for a billboard shoot and then the crazy amount of photoshopping that gets done in the end! I honestly never thought that much was done, just the basic airbrush and you're good to go.

And when you're done that and need a good giggle:

Wicked+SheRa. Seriously, it's brilliant. A huge thanks to [ profile] thebitterguy for sharing that link :)
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Why is Shoshawna Bean in the TO Wicked cast?

However I *knew* there had to have been a reason that I didn't buy my tickets a year early when Mirvish put them on sale ;) Perhaps she's improved greatly, still, glad to not be out that $100.

In other news I dreamt of Sarah Slean concerts all night. Some 4 night in a row series of concerts that appeared to be taking place at Disney World but it didn't look like Disney but they kept being mention of trying to see the 3pm parade. No clue what was going on. However, *yay* concerts ;)

And now it's time for work :) So much to do today! But Delly's coming over for some Grey's tonight so that's awesome :D
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We moved Neal into his new TO apartment yesterday. Today my back hurts lol. But the move went pretty smoothly with the exception of having to reassemble an Ikea bed. I hate putting together Ikea furniture to start with, it's always more complicated than it has to be and the last thing I put together had instructions that were so random! ugh. But we got it together... it took 6 of us to do it lol but it looks great now. This has however prompted me to realize I want to get rid of like half my stuff before I move. Also, maybe, hire some movers.... Although I think even doing that in the same city is very expensive... so probably I'll be doing what Neal did and having my friends help me. On the brightside some stuff could be done in stages because it's not as though my parents will only give me 2 hours to move out .. and I want to buy new things, like a new bed, which I can have delivered.

I do however think that my backpain gave me crazy dreams last night. At some point I was hanging out with the Olsen twins.. but when they were like 14 and they kept getting me into all kinds of trouble... seriously, not good people those too (I blame their appearance on the huge amount of Zombie Olsen icons that are out there lol) Then I was at a taping of SNL with my mother who was generally being miserable about being there. And Johnny Depp was the guest, and we were sitting in the freaking front row so I was very happy with that. And then I think maybe [ profile] madelineanne was supposed to be there with me originally but couldn't afford to make it because there was a sign that went across the stage saying "SNL misses madelineanne!" and I cheered for it and my mom got mad at me for cheering and caused a scene and then left. Then somehow I was hiding from some SNL cast members because there was some sort of plot thing going on and they wanted me to be the scape goat. Of course I got caught (even in dreams I can't be stealthy) so they sent me through this tunnel that led to a river that I guess led to Fraggle Rock because I ended up in there with Boober Fraggle but the poor little Fraggle got thrown around by the water currents and I lost him... and then woke up.

Somehow I think that I'm taking acid in my sleep.

Oh and currently I'm annoyed by someone who just posted about video bootlegs from Wicked in the fanfic community. Not only is that off topic like woah but it's also illegial and it's the sort of thing that gets communities shut down. I would have thought by now that Wicked fans knew that. Also the girl is 22 years old according to her LJ info... and she used a lot of netspeak and just bad writing form... How do people like that survive in the world? I mean typing like that just makes you look as though you're 12 years old... I was shocked to see someone typing like that who is supposed to be an adult.
elizalavelle: (VM you're my hero) Wicked news, Eden is finally taking the role of Elphaba... it's safe to see the show on Broadway again lol. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that Michelle Federer is gone but she had been there for a looooong time. Better to see new cast members than to have this turn into RENT ;) ...although none of these people are "new" per sey... I'll have faith it wont turn into the amusement that is the RENT cast sometimes.

My brother is installing a new harddrive for me today.... it's stressful, send good vibes to my poor computer!
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So as the year draws to a close I'm just going to sum up my strongest memories from each month. Simply because I can :)

a year in the life )


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