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I nabbed the LJ insterests meme
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also if you haven't guess yet then go try to guess some songs in my playlist game right here. I'll have the answers up on monday :)

Oh and of course, my idea to help save Veronica Mars... which no one seems to find as fun as I do... but I still think that it's a good one, is here.
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I am the coolest kid ever. I managed to get a hole in the bum of my pants on Tuesday... I think it was in the afternoon, lol I hope it was at least. I will miss working in a clothing store for the reason that I can buy new clothes very quickly when I need to. I must quote Phoebe "I need to live in a world where I can spill" seriously, I have no idea how I get so messy... I now have chocolate on my new winter coat... that one's not entirely my fault, but still, it's there.

Nomi is coming to TO this weekend but I'm missing seeing her. I'm SO tired this week and she's only just passing through to look at her new school and then heading straight home. We'll have to set a weekend to go explore our new neighbourhood sometime soonish. Then begins the apartment hunt.

And in other news I finally got my check from the a.s. to clear today. I spent my entire break between jobs, commuting-at the bank-commuting. But the money is now actually in my account so tomorrow when the gallery deposits my cheque everything is good. I was having a minor freak out about that today lol. Honestly, if that darn cheque hadn't have been released on time then technically I'd have stolen a painting. Not something I really would like to do in my life. I was working out the time to get the painting back to the gallery, make out a new cheque, and then pick it up again. Too much planning lol.

Anyways I should be off to bed. Too much commuting and balancing two jobs... it makes me sleepy.
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Blargh, water gets shut off tomorrow morning for some reason or another. Of course the water is off long before I plan to wake up tomorrow. Ergo late night shower it is. I really don't want to wake up an extra 2 hours early tomorrow.

Nicole is going to come and see the Regina Spektor show with me in April *yay* I'm heading out to buy tickets tomorrow. I am refusing to pay the ticketmaster prices. Jim calculated that the charges were 40% of the ticket price. The hell? Hello Rotate This. While you make me only pay in cash which sometimes is annoying, wow are you better!

My brother just got in from seeing V for Vendetta and he loved it and says he'll take me as long as he can find some time that's free from work and school :) Having a brother who works at a movie theatre is a perk. Spoilery V for Vendetta icons are going up in a little bit in my icon journal, the non spoilery ones are there already :)

It is exactly 1 month until my birthday :D

The Degrassi TNG episode tonight was quite good (yes apparently some days I am 12)

Dynomite is tres addictive

My dad bought himself presents for my brother and I to give to him for his birthday. It's cute but annoying.

C'est tout for now.
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Apparently, even though I can find a way to fall over in almost any occasion, I also have fabulous balance. Go figure. Today all of the lights burnt out in my room (I think the wireing in here might not be stellar...) and of course I have no way to reach the ceiling light because my matress is on the floor and my room is packed so nothing is moving... I ended up with a desk chair balanced on the matress and me reaching up to change the lightbulbs. And hey, it worked, no casualties! I even managed to answer the phone which started to ring just as I was finishing, without getting hurt in my hurry to get to the phone. And now I have light again :)
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Viv must secretly be my long lost twin ;) Yesterday we both got a craving for jello... and ended up making the same flavour... how many miles apart are we? So odd.

I got to visit Dell today while she was in town *yay* I miss her being in TO... hello far away people, come home!

The lighbulbs in my ceiling light burned out today... :S That's going to be a pain in the ass to fix... however it's not a concern for today. Today I'm going to finish up my Veronica Mars icon batch... and perhaps some more Slean ones... and it's Grey's Anatomy tonight! Freaking finally! Two parters drive me crazy.
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Went to the dentist yesterday :) So far no cavities. They thought they found one and then somehow it turned out not to be. I'm not complaining about that :)

Today it's snowing pretty pretty snow, it looks like Christmas snow. While winter is not my most favourite time.... I just don't like cold! Today is pretty.

However I'm super tired... not as much fun but what can you do?

and off to work I go.
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Urgh I managed to get so sick last night :( I blame the movie theatre popcorn because that's what I was puking *gross* I'm glad now that I wasn't making New Years plans really this year because being sick on New Years Eve day does not make for a great drinking night on New Years Eve lol

So staying in it is... perhaps I shall have a Firefly-a-thon since I've not yet seen them...

Hmmm and some photoshopping :)

I make my own fun ;)
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I want a paid LJ account! I keep making so many icons that I want to use lol. The 100 icons is really all that tempts me. I wish I could just buy that and not the other stuff.... although I'd enjoy having a mood theme too....

It's cold in my room today... this means it's probably pretty cold outside (I miss having a room that has heat) I can see the sun shining but not a lot of snow melting so it must be cold. That deceptive winter sun.

Hmmmm in other news I'm sort of cleaning my room... and now have like 8 loads of laundry to do. Not so much fun but it must be done. I also can't wait to have a bit of a bigger space.... I have too many clothes and things for this room.

Clearly I'm full of complaining today... so on the bright side:

- Movin' Out this week
- 2 Sarah Slean shows this week.
- Viv comes home and maybe I'll get to visit her and Mike tomorrow
- Dell comes home at the end of the week
- Seeing Slean friends this week :)
- Getting lots of feedback on my icon post (which is good because for a while I was getting almost none... so I must have done something right ;) )
- Got all of my emails sent that I had to send this weekend.
- New Sarah Slean posters are available at her website (old ones that are new to me :D) and hopefully I can buy them this week
- Finally found the shirt I wanted to wear on Thursday.

and now time to get ready for work!


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