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So other than the fun wedding last weekend this week has been great so far!

NYC! )


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And lastly, the Serenity special edition DVD was released yesterday, I bought 2 (one as the other part of my brother's birthday present) the sales girl was a little concerened that I didn't realize I was getting the same thing twice... what kind of people don't realize that?! The sad thing is she has to ask because there must be a lot of cases where the person actually didn't realize they have the same movie/cd twice! Oh humanity makes me despair sometimes. At any rate the box looks shiny, I didn't even have a chance to open it yet, I may try to watch with the commentary on tonight :)
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Broadway show meme nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] abbagirl

First name your ten favourite Broadway shows then answer the questions under the cut.

(Choosing 10 is pretty hard, I just stuck to 10 I've seen and highly enjoyed.)

1. Wicked
3. Cabaret
4. Les Miserables
5. Chicago
6. Urinetown
7. You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
8. Into the Woods
9. Avenue Q
10. Little Women

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Nomi and I went to go see the U of T production of Reefer Madness last night and it was SO fun! The show on stage is terrific, and even has some extra numbers which weren't in the movie so that was bonus. The casting was great. Really really great. Nomi was reading over everyone's bio's and for everyone but one cast member this was their first major show, which made me that much more impressed. The only thing that I missed from the cast was them connecting with the audience. For the most part they were all doing that trick of looking about 1 foot over the heads of your audience which works for the most part but it's good to break that up with actually looking at people.

And I actually found that the girl playing Mary Sunshine vocally held up better than Kristin Bell did overall. I liked her "Lonely Pew" better than the movie version. However I far prefer the movie version of Mary Sunshine. I think in the end it's a tie between the movie and seeing the show live.

It's still playing until Sept. 30th so if you can get yourself in to town in time I say go for it! The show is well worth seeing :)
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U of T is putting on Reefer Madness right now!

I have my ticket for next Saturday and cannot wait! As soon as I saw the movie I wished I could have seen this show on stage and now I'll get to :D

Buy your tickets: http://www.uofttix.ca/view.php?id=138 It's running until the 30th :)
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Nomi was in TO this weekend :D YAY! She got in on Friday night and I had just been given two ticket to see The Boyfriend for that night so we rushed to my house from the bus station and then back to the Royal Alex for the show. I haven't been in that theatre in FOREVER! So beautiful! The show itself was ADORABLE. You could see Julie Andrews in it for sure, what a great project for her to be able to direct now. We also had killer seats, 6th row of the Balcony, so sweet!

Then Nomi was supposed to go out with Dan to a drag show but she was in a musical mood... and the weather was just depressing so we just went back to my house to sleep.... and then of course stayed up far too late and had to get up early on Saturday lol.

Saturday I bought a bday present for the daughter of someone I work with and then dropped off my NYC photos (finally!) and went off to the birthday party. There were some of the cutest kids there and I got to hold a little baby, oh I want a baby! This little girl was just so so cute, big grey blue eyes and such a happy baby, she didn't even cry when I held her and I was a brand new person for her.

Then I met back up with Nomi and we went out to see Brokeback Mountain. What a great movie! On a sidenote this is the first film I've ever seen Anne Hathaway in that I haven't been horribly annoyed by her. Seriously, 110% less annoying, fabulous! Give her bad 70's and 80's hair anyday if that's all it takes to make her bearable. ANYWAYS... The movie itself was so beautiful, you just feel lost up in the mountains along with Jack and Ennis. The acting was great... totally deserving of award nominations :)

Now Nomi is back home :( but I finally have my NYC pictures (Ava and Julie I have pictures to mail you now :) )
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http://www.playbill.com/news/article/97223.html Wicked news, Eden is finally taking the role of Elphaba... it's safe to see the show on Broadway again lol. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that Michelle Federer is gone but she had been there for a looooong time. Better to see new cast members than to have this turn into RENT ;) ...although none of these people are "new" per sey... I'll have faith it wont turn into the amusement that is the RENT cast sometimes.

My brother is installing a new harddrive for me today.... it's stressful, send good vibes to my poor computer!
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Happy Depp news: HERE. My inner musical geek is swooning :)

and behind the cut some xfiles quizzes

do do do do do do (it's the theme... sing it ;)  )
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Life is getting busy but it's such a great week!

Today after work I picked up my Night Bugs poster (well two of them because of the doublesidedness) and then went to get copies of the posters that I made printed up on big glossy paper for Andrea and I.

Of course even though the photocopier at Staples was just fixed because it was leaving marks on the glossy prints (like the guy was in this morning to fix it) it still left white marks on the prints. It's as though the glossy stuff gets too hot and parts of it melt off as it's printing. Not aesthetically pleasing at all. However I got to yell at some guy there (not an employee, they rock there) This random guy had come over to photocopy some legal stuff 20 minutes before the law office closed and he kept complaining to me that it was taking too long and that he thought the guy who was working there wasn't doing his job when in fact he was doing about 6 jobs at once and from what I could see, was very on top of all of them. So then I told off the complaining guy. Seriously don't come in and give shit to someone who's making not a lot of money just because you screwed yourself over by leaving something important until the last minute. Then complainy guy forgot his wallet and I returned it, hence I am still a nice person but don't complain to someone who works in customer service about someone who's fucking serving you! I even told this guy when he started his complaining that I worked in customer service, he didn't get the hint.

But the posters still didn't print well :S

So I went to Kinkos but they have this deal where if you're having them print out something on order it has to cost more than 15$ SO now I'm getting extra posters made just to have mine by tomorrow. And most likely I'll be braving a snowstorm to pick them up lol. Crazy!

THEN tonight I saw Movin' Out which was lots of fun. I went with Kelly from work and her roommate Alana (who will be appearing in 'Hair' soon!) I'm not so much of a dance person so I'd have liked to see more of the band, especially the piano player/singer. It would have been neat to see the piano incorporated on the stage instead of above it. Also how very Cabaret was that set up? lol. But overall the show was fun. Great dancers (excepting the understudy for one of the leads who we named "the lug" because he just didn't seem graceful or like he was emoting through dance at all... which is sort of necessary in a dancer. Everyone else, fabulous!

And I finished up a few more icons when I got home. I so owed some for the WaT icontest I've been terrible at getting entries in on my weeks off. But I got some in and some more Buffy/Angel ones made. Go me :)

Tomorrow is the first of two Slean shows and I'm SO excited for them. Viv (are you reading LJ while you're home) I'll be getting there around 7-7:30 ish. I'll try to call you from work during the day to see if you and B want to come with Andrea and I on the ttc. We'll probably be subwaying it there.
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Musical quiz nabbed from Ava

I need more Broadway! )


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