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I've not made a substantial post in here in a while. Tonight I'm sick (just a cold) so I have some time to do a catch up post.

drag queens in Oz, television finales(some spoilers for Grey's, and Crossing Jordan, movies, nostril actors and more! )
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[livejournal.com profile] browncoat_2x2 rocks my world! She bought me the very last copy of the Buffy comic at her local comic store. *SQUEE of geeker joy* So on Saturday I'll get to buy it and read it and be a huge Buffy geek :)

In other news my roommate's cat is adorable. Poor little guy fell off of my chair and I think his toe is hurt. Then I was cleaning (*gasp!* I know! but I have to start thinking of moving, and getting rid of a lot more stuff!) and so I cleaned out the duffle bag under my bed which he was using as a bed (one shirt in there has to go now due to the fact the part of it which Zion slept on is solid orange fur LOL) and since that was his favourite day bed he was miffed. I made it into a new bed with a blanket (stolen from UofS) which I plan to get rid of when I move so he can orange that up all he likes. Still he was a miffed kitty. Until I gave him the plastic role my quarters were kept in, now he has a thrilling new toy and I believe I am forgiven.

New Grey's Anatomy tonight *yay*

And sorry to everyone I was on MSN with this evening, my computer apparently likes to freeze if MSN is open and I'm trying to read the recap for last week's Grey's so I'm staying offline after it froze everything once.
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I'm at my parents place this weekend doing some house/dog sitting for them. My brother's here too so I don't think they really needed me but I won't complain. I actually almost didn't make it last night as I managed to lose my keys. Nomi and I got home from buying groceries and the only things in my purse were my wallet and keys. Now I moved my wallet into my travelling bag, packed a bunch of stuff, was ready to leave and couldn't find my keys. I looked in, shook, and looked twice more in the purse where they had been. Couldn't find them, tore my room apart, looked EVERYWHERE in the apartment, and then Nomi found them, in my purse. How they were the only thing in that damn purse and it didn't sound like keys when I shook it I do not know. Clearly I was having a special night.

Oh I haven't done a Thursday TV review in a looong while. So let's do that.

The O.C., C.S.I. and Grey's Anatomy under the cut )
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Well work today was stressfull like woah. By the end of the day I was so worn out and really looking forward to Grey's. Ahh Grey's Anatomy, you do not disappoint do you? A two part ep is definitely a great way to come back for the second half of the year. Without spoiling anything, I cried. Also Meredith looks like a freaking skeleton, if someone could spend an episode secretly hooking her up to a feeding tube or something that would be swell, or is that reserved for May sweeps? ;)

Thanks to everyone who rec'd books to me, keep 'em coming :) I'm on book 4 of the year now. Pretty much right on schedule, and enjoying myself greatly. I've also found someone who can outread me! [livejournal.com profile] willow_kat will probably be able to go through 100 books in January at the rate she's reading :) I'm amazed and impressed :)

Last night I had such random dreams... the most I can remember is being at the Empire State building with Neal on New Years Eve 2000 and wanting to be up at the top for midnight. It was 11:40 and the elevators were packed, they also were operating like the Tower of Terror ride in Disney World (i.e. dropping) so I didn't want to take them and we ended up getting on some weird ski lift thing, like one that you hang on to and it drags you up, like that only different. So odd.

I figure this stems from when we did get stuck in an elevator together and I thought we were going to drop 29 stories and die while Neal thought we weren't even moving up beyond the 2nd floor. What a swell time for my brain to remember. It turned out well in the end though and makes for a charming elevator story ;)

Time to sleep and see what random nonsense my brain can spin tonight :)
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So before I get into a spoiler-y TV rant let's say a sarcastic 'thank you' to CTV for fucking up the Grey's Anatomy premiere and airing the second episode instead.... followed by the preview for the second episode. Seriously when they ran the "previously on Greys Anatomy..." I was SO confused because I couldn't remember any of the stuff they showed happening in the finale! So yeah, they premiered their big hit show all wrong on the first night that it's been moved to a new night. That's karma for fucking with so many other shows. ABC is going to freak out over this one. Hell that's part of the reason I think that the New VR lost the rights to air Buffy early (Grad. Day pt. 2 issues) so way to go CTV and fuck up right when you had a good thing going.

And now onto Grey's Anatomy Spoilers (only the first ep I'll keep mum about the second one) and CSI )
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Well, I certainly had one of those mondays. I couldn't find my keycard at all, and I kept waking up last night thinking of new places that I could have put it and it's just nowhere that makes sense to me. So I was tired like woah this morning, and checked the weather, it's supposed to be rainy all week, blah. I got dressed, couldn't remember if it was jeans day today or tomorrow (denim day for breast cancer research) but I guessed it would be tuesday (phew I was right) and called my boss to say I'd be locked out when I showed up. I suck.

Grabbed my umbrella, just made it to the bus stop on time... thought things were looking up... and then forgot my umbrella on the bus. Then on the subway I had some very conservative man glaring at me for the whole ride, 40 minutes. I couldn't figure out why. I was dressed really nicely today, and totally covered up so I had no clue what was going on until I got up to get off the subway and saw my reflection in the door and one of the buttons on my blouse had come undone (fortunately not popped right off) damn boobs and I was giving a lovely show to most of the commuters.

And it was of course raining on the way home today and my umbrella was long gone. Today was a day I just had to laugh at myself.

Oh and it was the TWO HOUR Grey's Anatomy finale tonight (why didn't I know it was two hours?) and it was intense like woah. I cried for pretty much the whole two hours.... and about half an hour afterwards since it had things in it that just make me so sad. I think I'm dehydrated actually.

spoilers for the episode )
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Nomi came to town this weekend so we could wander through our soon-to-be new neighbourhood and check out where we might want to move to. We have it narrowed down a lot which is wonderful :)

Friday night when Nomi got in we went to the movies, and it is HARD to find a movie that is not Mission Impossible 3 especially for a later show, bah. But we ended up seeing Friends With Money which was quite good. Oh and before it was saw the trailer for A Prarie Home Companion which looks good EXCEPT for that Lindsay Lohan somehow ended up in a decent movie. Well I enjoyed Mean Girls and apparently Freaky Friday is fun... but I think that's more the other cast than her, so hopefully the rest of the amazing cast can outshine her because the movie did look fun.

Anyways then Saturday we walked ALL over Etobicoke. I think we were there for almost 4 hours. Some parts are pretty nice, some are very very sketchy lol. We have figured out some good possible neighbourhoods though :) I did like it, I think that's about as far from the city core as I'd like to go though, I'm a city girl through and through.

We ended up with a quick stop by Vortex where we both found Mother's Day presents *yay* I got my mom the dvd set of 21 Jump Street hee :) I also found season 4 of Little House on the Prarie which I had to buy. I loved that show and the books :) Much fun, I love having all of these old shows being brought out on DVD.

I also am consistantly loving the music on Grey's Anatomy, that music person rocks. I also really want to know what the song was at the end of the O.C. this week... I saw the last few minutes and the song was good :)
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<td align="center"> Elizabeth Jamieson --

A person who is constantly high

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>


Anyways. Grey's Anatomy tonight rocked! I hyperventalated through the last 20 minutes. Sooooo intense. Plus I like crying at TV instead of at real life and this show is good for that.

I had some crazy dream about a cheating scandal at the Olympics when I took a nap this afternoon. Was there any scandal? I had it on while I was sleeping and I don't know what I heard that made me think someone was cheating. But the nap was good and much needed.

I think my dog hates having just my brother and I home. She's very sad. :( It can't be helped though, she's used to two more people around home, one of whom is home almost all of the time... so having just us two home means she doesn't get as much attention. Also she hates that we don't go to bed at 10 every night. I'm thinking the dog just thinks we're dumb and don't know how to go to bed when it's bedtime because she'll get all irritated after 10 and whine at us etc until she gets to go to bed...

Random question, why the hell have their been tons of Keanu Reeves movies on tv these past few days? Everytime I turn on the tv I can find one... Tonight was The Replacements though, which I like even though usually I don't do sports movies or Keanu movies lol but anyways, why is he on tv so much recently?


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