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As part of my resolutions for 2011 I'm continuing tracking the cultural things, and some random things, from the year. 2010's list can be found here: tracking post for 2010.

Random things to keep track of during 2011...

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First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] moire2!!!!!!!!! I hope that you have a great day!

Secondly [livejournal.com profile] amy_vic have you seen the Pushing Dasies pilot yet? That one downloaded for me finally and I thought I could throw it onto a cd for you along with the other Chenowith stuff if you've not yet downloaded it yourself :)

Thirdly it's Friday *yay* Tomorrow my roommates are getting married so it will be absolute madness for the day getting all prepped for the wedding and then I'm at the wedding in the evening then Sunday will hopefully be nice and quiet, no plans as of yet.

Does anyone want to go to the Ex this year? They have miniature horses!!!!!!!!

Aside from the air conditioner drama this week has been very shiny :)
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So it's been a while since I've updated. This is my month of babyshowers and weddings, very busy!

SFX also happens this month. I was going to do the 3 day pass again but really there weren't that many people (read 1) who I really wanted to see so I'm just doing the 1 day basic pass. Get in, get my autograph, wander a bit and go to the Browncoat dinner. Should be fun :)

I've also decided that I'm going to NYC for the BC/EFA fleamarket this year. That definitely will be fun. If anyone's seen any shows recently that you think I should see while I'm there let me know. I'm not sure yet what I'm seeing so I'm open to all suggestions. I was very tempted by Idina performing at Madison Square Gardens but since she's just an opener, and one of two openers at that I can't pay out that much cash to see her play for 20 minutes... so I'm sticking with the Fleamarket and probably a random trip to the Cloisters that [livejournal.com profile] abbagirl went to when she was there, it looks beautiful!

So that's life in a nutshell. Oh and I still have 4 spots open in my Pay It Forward meme: check it out here. I know there are a few of you who read this who don't have LJ but you can comment without a journal, just sign your name so I know who you are LOL.

Oh and if I don't have you guys on Facebook leave me a commment here with a link to your profile and I'll add you when I get home :)
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I've not made a substantial post in here in a while. Tonight I'm sick (just a cold) so I have some time to do a catch up post.

drag queens in Oz, television finales(some spoilers for Grey's, and Crossing Jordan, movies, nostril actors and more! )
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I feel like a model of restraint. There's a fashion show tonight at which both Sarah Slean and Tamara Podemski are modeling and I'm not going. True I almost caved and had Viv been going I probably would have been there but she's working and this is not an event I'd want to go solo to. Although if they both were playing music I'd be there no matter what.

Also I got my tax refund on the weekend. So exciting! I want to get a laptop eventually with that money and it'll be great for moving. I'll be able to hire movers *yay* I was so glad we had movers for the last move, it made things SO much easier than when I've helped friends move. Things are done in half of the time and we were able to relax.

The weather here is still super grey and chilly. Not very spring like. I want sunshine for my birthday and that's in 3 days!
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This evening was fun :) I met up with Dell and we hit up the Silver Snail where I got the other 5 digests of Runaways which I'm highly enjoying and I also got the Adventures in Oz collection of comics. Soooo expensive but it looks delightful :) I'll post more about both once I'm done reading.

We also did a bunch of clothes shopping but I couldn't find much of anything I liked although I did see one of the dresses that Madonna designed for H&M that I thought would be nice for the weddings I have to go to in the summer but there's a while to go before those so I'm not buying too early.

I got home just in time to hear from Tom who is being awesome and planning a small Farscape movie night for my birthday, which will be celebrated a few weeks after my actual birthday because everyone, including me, is busy like woah lol. So I'm making myself slow down with my Season 4 watching so I can wrap it up just before we watch The Peacekeeper Wars. Then you'll all get to read a fun ramble on the awesomeness of Farscape :)

Anyways tonight I think it's bedtime for me, work has been super busy the past little while and I want to be sure to stay on top of everything as much as I can.
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RENT fans keep an eye on this journal this weekend for a friends only post. Especially Ava B. and Jo, you'll for sure want this ;)

Am I teasing you enough yet?


and onto the crazy of my day
cut because it was kuh-ray-zee )
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Today has been quite good :) I was going to try to get some laundry done this morning but the laundry room was full so I just relaxed, had a nice breakfast and went over to Jo's house for swimming. I took the way there that involves me walking for a good 15-20 minutes and took that way back so I had a nice 40 minute walk today and about an hour's swim :) I was so happy to be back in a pool again! I missed swimming!

I made it home in time to get a load of laundry done... or in this case half done, as whoever was using the other machines was taking FOREVER! When I went to put my clothes in the wash their stuff had been done on hot but the clothes sitting in the machine were stone cold so they'd just been sitting there for a while, but there was a machine free, it was the one that doesn't take all quarters so I had to go back upstairs to find a loonie but that was done quickly... but now I'm waiting for two people to finish with the dryers and both of them just have their stuff sitting in there, both dryers have been done for over half an hour, and everytime I checked back no one was their taking their stuff out. I gave up after the third time back there and just packed my stuff up and have it all on the drying wrack. On the plus side, half price laundry today ;)

Downside to the day is that I managed to lose my bus pass somewhere last night :( boo urns. At least it's the end of the month, it could have been worse.

Time for some Sunday night TV and then early to bed I hope :)
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Your Birthdate: April 20

You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.
It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.
Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 4

You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.

Hmm interesting ;)

In other news Halls with vitamin C and echinacea are so my miracle medicine. I was feeling aweful earlier this week and took my two of those per day and am now doing quite well :)

Oh I also watched the Season 3 finale of Farscape, and promptly just about died. How fantastic is this show?! Also, you Farscape fans are even more fantastic because you've all been great at not spoiling me at all so the entire show is brand new to me :)

I really really need to get my hair cut. I'm trying (yet again) to grow it out but it needs a trim sometime soon. Must find time... also must find time to buy my Dad his birthday present... might get to do that today :)
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I keep trying to remind myself that if I wake up within about an hour of my alarm I should just get up. But no, everytime I wake up early I always think it's a fine idea to go back to bed for the last 45 minutes of the night. Bad bad bad plan. My mind is already stressed out about a few things that I refuse to let myself feel stressed out about when there's nothing I can do about them... but if I'm sleeping lightly I will totally give myself nightmares. Not the best way to start off the day. Where my mind comes up with some of this stuff I do not know.

However the day itself has gone fairly well and pehaps I'll have some luck with getting a copy of the BtVS comic this evening. If not at least I get to see Dell and wander downtown a bit. I love the downtown core of this city and I'm not there as much as I'd like to be.

And drat, it's started to rain and I didn't bring my umbrella today. Oh well it's a sign of Spring on the way :)
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There's one month left until my Birthday!

I'm coming down from the weekend now. So much to do at work! But tomorrow after work I get to see if I can find the Buffy Season 8 #1 comic... apparently they're restocking tomorrow... I'm going to try anyways. Then, guaranteed fun, I'll get to visit Dell for a while. I don't see my friends from the East End nearly enough anymore. Silly work keeping me busy and silly apartment being far away.
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Tomorrow is the first Art of Time show at Harbourfront(GRRR HARBOURFRONT!) it features Sarah Slean amoung other fabulous performers. I have tickets to both nights... although in my defense this was the first thing announced after she came back from France (excepting the London show which was delayed) so I clearly wanted to go both nights :) It'll be fun, and I'm taking a long weekend which I really need after the crazy work week I've been having! I have much sleeping in to do this weekend ;)

In other news Cam dropped by today to drop off the Friday Art of Time tickets and we had a good chat, haven't talked to him in FOREVER! Silly MSN freezing my computer whenever I use it. I'm so rarely online on MSN messanger anymore. I also have so little time left, always too much to do too little time.

Speaking of which I should make time for dinner tonight :)
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Another weekend gone already! I was hardly home at all! I spent much of Saturday on the TTC... my bus to the station was late, my subway change took forever at Museum (although I'm still enjoying going through lower Bay station!) and so I missed my Go bus to Hamilton. Oops. Fortunately Leigh wasn't in a hurry for lunch so I just took the next bus and in the meantime did a bit of shopping and found a copy of O.R. Mellings 'Book of Dreams' which I am eager to read :)

Hamilton was fun. I've not seen Leigh in so long and soon she'll be a Mom, so exciting! I bought her baby his first baby book (The Velveteen Rabbit) yes I am so going to be the book aunt ;) We had a lovely lunch at My Thai, their veggie fried rice was fantastic! And I even braved what I think might have been squid on the appetizer plate and as I don't do seafood very often that's a big thing for me :) Much chatting on about everything. I'll have to try to make it back out there before she has her baby :)

Then we rushed back to the Go station in Hamilton and I just barely caught my bus home (I think I made it with 2 minutes to spare, not at all like me LOL) and then spent Saturday night watching Buffy: 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' and 'The Harvest' in the spirit of the 10 year anniversary :) I am amused that I can still quote almost line for line with the show :)

Today I thought I was awake early but had forgotten the time change (if you've not yet "sprung forward" be sure to do that tonight, no being late for work!) so I was actually up just in time to call Jo and head out to her place. I was late again because the subway change took forever. About 6 trains that weren't mine went by before mine came. But I was reading Accursed, the first of the Ghosts of Albion novels and because of the delay I was able to finish it up and so Jo lent me the second one, which I've already started and am quite throughly enjoying :) We went out for lunch... which was actually at dinnertime... at Ginger 2 on Yonge and it was quite tasty and had great prices with huge portions. I must remember that place.

Bedtime soon, even with the time change I feel like it's late and it's actually crazy early. I think it's because I know work may be a battle tomorrow and I'll need lots of rest.

Oh and Eliza Dusku fans on the flist, she just landed a new pilot... on Fox. Cross your fingers that it gets made and then not cancelled. Info is here: on Whedonesque.
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Alas the weekend has departed quickly yet again. I was house/dog sitting for my parents which meant that I had a pretty quiet weekend. My brother got a new computer (Mac laptop... iBook?) which is pretty sweet. I'm not really a fan of Mac computers but I did enjoy the little remote control for while I was curled up on the couch :)

As I've been getting more and more addicted to Farscape I decided a Vortex trip was in order for today so my brother and I went out and visted HMV, BMV and Vortex (the usual at that end of town) and did quite well. I bought a nice bunch of books and both Shaye CDs (one was given to me for free - tres awesome!) I found the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls for Nomi which she has been searching for since she moved to TO :) For myself I finally got a copy of The Corpse Bride and Ginger Snaps 2 (so now I can watch the third one I've had for months now lol) and also Pitch Black because Claudia Black is in it and I've been told the movie isn't bad. Oh and I bought the last third of season 1 of Farscape and the Peace Keeper Wars (which I will not watch before I'm done the series it was just not too expensive so I went for it.) My Farscape DVDs are set up differently than the ones I've been borrowing. There are 4 seperate discs instead of two double sided discs. It's all the same to me though :)

I also lucked out and not only was I able to borrow the last third of season 2 from Tom today I also got a ride home from him so I didn't have to fuss with getting my bag with freshly cleaned laundry (perk of housesitting - free laundry) and new books and DVDs on and off of the streetcar :) So much nicer to do it that way.

Next week shall be more housesitting, with working autoshow and I get to see Dell for brunch *yay*

Now time to get ready for bed and then regular work tomorrow :)
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I've been playing around with Myspace a bit lately, I finally made my profile a colour that's not the default and got some pictures up in there and in my pictures section :) I took one picture the other night that I like quite a bit but I also look EXACTLY like my mother... I've never seen the resemblance so much before... I think it's the glasses that make me look different most of the time. Anyways Myspace is here: http://www.myspace.com/elizalavelle if you want to see a small selection of random pictures that would be the place to do it :)

I got in an icon making mood today and finished off the BtVS season 4 set, they'll be uploaded this weekend. Of course in doing so I forgot to eat dinner, until 9:45... So I'm going to have the most bizarre dreams tonight I'm sure because I ate so late. On the plus side I was good and did the dishes :) So I'm not a complete flake domestically today, maybe just half a flake ;)

I'm making no sense, enough with this randomness, off to bed!
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I know I promised a VM review for the latest episode... but then my computer ate it and I don't feel like re-typing. Ergo I sum it up in a spoiler free "SQUEE" and move on :)

Yesterday was busy busy busy but fun. I was up early, fought with my computer to burn a Bway CD for Jo and then was out the door to go to Viv's place :) I ended up waking her up but surprisingly she was cheerful about it :) The lucky girl is seeing Guster play tomorrow night! I so would go except it would wipe me out for work the next day and I just was sick on Friday and I don't want to have to ask if I can come in later so soon after that. Viv, I know you're lurking on here as of late but I'd love to read a review of the show :)

I also picked up my Firefly loaner set from her so Dell and Danny when you guys want to watch them I'll bring them by/you can pick them up :)

Viv and I also hit up Blockbuster as I was leaving and I got 4 really excellent looking films from Mongrel's Festival Collection:

The End of Silence, The Forest for the Trees, Things To Do, and Our Town. Much watching to do soon :)

Then I stopped off at the bank to order more cheques and then went to my parents place and chatted with my dad for a few hours before the Shindig :)

The Shindig downtown was fun (as they always are.) I met some new people and got so talk with lots of friends. I was still feeling a bit sore headed after the Friday migrane so I had to pass on the fabulous chocolatey brownie that was being shared (and cannot believe I missed an opportunity to slip in the Brownie song from Reefer Madness, darn!) but I did eat a fabulous bread pudding that tasted of rum and custard :) No complaints here. I also have borrowed the first season of Farscape from Tom which I hope to start tomorrow evening :) and a fabulous looking (and massive) graphic novel called Blankets which has come so highly recommended that I'm very excited about that one as well :) As ususal the evening was full of great conversations and Tom, Jo, Kevin and myself were the last to leave. That's somewhat the habit by now. Just as we were getting into the car to head home (thank you again Tom for the ride!) a homeless man came asking for help buying food so I gave him my leftovers from dinner. I hope he liked it :)

Today was much less busy, all I had to get done really was grocery shopping and cooking dinner. I worked on my Buffy icon set a bit, slept slept slept and watched the Grease "You're The One That I Want" Broadway auditions because even though it's reality it's also Broadway and so far it's pretty darn fun to watch :) Now it's time for Crossing Jordan and then bed so I can be somewhat coherent tomorrow for work... and hopefully have far less head pain :)
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Lovely weekend again this week :) I went to my parents house to sort of be around for the dog while my parent's were out of town. It turned out that my brother was around more than I was for once lol.

Friday night I went over to Viv's house, and it's been forever since I'd been there! Silly living accross town now. We ate far too much Hallowe'en candy, and she gave me her Lemonheads (I love that candy!) We watched Siblings which was another one of my random movie purchases and it turned out to be far better than anticipated :)

Saturday my brother took me out for lunch to celebrate my picture being used for the Orphan Music album :) We had great sushi at this little place in the Beaches. Then in the evening I met up with Tom and Jo to see the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas. Somehow Jo and I managed to lose the Yorkdale mall... we left the subway station and were in the middle of nowhere, seriously. Ask how we managed that and I have no idea, but in the end we managed to find the mall after wandering around a fair bit and we found Tom quite easily after that and were off to the movies. The 3D was so much fun!

And then today I just relaxed, did a little Value Village shopping and found a few new things for work which were sorely needed :) I got home a wee bit late (due to waiting for my copy of season 3 of The 4400, so that's worth it :) ) but had a very tasty supper and was glad to see that both of my fish have lived through the weekend, no one got eaten ;)

And now time for unpacking soon, and getting ready for work tomorrow :)
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I got a few hang up calls on Sunday, I hate those, they're creepy like woah. Well only really creepy when I'm alone, but I was, ergo they were creepy. Of course once I was sufficiently creeped out I decided to listen to the song 'Run' by Air. It also creeps me out. No idea why I thought that would be a good plan.

Also, over the past couple of weeks I've gotten a couple of calls from some drunk guy. I think he's drunk dialing an ex or something. The first time he called I was actually on the phone with Viv so even though it was almost 1am on a Tuesday night it was no problem because no one heard the phone ring. He called last Friday though and that wasn't as cool because my dad has to get up at 5am and therefore he does not need to hear the phone ring. I hope the guy just programs whoever he's trying to call into his speed dial sometime soon because if he calls when I'm trying to sleep I will not be amused at all.

And I just found that I have Andrea's ticket stub from the Dec. 16th Sarah Slean show, oops. Andrea I'll for sure see you in July for the Danny Michel show, remind me that I have your ticket! :)

Veronica Mars tomorrow! I am loving these last episodes. I wish they would just film year round so we'd always have more lol, but I'm also SO looking forward to the Season 2 dvds :) I'll be getting those as soon as they come out.

I think it's bedtime for me, I'm off to have some more really messed up dreams... I must be in a very weird headspace recently, because my dreams are consistantly odd.
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I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. But I did go out to the movies where Ashley and I saw The Inside Man which was better than I'd been expecting. At least the twist kept me fooled until a few minutes before it was revealed :) Good job for them because usually I guess much faster :)

Then I got to see Ash's new apartment and visited with her roommates who both seem nice. Well I already knew one of them but the other was new to me :) They went out to grab some Wendy's food and I didn't feel like fast food so I ended up just chilling at their place for a bit, when I discovered that Scream was on The WB so we watched that (when they got back.) Of course since it was the WB all of the good stuff was edited out, ironic given Billy's opening speech about watching the Exorcist on tv. It didn't matter much, I have that movie memorized so I just filled in the blanks. Also we got a little high which was nice and relaxing... although I was a little paranoid on my way home... meh, this is what I get for watching scary movies then walking home at night.

Anyways then I ended up flipping between 2 movies when I got home. The Sphere and At First Sight before I went to sleep. So I had a 4 movie night, crazy! I also covered a wide range of genre's.

This weekend I also

- got my hair cut :)
- bought my new bus pass
- walked all over
- did not shop :)
- had a yummy falafal pita (although Viv you're right the Pita Pit ones are not as good at Pita To Go's ones were.
- made many Veronica Mars icons (I'll post 'em before I go to work tomorrow)

Bedtime now.


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